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RUSH: Grab sound bite 3 — and then, of course, the sound bites that will follow it, sound bites No. 4 and 5. I made a prediction yesterday that the media would go on offense and try to mischaracterize this report, and they did. And you know how they did it? If you read the executive summary of the inspector general report, and if that’s all you read, you’re not gonna know anything.

You’re gonna think that this is a big pile of nothing. It’s stunning! You read the details of the report (chuckling), and you are prepared zero by reading the executive summary. There’s something really odd about this, because the executive summary does not summarize the real important details and discoveries in this report. It’s almost as though the executive summary is there for the media to focus on and highlight while ignoring the nuts and bolts in the effort to make this no big deal. Here is how I predicted it yesterday on this program

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m gonna predict to you that before the end of this day, the media is gonna convert this, and they’re gonna go on offense, and they’re gonna tell you what this report doesn’t say. What they’re gonna tell you is (impression), “There isn’t any evidence that Hillary was doing anything wrong, and there isn’t any evidence that the FBI was trying to rig it for Hillary. There isn’t any evidence!” … Whatever is in it, they’re gonna point out what isn’t in it, what hasn’t been found. Mark my words. I know these people, folks. I’ve been studying ’em. I’ve been dealing with these people for 35 years…

RUSH: Well, then when I got outta here yesterday and saw the entire report and saw the executive summary, I said, “Well, I’m pretty close, because the executive summary is almost tailored exclusively for people who want to report this as a big nothing — and believe me, it’s what the media is doing. The media is trying to say, “This doesn’t exonerate Trump. This doesn’t make Comey look bad.” I mean, it’s the exact opposite of what actually is in this report — and let me guess.

I’ll bet some of you got up today thinking, “There’s no way the media can avoid this now! There’s no way they can look the other way. There’s no way.” My friends, if you got up thinking that this was gonna be the day the media had to finally admit the truth about the Russia investigation and the Hillary investigation, I’m here to tell you that day is never going to come. The media is never going to admit what they’ve been doing. The media is ever been gonna admit that Trump is right about anything. Don’t get your hopes up. You’ll just be disappointed.

So now we go to a really odd couple of sound bites. Christopher Wray, the FBI director, did a press conference yesterday afternoon at 5:30 Eastern. Sound bite 1 from it here…

WRAY: I take this report very seriously, and we accept its findings and recommendations. (pause) It’s also important, though, to note what the inspector general did not find.

RUSH: See this?

WRAY: This report did not find —

RUSH: See?

WRAY: — any evidence of political bias.

RUSH: See?

WRAY: — or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under review.

RUSH: See? I predicted it! The establishment will focus on what’s not in the report, and right there is the FBI director. Now, I know he’s gotta protect his agency and I know he’s gotta protect his people. But look: “To note what the inspector general did not find: The report did not find any evidence of political bias.” It most certainly did, if you go beyond the executive summary. In fact, the political bias and other kinds of bias are documented. I take that back. They are illustrated!

The truth is that there isn’t documented evidence of bias. By that… This is a trick, folks. This is a game. When the IG says, “There’s no evidence of bias,” what he’s saying is that he couldn’t find a piece of paper or an email or a text — from Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, any of them — that said, “We are Republican haters. We are Democrat lovers. We want Hillary to win. We want Trump to lose.” He said, “There is no documentary evidence,” and that is true.

But that’s a semantic word game. In the meat and potatoes of the report, the inspector general illustrates that there was bias against Donald Trump every day in the FBI and at the DOJ. It’s inescapable. But because there’s not in one little telltale, bombshell, smoking-gun memo, he can that there was “no political bias or improper consideration.” That’s just absolutely false.

Here’s the next bite from the FBI director…

WRAY: We’re gonna train every single FBI employee — both new hires and veterans alike — on what went wrong so these mistakes will never be repeated.

RUSH: What?

WRAY: That includes drilling home the importance of objectivity, of avoiding even the appearance of personal conflicts or political bias in our work.

RUSH: Now, excuse me, but who are we talking about here? We’re talking about the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Where are they? They are in the Department of Justice. What is the icon of the Department of Justice? It is the scales equally balanced, meaning that there is no bias in justice, that everybody is innocent ’til proved guilty What do these people need to be trained about? These people have gone to the FBI Academy! They have passed; they have become FBI agents. What is this, Romper Room?

