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RUSH: Glenn Greenwald. He’s a good buddy of Edward Snowden. He’s a big leftist. The guy lives in Rio. He’s American, but he lives in Rio, I think, because he’s such a target for people because of his relationship with Snowden and for other things. So he comes out of wherever he lives down there, apparently, and sometimes, you know, appears on CNN or other places. But, as far as I know, he’s the guy that coined the term “deep state,” although it may be somebody else. He is just the first person that I had seen using it in print on his website, which is called The Intercept.

He’s got a piece that was posted yesterday: “The Democrat Party’s 2008 View of Identity Politics Is Confusing and Thus Appears Cynical and Opportunistic.” What this piece is essentially about is that the Democrat Party’s apparent concern with diversity and equality and equity and fairness is a bogus premise that they do not actually follow because, when you get right down to it, the Democrat Party is really nothing more than a party of deep insider good old boys who are usually white and heterosexual.

They say they are for minorities and they say they’re for women and they say they’re feminist and they glom onto things like the #MeToo movement. But when push comes to shove, they endorse the white guy. And if it’s between a black guy and a woman, they will endorse the guy, as in Obama over Hillary. “[D]espite the inconsistencies, one of the dominant themes that emerged in Democratic Party discourse from the 2016 election is that it is critically important to support female candidates and candidates of color, and that a failure or refusal to support such candidates when they present a credible campaign is suggestive evidence of underlying bigotry.”

You know, this is… The reason I’m highlighting this to you is because it’s a rare honest introspection of the Democrat Party, and I believe the Democrat Party exists on top of a bunch of myths. For example, one myth is that the Democrat Party — by extension, the left — cares about people. That they’re focused and oriented around the principle of looking out for the little guy, looking out for the disadvantaged, the un-advantaged, the lesser advantaged, the downtrodden, the homeless, the hungry, the thirsty.

But they don’t really do anything to help those people. They don’t do anything to change the circumstances these people are in. The Democrat Party exists to keep those people in their circumstance. “You’re homeless? Here, we’re gonna show you how to stay homeless and vote for us.” “Are you poor? We’re gonna show you how to stay poor and vote for us.” And they do this by telling all of these groups how rotten and mean the Republicans are, how rotten and mean the conservatives are.

“Conservative Republicans don’t like you! They’re racist. They’re bigots. They’re anti-gay. They don’t want you to have a better lot.” When the fact of the matter, the truth is that the conservative movement is the movement that is the home for everybody improving in whatever way they want to live economically, spiritually. Have at it. The conservative movement is where everybody wants everybody else to be the best they can be! Because that’s how you end up being the best.

The conservative movement doesn’t hold anybody back other than leftists. The Democrats get away with all of these allegations, and they get away with all of these presumptions that they’re really cool people. They’re good. They care about the homeless. They care about illegal immigrants. What do they actually do for illegal immigrants? They keep them illegal! What do they do? They put ’em in sanctuary cities, all these things to make the illegals think the Democrats are looking out for ’em.

But who really looks out for the ’em? The Democrat Party needs people to be victims. They need people to be poor, they need people to be dependent, they need people to be remain stagnant. How they have maneuvered themselves into it party that literally cares about people and understands diversity and promotes it. It is, frankly, one of the greatest tricks that they pulled off. They couldn’t have done it without the media.

This is what Greenwald is writing about. He said when you get right down to it — all of this identity politics stuff and all this diversity — and you look at the power structure of the Democrat Party, you’re gonna find a bunch of old white guys, and they’re very exclusionary. It’s very, very tough to crack their little club. For example, how long has Hillary been trying, how many years has Hillary been told, “It’s your turn, Hillary. We owe you”?

First chance they get to undermine her, they take it. Hillary had to rig the process to get the nomination. So they’ve built this facade, they have built this magical mystery existence. And that’s why I’m stunned to see somebody like Greenwald come along and start poking holes in it. Here’s another paragraph. “”[V]irtually the entire Democratic establishment has united behind the white male dynastic prince, Cuomo, over his female, LGBT challenger.”

This is a good point. You have Cynthia Nixon, who is this Froot Loop from Sex and the City, and she wants to be governor of New York, and she’s gay. She’s lesbian. And if you listen to the Democrats and listen to the left, these are the kind of people they’re looking out for. These are the kind of people that are future of America. These are the kind of people that Republicans discriminate against and hate and all this.

And yet here she comes wanting to be governor, and is the Democrat Party, the American left doing much to help her? Not at all. They’re circling the wagons around old Fredo. Well, he’s not Fredo. This would be Andrew. Son of Mario “The Pious.” It’s a good point. How long’s it gonna take for this to become apparent to average, ordinary low-information people? Who knows? But it’s interesting that every now and again you get a piece like this from inside exempt that tries to bust the bubble, burst the balloon.

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