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RUSH: While the real summit was happening in Singapore this week, there was another gathering in Washington, the We The People Summit.

Now, it was hosted by a bunch of liberal groups, including Planned Parenthood and the Communications Workers of America. All the Democrat hopefuls for 2020 were there. They competed to prove they were as far-left as the far-leftists who are now the Democrat Party base demand.

Bernie Sanders delivered a warning to the Democrat establishment. He said that they had better start paying attention to the progressives, and adopt what he called a “clear people’s agenda.” In other words, more welfare and more big-government socialism, guaranteed income — you know, that kind of rotgut.

But the summit highlight was outgoing Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s speech. He had the crowd on their feet, multiple times, as he raked the Trump over the coals for strenuously enforcing our immigration laws.

Which is fabulous! If Democrats think running for president on saving illegal immigration is a good idea, we oughta encourage them, because it’s a guaranteed winner for Trump, which means for us. Bring it on!

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