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RUSH: Newport Beach, California. It’s John. I’m glad you called. I’m glad you waited too. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing good, Rush. Thanks for being here every day. I got a quick one for you.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I was very alarmed a couple days ago. I was watching the Trump-Kim summit, and I was feeling very proud and, you know, all the emotions that go along with such a historic event, and I started thinking about being back in, you know, fifth or sixth grade, and it was about Ronald Reagan, and that’s what they talked about.

So my granddaughter, who is in fourth grade, lives with me. So I walked in the room, and I had to know how big of a deal this was. So I asked her, I said, “Are they talking about this at school?” And in so many words, she had no idea what I was even talking about. I was so alarmed by that, it’s almost like they’re gonna stop writing history books right now —

RUSH: How old is she, did you say?

CALLER: She’s in fourth grade. She’s 11 years old. And you would think they would be talking about such a huge thing, and she had no idea. No idea this even happened.

RUSH: Well, has she heard you talking about this at home or has she seen you watching anything about it on TV?

CALLER: No. I usually watch my shows like that, you know, privately, either with my wife or in private. I try not to get the kids involved, but like I said, I remember hearing about Ronald Reagan in grade school. It was a big deal. Now it’s almost like they’re just gonna make this go away, just it never happened. It’s bizarre that such a — and was it not a big deal, or am I crazy?

RUSH: Well, no, you’re right. I forget. I’m sure it was before I hit the sixth grade. It might have been the third grade, I can remember the drills of being told to sit under the desk if the nuclear bomb warning tone went off. And then we had bomb shelters. I remember my dad going and looking at bomb shelters.

There were bomb shelter companies. You could buy ’em, put them in your backyard, be prepared to live in ’em for years. You’d have to buy the canned food, canned water and all this. It was a real thing. People were genuinely scared to death of it and this survived, as I say, through the eighties as a number one American fear. Fourth grade, 11 years old, what is your daughter learning? Does she not know a single thing about this from anybody?

CALLER: Zero. It’s almost like if it has to do with history right now, it’s not talked about. It’s almost like they’re just — and even my wife who’s on Facebook and talks to conservative people, even said to me that whole night and the next day there was nothing on Facebook. I thought this was a huge thing and it’s almost like it’s been swept away. I don’t get it.

RUSH: I’m glad that you said this. Because in social media, in Drive-By Media, they are sweeping this under the rug and not talking about it. I’ll give you the story again. We look at CNN, and we see that they can’t even put together 700,000 viewers in prime time.

I think on Monday night, you know, every cable network was through the roof. But do you know — I can’t say this for sure. I really don’t know ’cause I didn’t check. I don’t think — somebody correct me if I’m wrong — I normally would not say something like this ’til I can know for certain, but I’m gonna go ahead and put it out there.

I don’t think the conventional over-the-air broadcast networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — televised any of this stuff on Monday night. I think they stuck with their prime time schedule. I don’t know if they went live at 4 a.m. when the press conference or any of that was. But during prime time, you had to go to cable. And apparently Fox blew the lid off. I mean, five, six million viewers. In some cases, two and three times their average nightly audiences. And CNN I think bumped up over a million in this night, on Monday night.

As I say, I don’t know what the alphabet networks were doing. So therefore I don’t know what kind of audience they had, but if you wanted to watch this, you pretty much had to go to cable. And if you wanted a singular perspective on it that was not anti-Trump, you had to go to Fox. And depending the hour, five and a half, four million people did. But how many does that mean didn’t?

Now, CNN on an average night can barely scrape together 700,000 viewers. But around the world on CNN International, they are it. I mean, the U.K. has Sky and Sky B, but CNN International is pretty much dominant. And CNN International is a duplicate for CNN. And the point is there is nothing positive about Trump at any time, ever, on cut-and-run international.

Therefore, people renewed the world only see the CNN version of this country and of Trump and of this summit. And all of this is by design. Trump is essentially nonexistent. When he’s doing something that might make him look good or be good for America it isn’t gonna get covered, and it isn’t gonna get reported. And if it does get reported, it’s gonna be reported like this is, that Trump got a suckered, that Kim Jong-un made a fool of Trump, that Trump goofed up, that Trump didn’t have any experience, he shouldn’t have done it.

And that’s the series of narratives that are out there, purposefully, all being done to diminish Trump. And there’s another aspect to it, and that’s protecting the Obama legacy and also trying to make sure that people do not discover what an empty suit Obama was. And I mean intellectually.

But I’ll just tell you this, John. If your fourth grade teacher is not spending any time talking to the students in your daughter’s class, then maybe you should. I mean, how much harm can it be letting her watch an hour of Fox News? You know, 30 minutes with Shep and then 30 minutes with Bret Baier, 15 minutes with Shep, 45 minutes with Hannity, come up with a perfect balance. And then your daughter’s gonna be more informed than any other kid in her class and probably more informed than her teacher.


RUSH: Okay. Here’s the scoop. ABC, I think a couple other networks, interrupted their prime time programming at nine o’clock Eastern on Monday night for 10 to 15 minutes to just get a little coverage of what’s going on with the Kim Jong-un-Trump summit, and then they went back to regular programming.

Now, the program that ABC interrupted was The Bachelorette. And apparently the fans, the viewers of Bachelorette went nuts! They lost it! They bombarded ABC and their local affiliates demanding that Trump and Kim Jong-un be taken off the air and The Bachelor put back on. But the good news is that Fox, the Hannity hour, outrated The Bachelor. That was sweet. So the networks didn’t spend much time on it at all, and when they did, their low-information voters wanted to know nothing about it.

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