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Jun 6, 2018


“I am America’s Real Anchorman, doing the job the Drive-By Media hasn’t done in so many years that we’ve all forgotten when it happened. But you can count on me each and every day.”

“The Republican Party that we all voted for after Reagan and onward never really believed in the stuff that Trump is doing. They didn’t believe in closing down the borders. They really didn’t believe in these massive tax cuts. They really didn’t believe in putting America first. They were globalists like all the Democrats were.”

“K Street and lobbying is how people of moderate means come to Washington, get elected, and end up leaving very wealthy or leave for jobs later where they will get very wealthy.”

“The stronger the United States is, the wealthier the U.S. is — the more prominent the United States leadership is in the role of guaranteeing liberty and freedom — then the better for everybody around the world who wants liberty and freedom.”

ABC: DOJ Watchdog Finds James Comey Defied Authority as FBI Director, Sources Say
ZeroHedge: OIG Report Finds Comey “Defied Authority” And Was “Insubordinate”
Washington Times: Andrew McCabe Wants Immunity for Testimony on Clinton Email Probe — or He’ll Plead Fifth
FOXNews: Odds of Democrats Seizing the House Just Got Worse – John Fund
CNBC: Outgoing Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz rips Democrats for veering too far left: ‘How are we going to pay for these things?’
The Hill: There Are Now More Job Openings than Unemployed Workers In The US
Reuters: California City Fights Poverty with Guaranteed Income
FOXNews: Democrats California Dreamin’ of a Big Blue Wave Watch as it Crashes Up Against Reality – Doug Schoen
Politico: Rosendale Wins Montana GOP Primary to Take on Tester
Daily Wire: 5 Things You Need To Know About The White House’s ‘Celebration Of America’ Event
USAToday: Coach Doug Pederson: Canceled White House Visit ‘Is What It Is,’ and Eagles Remain United
FOXNews: Obama Administration Allegedly Gave Iran Access to US Financial System
NewsBusters: CBS’s Colbert Offers Clinton Second Chance to Fix #MeToo Mistake
The American Conservative: Stick a Fork in It, the Old GOP Is Dead – Patrick J. Buchanan
USAToday: Trump Signs VA Law to Provide Veterans More Private Health Care Choices
Daily Wire: The Obama Administration Lied To The American People. Repeatedly. Here’s The Proof.
Mediaite: Dem Senator Joe Manchin: ‘I’m Open to Supporting’ Trump in 2020
The Hill: McConnell Cancels Senate’s August Recess


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