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Jun 12, 2018


“Every once in a while generations come along that just refuse to accept the ways of life of their parents and grandparents. I don’t think Little Rocket Man likes leading a squalid, poverty-stricken country. I think he wants a better life for himself. I think he’s tempted by these things, where his father and grandfather never were. Trump knows this and is using it.”

“What is happening — and it’s happening in front of every American’s face — is that President Trump is making many former political leaders, presidents, and members of the Washington elite look ineffective.”

“I’m not saying that Donald Trump isn’t above criticism. But there isn’t a single former Obama official who has the background to criticize anything Trump is doing.”

CNSNews: Kim Signs Document Agreeing to ‘Work Towards Complete Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula’
ABC: ‘I Do Trust Him’: Trump Opens Up About Kim After Historic Summit
McClatchy: Trump’s Unlikely Allies on North Korea Talks — Progressive Democrats
The Atlantic: A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch’ – Jeffrey Goldberg
Reuters: Trump Surprises with Pledge to End Military Exercises in South Korea
Washington Post: The Biggest Winner of the Trump-Kim Summit is China
CNSNews: Susan Rice: North Koreans ‘Were Not Prepared to Be Serious’ When Obama Was President
UKDM: ‘They Have Great Beaches!’ Trump Included Image of Miami When He Showed Kim Video About North Korea’s Future – as He Said Dictator Could Develop Condos or Hotels If He Keeps Nuke Promises and Sanctions Come Off
FOXNews: Trump Shows Off ‘The Beast’ to Kim During Historic Singapore Summit
New York Post: Kim Jong Un Brings His Own Toilet to Trump Summit
National Review: The Bad Iranian Deal Was Always Going to Get Worse – Victor Davis Hanson
Washington Examiner: On North Korea, a President Who Tried Something Different
Politico: Democrats Turn to Hollywood for Messaging Help
CNN: After His Expletive-Laden Rant About Trump, Robert De Niro Apologizes – to Canadians
National Review: The Supreme Court’s Narrow Decision on Purging Voter Rolls
Daily Wire: Schumer Gets Hysterical After SCOTUS Defends Ohio’s Voter Registration Process


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