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Jun 13, 2018


“If Obama had done exactly what Trump did here — if Obama had the last 24 hours — you and I would be so sick of watching the press praise him, fall all over themselves, kissing this and kissing that and demanding to make Obama a saint.”

“The media, the left, the Democrat Party used to think of denuclearization as the most important objective in the world. It was bigger than LGBTQ rights. It was bigger than the fight against climate change… And now the very same Democrats are blasting Donald Trump for getting Kim Jong-un to a negotiating table and to promise in writing that he’s gonna get rid of his nuclear weapons.”

AP: ‘No Longer a Nuclear Threat’ from North Korea, Trump Says
ABC: Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Likely to Cooperate as His Attorneys Leave Case, Sources Say
CNSNews: Trump: ‘Our Country’s Biggest Enemy Is the Fake News’
The Hill: Trump Hits Back at ‘Punchy’ De Niro
Vox: Trump’s Biggest Republican Critics Paid the Price in Their Primaries on Tuesday
The Intercept: The Democratic Party’s 2018 View of Identity Politics Is Confusing, and Thus Appears Cynical and Opportunistic – Glenn Greenwald
Law & Crime: Mueller is Trying to Keep Evidence from Defendants in Russian Trolls Case – Colin Kalmbacher
USAToday: Sen. Bob Corker Says the GOP is Becoming ‘Cult-Like’ in Its Support of President Trump
FOXNews: ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Go Nuclear When ABC Interrupts Show for Historic Trump/Kim Handshake
FOXNews: Attacking Trump is Now a Losing Strategy in Both Parties — That’s the Real Takeaway from Tuesday’s Primaries – Doug Schoen
HotAir: DNC Bans Donations From Fossil Fuel Companies (Why Not Ban The Use Of Fossil Fuels?)
FOXNew: Rosenstein Threatened to ‘Subpoena’ GOP-Led Committee in ‘Chilling’ Clash Over Records, Emails Show – Catherine Herridge
ScienceMag: In Switzerland, a Giant New Machine is Sucking Carbon Directly from the Air
Breitbart: Food Stamp Households Drop Below 20 Million for First Time Since 2010.
Newsweek: Seeing U.S. Flag Alongside North Korea’s Was ‘Disgusting,’ Says Ex-CIA Official


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