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RUSH: Even before President Trump landed in Singapore for the summit meeting with North Korea’s Rocket Man, the Drive-By Media was predicting, hoping, that President Trump would bomb out.

Politico had a weird slant on Trump’s supposedly imminent failure. They said that Trump’s nixing the Iran nuclear deal would “loom” over the Nork talks, and would undermine his efforts to get an agreement.

Total hogwash.

The Iran deal was rotten from day one. Obama sidestepped Congress because his deal could never be ratified in the Senate. Nobody was for it. Obama’s deal guaranteed that Iran would become a nuclear power. And worse, Obama sent billions of dollars to Iran’s mullahs to help them fund terrorism. I mean, that’s not the stated reason, but that’s what happened.

It was rotten the get-go and the Norks have a relationship with Iran.

The truth is, when Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to dismantle Obama’s Iran deal, he greatly strengthened America’s position at the summit table. The message was clear: no bad deals, and no deals just to say you got one.

That doesn’t mean the Norks are gonna play ball with him. But at least they know that under Trump, the days of America getting suckered are over.

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