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RUSH: As I’ve gone through the IG report, there are a couple noteworthy things. But you know what I really think, folks? I think that the text messages between Strzok and Lisa Page and now Agent 1 and Agent 5…

If you really want to know what was going on, read those texts. They’re unfiltered. They’re unedited. They do not have attached explanations or analysis. They’re just raw, they’re just there, and they give the greatest indication of who these people were in the FBI and what they were doing. And one of them, ladies and gentlemen, that has not gotten a lot of attention that I want to call to your attention now, is a text from Peter Strzok to Lisa Page in which Strzok said to her in a text about the Russia investigation…

You know, to set this up, I should mention that Strzok left the Hillary email investigation to go to the Russia investigation, and then Mueller hired him, and then it was about a month later he was fired or reassigned by Mueller because the texts were discovered. In a text to Lisa Page about the Russia probe, Peter Strzok said, quote, “My gut sense and concern tells me there is no big ‘there’ there.” Here is the guy leading the investigation, hiring the informants. This guy Strzok is… Everybody thinks Comey is the focal point of this, and he’s big.

But I think Strzok is the guy, folks. This guy was harboring so much personal hatred for Trump, so much animus. This guy was harboring so much anger. This guy was worse than McCabe. This guy, Peter Strzok, along with Comey and some of these others, is personally responsible for degrading the reputation, the integrity of the FBI. This guy, I can’t describe for you how he seems to be the centerpiece. He’s the centerpiece of trying to influence the exoneration of Hillary. He interviewed Flynn.

He’s everywhere in this, steering it away from Hillary and toward Trump based on a personal animus. The idea that there is no bias in this is poppycock. And when the inspector general says there’s no bias, he’s playing word games, because he counts bias, he tablets it, he adds it up all during the report. What he means, I’m pretty confident — and it’s as silly as this. What he means when he says there’s no bias in this, it means he can’t find a document where they sat down and wrote, “Because we are Democrats, we want Hillary to win. So therefore we’re gonna destroy Trump.”

So since such a document doesn’t exist, the IG says, “Ah, bias not responsible.” Bias was all over this! But the guy leading the Russia investigation, the guy trying to set up Papadopoulos, the guy running the informants — Peter Strzok — the guy having an affair says in a text to his paramour, “My gut sense and concern when it comes to the Russia investigation is there’s no big ‘there’ there.” He knew there was no collusion! And look what they manufactured and are still manufacturing. I’m telling you: This is why if Mueller was indeed this man of integrity and honor, he would shut this down.

Because it’s based on absolute nothing but a bunch of bogus, unprofessional, shameful behavior by a bunch of FBI agents. Now, one other thing before we go to the break. I don’t want to make this about me, but I do a lot of See, I Told You So’s because I think repetition matters and reminders are important. And in explaining the success of Donald Trump, explaining the election, I’ve gone to great pains on countless occasions to try to explain to you in this audience the attitudes about you that are held by people inside the Beltway in Washington, inside the Washington establishment.

From the media to elements of the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, K Street, lobbyists, you name it, the deep state, federal employees, the intelligence community. And what have I basically said? They have contempt for you. You’re too stupid and dumb to live your life responsibly. Others might have to do it for you, make decisions for you. The very fact that you voted for Donald Trump shows how idiotic and stupid you are. You remember my riffs on this. And, by the way, it’s exactly right. That is exactly how the political class, the ruling class looks at the men and women who make this country work.

That is how you’re seen. And it’s now been documented in one of these text exchanges. Agent 1 and Agent 5. This is not Strzok and Lisa Page. This is another pair of agents having an affair. Agent 5 is a lawyer inside the FBI. And in a text thread with Agent 1, this agent, Agent 5, this FBI lawyer and attorney — employee, actually — says, “All the people who were initially voting for her would not, and were not, swayed by any decision the FBI put out. Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS…”

Those of you in Rio Linda know what a POS is.

