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RUSH: By the way, where did this sudden reverence for the American flag by the American left come from? The American left, you know, if NFL players want to kneel and dishonor the flag, then, by golly, they should have that right — and isn’t it uber-patriotism and unnecessary to show the American flag on the Fourth of July? “I’m not gonna wear an American flag lapel pin.” Go to Tom Brokaw. “I can’t compromise my journalistic integrity by showing my prejudice!”

When did the left all of a sudden start being concerned about the flag? Okay, so Kim Jong-un’s flag — which is a dull flag, by the way. Let’s be honest. It’s a very unimaginative, dull flag — flies next to the Stars and Stripes, it’s not even a contest. But why is the left all concerned about it? When they think of flag, the American flag’s a symbol of repression and exclusion and whatever else they come up with. I just don’t know where all this newfound reverence of the flag is coming from, ’cause they’ve never really had much before.

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