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RUSH: Wherever liberals run things, there is scarcity, there is misery. Case in point is California.

Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill into law, passed by California Democrats, that punishes people for using water.

Starting in 2022, every person in California will have a limit of 55 gallons of water per day. Violators will face fines of a thousand dollars every day in normal seasons, and ten thousand dollars a day during droughts.

So if a Californian takes an eight-minute shower, and then decides to do a single load of laundry the same day, they’re going to be breaking the law. They’ll owe the Democrats at least a thousand dollars in fines.

In keeping with other police states, California Democrats plan to implement a sophisticated spy network to ensure compliance with all of this. Utility companies and private companies that sell water will have to report on their customers. The use of satellite imagery and home visits from the water police are included in the new law.

This is not a joke. It’s not a hoax. This is progressive-ism. The loss of personal freedom is real with leftists and it is always what you get when Democrat power is unchecked. And they call this forward thinking?

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