They are “uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.” Bingo. That’s the attitude of all of these people inside the FBI toward you in the people who voted for Donald Trump, and that’s why they had to overturn this election, because it means the country is being run by a bunch of “uneducated … POS” who are lazy and poor and “middle class.”

In other words (summarized), “We can’t turn this country over to the people who live in it. We can’t wait that risk. We, the superior members of our little club here — we — are gonna continue to run this country. They didn’t know what they were doing when they elected Trump. We did everything we could to get Hillary elected. We did everything we could to destroy Trump, and these stupid POS still voted for him,” and they’re chatting back and forth about how dangerous this is and how unprecedented it is and how they failed and how frustrated they are and how angry they are.

Because they can’t abide, they can’t think of, they can’t contemplate this country actually being run by the people who actually make it work, and that would be you and your neighbors — you lazy, poor-to-middle class, uneducated POS. And, by the way, what is this: “who think that Trump will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing”? Does that not telegraph a great misunderstanding of how people who want jobs look at them? You want a job for doing nothing? That’s a government employee, if you ask me! Want a job for doing nothing? That’s a welfare recipient, if you ask me! Not somebody actually seeking employment because they lost their job because of policies enacted by these inside-the-Beltway POS.


RUSH: As I say, the texts, the text messages hold the gold in this report. Let me share one exchange with you between the new agents that we just learned about. “FBI Attorney 2: ‘I am numb.’ FBI Employee: ‘I can’t stop crying.’ FBI Attorney 2: ‘That makes me even more sad.’ FBI Employee: ‘Like, what happened?’ FBI Employee: ‘You promised me this wouldn’t happen. YOU PROMISED.'” All caps. “FBI Employee: ‘Okay, that might have been a lie…’ FBI Employee: ‘I’m very upset.’ FBI Employee: ‘haha.’

“FBI Attorney 2: ‘I am so stressed about what I could have done differently.’ FBI Employee: ‘Don’t stress. None of that mattered.’ FBI Employee: ‘The FBI’s influence.’ FBI Attorney 2: ‘I don’t know. We broke the momentum.’ FBI Employee: ‘That is not so,'” and here is the gold: “FBI Attorney 2: ‘I don’t know. We broke the momentum.’ FBI Employee: ‘That is not so. All the people who were initially voting for her would not, and were not, swayed by any decision the FBI put out.'” We didn’t change anything regarding Hillary.

“‘Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class,'” they weren’t effected by what we did, they’re too stupid, they’re “‘uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm'” for America and for life and for living! What a bunch of idiots you people were to be caught up in all that rather than a bunch of end-of-the-world, apocalyptic pessimism.


RUSH: Minneapolis. This is Ron. You’re next, sir. Welcome. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. A quick question.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: You know, because we found that so many senior people in government have a bias strongly against Trump, why should we believe that the IG is unbiased? I mean, who is he? Who did he vote for? Who are his best friends? What groups is he part of?

RUSH: Excellent questions. These are questions that I consider to be born of intelligence guided by experience. Yeah. We’re told, “The IG? Hey, he’s a straight up guy!” We’re told that they all are, by the way.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: “They all are. These guys are straight. They are there to hold these agencies accountable. They are there to speak truth to power. They are there to keep these agencies on track.” You know, whatever language is used to describe them. But you raise good question. How in the world you can say (laughing) that there was no bias in any of this is beyond me.

CALLER: Absolutely. (laughing) Even we out here who aren’t close at all, over the period of time, have found out — and understand through the actions and through the words — that there is a bias, and earlier caller talking about circumstantial evidence, it’s all there. How can it be that dumb?

RUSH: Yeah, but never forget. You are a lazy, uneducated POS who cannot —

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: By the way, do you know what POS is the abbreviation for?

CALLER: Yes, I do yes. (laughing)

RUSH: Okay, ’cause I imagine there some people that may not.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: You never know. I wanted to explain it. Here’s my answer, Ron. I said this yesterday when people asked my expectations. I really didn’t think that this was gonna amount to much, because what is it? It’s the swamp investigating the swamp. You just said: This guy, Horowitz, is an employee of the Justice Department. I mean, we’re told of their independence, but it’s not like this guy is an outside investigator brought in, say, from Minneapolis to look at this. It’s the swamp investigating the swamp, and we know powerful people unite when people outside the group are trying to disrupt or take over.

