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RUSH: Left-wing writer Pat Garofalo is praising Bernie Sanders for moving the whole Democrat Party in his direction. Garofalo says this is happening because Bernie is right on the issues by being wacko left.

Now Garofalo points out that Sanders’ socialist single-payer healthcare plan, Medicare for All, has 16 Democrat co-sponsors. That includes Democrat Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker, all who want to be president.

Senator Booker’s “job guarantees” plan is right out of Bernie’s socialist playbook. Like Bernie, Booker wants to legalize pot. So does Gillibrand. Following Bernie’s lead, all three Democrat senators have sworn off taking corporate PAC money because corporations are so evil.

But the Democrat establishment is throwing sand in the gears of Bernie-ism. Just the other day, they said that only real Democrats can get the party’s presidential nomination. That would ice Bernie out, because Bernie’s a commie. Well, he’s an Independent, but he’s a commie, he doesn’t have a big D after his name.

But it doesn’t matter whether Bernie Sanders or a Bernie clone wins the Democrat nomination. The truth is, they’re gonna lose because Bernie is all wrong and his big welfare-for-all plan is a fiasco. It won’t work and nothing will ever change that.

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