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RUSH: David in Birmingham, great to have you. I’m glad you did wait. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. And Southern hospitality, post-primary election euphoria dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you. You sound just like Trey Gowdy here.

CALLER: (laughing) My question to you is because I realize you’re the only one with the testicular fortitude to answer it properly, is I’m curious about Hollywood and their portrayal of men and trying to neuter men and the lack of masculinity in men. But yet they’re glamorizing the Fifty Shades of Grey and the guy in that, which is a total scumbag, I think. And now they’ve made another movie, Book Club, with three of the top liberal women in the country talking about how great it is. Explain that to me please, sir.

RUSH: Okay. I will. The guy that stars in Fifty Shades, his name is Jamie Dornan or Doorman, I forget which. And he starred as a serial killer in a great, multi-season miniseries type thing in the U.K. that also starred the woman that’s in The X Files, mental block on her name right now. And I think the name of this miniseries was — no, it’s not The Killing. He was fabulous in this. I’ll get the name of it. I hate to leave people hanging. So he was a scumbag in this one, too, but he was a murderous scumbag. You’re talking about a depraved sexual pervert scumbag in Fifty Shades, right?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: So your question is great. Why, on the one hand, is Hollywood so devoted — and it’s not so much Hollywood; it’s the left, David, and I know the left is Hollywood, but I’m talking about, the left, the progressive movement is doing its best to emasculate men, to turn them into wusses, to portray masculinity as almost being like a predator.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: It’s an offshoot of the feminist movement, and it is all about power. It’s all about taking power away from men. The imagined power that leftists think men have genetically, stronger, taller. Traditions, they’re the breadwinners and of course the females are the nurturers, all of human nature the left finds itself at war with. And when they disapprove or disagree, they set about changing it and eliminating it.

And it’s all about power and raising up women, but it’s also — you know, masculine men are free thinkers, they are independent, they are self-reliant, and all of that is anathema to liberalism, too, which is all about communal everything, and everybody thinking the same, being the same, doing the same, never deviating. So in that circumstance how in the world can those same people praise and promote a book like Fifty Shades of Grey?

Well, for one thing, the woman in the book is totally willing, after a fashion. Maybe not at first. But the second thing is — and I may get into a little bit of trouble here. But a lot of people would look at Fifty Shades and they would say, “That’s soft porn, the book, the movie, that’s almost soft porn.” Now, where on the political spectrum do you find people of that bent, David?

CALLER: On the left.

RUSH: Usually correct. There are exceptions to everything, but that’s where you find them.

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely.

RUSH: And when they engage in that kind of stuff, it becomes art, not depravity, and not perversion. It becomes art. They don’t see the contradiction. They can promote filth and perversion and depravity as long as it’s art, and they love irritating people who do not think that it is. And so much of what they do — and do not discount this — much of what they do is irritating people like you and me. They get off on it. They are thrilled by it. They love agitating you. They love throwing things in your face. They love it when you lose. They love it when what you believe in is shown to be silly, old-fashioned, or what have you.

CALLER: Regardless, if it’s totally opposite of what they’re trying to say on one side of their face, then turn right around, “Well, this is profitable, let’s make another movie called Book Club.”

RUSH: Right. Hypocrisy totally escapes them. They’re not capable of being hypocrites. Everything they do has a specific reason for it, and it’s justified.

CALLER: Well, sir, you answered it as I hoped you would. It’s mindboggling, but, you know, keep it up.

RUSH: You wanted testicular fortitude. Did you hear any? Was there enough?

CALLER: (laughing) All the way through it, yes, sir.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: Can I make another quick comment, Rush, please?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Just to talk about a dichotomy, a couple months ago the University of Alabama football team was invited to the White House, you know, to see the president for their national championship. One of the players asked the president, “Can I pray with you?” and half the team huddled with him to pray. That’s class and championship.

RUSH: I remember that. They all went, Coach Saban, everybody went.

CALLER: Everybody and coaches. Everybody went. And they all shook his hand. And most of them prayed with the president when he huddled up with his arm around them, he prayed. That’s class and championship.

RUSH: I agree. And it was considered an honor at the same time. And interestingly, too — this is not a — well, the Alabama team, it could be a lot of those guys want to play on Sunday.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: They want to play in the NFL.

CALLER: And they will.

RUSH: And it would make no sense as college players or even graduates to go up there and make a scene. That’s not gonna endear them to scouts or anybody who might have an eye on ’em for maybe making an NFL team down the road. Look, David, I appreciate the call. His question about this really is a decent question. ‘Cause on the one hand, they promote all of this depravity and filth, a lot of people think it is, and perversion in movies and books and whatever. And then embrace it elsewhere.

But the idea — this is why I think so many women are confused, so many leftist women are. They’ve been raised to hate. They’ve been raised in anger, educated in anger. And the things they’re angry about are human nature. And they’ve been conditioned to hate these things. Men have been turned into predators and brutes. Look at all the phony, fake stories about rape. And yet, here comes a movie that could be an artistic expression of rape, and it might win an award because of the artiste and his whatever talents and abilities.

It’s just gigantic hypocrisy on which they never get called and don’t even consider. The Fall is the show I’m talking about with Jamie Doorman. It might scare some of you. Not horror show scare. But it has its moments of brutality. It very, very dramatic, about a serial killer. Gillian Anderson is her name from The X Files. And it’s on Netflix, which is all you have to say now.

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