The idea that these people gonna take themselves out is…

I can’t believe that.


RUSH: I was driving home yesterday. We just turned… I had satellite radio, so I’ve got Fox News on. I’m just digesting the inspector general report. We have just learned, we just learned of the text between Strzok and Lisa Page where she says (summarized exchange), “Tell me he’s not gonna win, right? Please, he not gonna win.” And Strzok says, “No. We’ll stop it.” And of course that was withheld from Congress by Strzok. It wasn’t redacted.

He just erased it from that whole text exchange between Strzok and Page. He just didn’t submit it. It wasn’t redacted where you could say, “Ooh. Something’s there.” It just was not there. But the IG published it, and this is big. (laughing) This is bias. He’s telling Lisa Page, “Don’t worry about, we’ll stop Trump from winning.” So I’m listening to Sheppard Smith. He’s interviewing Catherine Herridge about this. And rather paraphrase it or characterize it myself, I want to play for you Shep Smith’s question to Catherine Herridge about this.

SMITH: Do we know if Strzok and Page at the time believed that there was evidence that might indicate that the man who’s running for president is compromised by a foreign actor?


SMITH: In other words, did they know this Russia thing was percolating? Did they know things about this, and they’re saying to each other, “My God, look at all this evidence! This guy can’t be president. We’re gonna stop it, right?”

HERRIDGE: Right, okay. Right.

SMITH: Or was it something that really indicated action?

RUSH: And she went on to say that’s very interest take on this, Shep. Now, let’s unpack this. Rather than see this for what this is, Peter Strzok assuring what’s-her-face that he’s not gonna let Trump become president; he’ll stop it. Shep says, maybe it’s not ’cause bias, maybe it’s ’cause this guy knows that Trump colluded with Russia. Excuse me, Shep, with all due respect, there hadn’t been any evidence yet that there was any collusion. But let me remind you also, Shep — and you may not have known this yesterday — that Peter Strzok himself in another text to Lisa Page said he didn’t think there was gonna be anything to this Russia investigation.

But I noted this because this is a swamp way of looking at this. So you and I, we see the text message, “He’s not gonna win, right? He’s not gonna win? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.” “No. Don’t worry. We’ll stop it.” She’s not talking about Russian collusion! She’s worried that they can’t stop Trump — and he assures her that he will, that they will. And Shep says, “Well, maybe he knows that Trump colluded with Russia. Maybe it was perfectly aboveboard. Maybe it was perfectly legitimate. Strzok knew that there was a whole lot of stuff going on between Trump and Russia.”

That would have been fine, but Shep made the comment yesterday, and as of now a shred of evidence that there was any collusion. And they didn’t have any evidence then. At the time Strzok and Page are engaged in a little text affair, there wasn’t any evidence, and now Strzok, as released in the IG report, had mentioned to Page that he was very alarmed going into the Russia investigation because he didn’t think there was going to be any “‘there’ there.” That’s pretty big.

In fact, I think that’s as big as anything else. The lead investigator, the guy running the spies and informants, Peter Strzok, admits to his paramour that he doesn’t think it’s ever gonna amount to anything. Why would he think that? Because he knew that there wasn’t anything to it. Not because they weren’t gonna be able to prove it, but because he knew there wasn’t… Because there isn’t any evidence of it. (sigh) It’s just… Folks, it’s a den of thieves out there, and it’s difficult enough to keep up with these people.

You know why? We all grew up… It was drilled into us in school. It was part of Civics 101 and being patriotic. We just believe law enforcement. You just do. We just think they wouldn’t waste time pursuing people that didn’t do it. Then we got older and we find out that there’s all kinds of vendettas that exist, and there’s political bias and there’s intimidation like what they do with Manafort.


RUSH: By the way, do you know that many if not most of the people identified in these texts — some of them are not identified, by the way — the obvious anti-Trump texts, the obvious “we’re gonna exonerate Hillary, we are gonna try to punish Trump,” none of those people have been fired? None of those people have been reprimanded. They just have to go to some reeducation camp to learn how to be objective and to avoid political bias. Well, why do they need to learn how to avoid political the guidance when there wasn’t any, according to the inspector general? They do. You know, they think we’re a bunch of saps. They really must.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, do you think I should repeat that text exchange about that? I did this in the first hour, and as I said — and I’ve said it repeatedly — if you don’t want to read this whole report… By the way, it’s frustrating to read on a number of levels. One is the structure sounds just like James Comey’s July 5th press conference, but in addition to that, have you ever read an opinion piece by somebody who doesn’t have the guts to tell you what he really thinks?

He’ll make an assertion, “Well, it could be that the Soviet Union was bad, but to be fair, there might have been extenuating circumstances. Now, I like so-and-so, you must understand that, but on some occasions they really drive me mad. But on balance they’re really fine people.” That’s what this is. “It could be, but it might not be. It might be over there, and it could be over there. But then again, it might not be! There could be some bias over there, but we don’t have any documentary evidence of it, so we really can’t say for sure.”

But the texts between Strzok and Page and Agent 1 and Agent 5 are dynamite, and these are the texts that tell you about the people investigating Hillary and Trump and what they really think, and they blow up this notion that there’s no bias. This exchange… We learn, by the way… We’ve known Strzok, but there were two other agents having an affair. They’re now married, by the way. We didn’t get their names. Their names have not been provided. These two agents are married, and we’re gonna call ’em Agent 1 and Agent 5.

In certain places they’re being called FBI attorney 2 and FBI employee. But we’re gonna call ’em Agent 1 and Agent 5 because that’s how they’re designated in the report. Agent Five is the female. So here we go. Agent 1: “I’m numb.” Agent 5: “I can’t stop crying.” Agent 1: “That makes me even more sad.” Agent 5: “Like, what happened? You promised me this wouldn’t happen. YOU PROMISED!” In all caps. “Okay, that has been a lie. I’m very upset. Very upset. Ha-ha.” Agent 1: “I am so stressed about what I could have done differently. ” Agent 5: “Don’t stress. None of that mattered. The FBI’s influence, none of it mattered.”

Agent 1: “I don’t know. I don’t know. We broke the momentum.” Agent 5: “That’s not so. All the people who were initially voting for her would not and were not swayed by any decision the FBI but out.” Let me briefly stop here. This Agent 5, this lawyer here is saying that whatever they did with Hillary — exonerating her, not charging her, cavalierly, casually interviewing her. This person is saying none of the people were swayed by that, and here’s why.

Our attempts here to make people vote for Hillary, our attempt to destroy Trump didn’t work. “All the people who were initially voting for her weren’t swayed by our work because,” Agent 5 says, “Trump supporters are all poor to middle class, they’re uneducated. Trump supporters are lazy POS’s that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates. They are not fully educated on his policies and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.”

“Unmerited enthusiasm” is euphemism for Trump’s optimism.

“Make America Great Again.”

These two people are a bunch of angry, disappointed cynics! But contained in this thread is what they really think of you, and it is exactly as I have explained it to you over many years. Ever since Angelo Codevilla’s The Ruling Class, I have explained to you what the ruling class thinks of you and why they’re so appalled that you elected the president. Because he is, to them, an uneducated, middle class, lazy POS. He’s uncouth, he’s unsophisticated, and so are you — and in electing him, you have control of the country now, and they don’t.

And that’s simply unacceptable. This is their country. It is their government. It is their power. And you’ve taken it away from ’em. And who you are? Lazy, middle class and poor, uneducated POS. That’s your FBI, Agent 1 and Agent 5, in addition to Strzok and Page. Read these texts, and everything you need to know about the hate and the anger and the bias will become readily obvious.

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