“There will be training of every FBI employee, drilling home the importance of objectivity”? For crying out loud! You shouldn’t have to remind anybody of that. That ought to be the order of the day in the pursuit of crime and justice. This itself… I’m telling you, this admission by the director tells us there’s bias. If he’s gonna conduct training seminars and teach them how to avoid political bias, then, damn it, it must mean that there’s a lot of it in there! Otherwise, why would they need the training?

They’re gonna drill home the importance of objectivity?

Where that needs to happen is in the Drive-By Media, but it isn’t gonna happen there because these people don’t want to be objective. That’s the whole point of what we’ve learned about this report. The FBI leadership and the people in this report were devoted to destroying Donald Trump, first in the Hillary investigation, and then in the Russia investigation. The people that were important in the Hillary investigation in exonerating her and making sure she was never charged just changed offices, and they went right over to the Mueller investigation.

They went right over to the Russia investigation. It’s the same people! There’s not a single pro-Trump FBI agent anywhere in the upper ranking of this investigation or on the Mueller team. Not one! And it’s not because they don’t know about objectivity. It’s because they don’t care about it! Because they had a mission: To keep this country away from the candidate that you uneducated, lazy POS were gonna vote for. They couldn’t risk turning this over to a guy elected by you, ’cause “You’re nothing, and you don’t know anything.

“You’re stupid! You expect jobs to be given to you. You get caught up in all this rah-rah America enthusiasm. You’re just a POS.” They all think that, and it’s not confined to the FBI where that attitude exists. The attitude exists about “flyover country,” the men and women who make this country work, and it’s about the case for decades, folks. It’s not new. It’s not new to Obama. It’s not new to Trump and this point in time in our history. It’s been developing this way for decades. It’s just that it’s been exposed here.

It’s been exposed because they lost.

They lost control.

They finally lost the ability to make sure you lazy, uneducated POS had no power, and that as much as anything else sent them on a downward spiral causing them to engage in all of these illegal, unethical, rig-the-game type operations. It’s really sobering. This is devastatingly bad, what we instinctively knew was going on, and now to have it documented. And I’m asking myself, “How does this get fixed?” The damage is ongoing. How does this get fixed? Every one of these people deserves to be fired. James Comey should have been fired by Obama at some point. This is… Comey, St. Comey? The guy is living in a cloud of personal love and worship that is… It’s just not right. There’s something off about it.


RUSH: It’s funny. This happens to me all the time. I just analyzed Christopher Wray saying they’re gonna have retraining on objectivity. They’re gonna have retraining all employees — agents and all employees — on how to avoid the appearance, even, of political bias. I said, “How in the world can you say earlier in your press conference there isn’t any political bias and then announce you’re gonna do retraining seminars to teach people how to avoid political bias?”

So I mentioned that and I got an email. “Hey, Rush, I want to know how can Wray say…?” I looked at it, and I said, hmm. You would not believe how often that happens. At any rate, Lindsey Grahamnesty… You’ve gotta hears this, sound bite No. 24, CNN this morning. He’s talking to Kate Bolduan about the inspector general report. She asks him what is his takeaway.

GRAHAM: You’d be kidding yourself if you think this doesn’t do a lot of damage to the institutions that are now looking at the president. This gives a face, to many, of what the deep state it looks like. I’ve been saying there’s not a deep state. (chuckles) Then I look at this and I see the people who are conducting an investigation of one political candidate versus the other seem to have a very… Um, not just a political opinion, but a motivation. If you don’t believe that the average American is gonna think that the FBI is far more political than they ever believed, that’s crazy. J. Edgar Hoover’s spirit is alive and well in some corners of the FBI.

RUSH: All right. Now we’re supposed to go, “All right, all right, we’ve got a convert. ” How did he miss it? Senator Graham says, “After I saw that report, I now believe in the deep state.” He had to wait for the deep state to admit that it exists before he believed it? I think this is how that game operates. They need something to bounce off. They cannot assert something without backup. They’re just afraid to do it. In fact, I largely think this report is why Trump had this massive impromptu press conference today.

Trump could have said what he said today answering all these questions any number of times in the months preceding this, but he wanted that report out there as backup. That was the trigger for Trump to go out there and meet these reporters impromptu out on the White House lawn. Lindsey Grahamnesty now is using the IG report to say (impression), ‘You know what? I didn’t think I didn’t think there was deep state, but now I do. Now I do.” Really courageous. Really courageous.

Let’s get started on the phones. Tom in Yuma, Arizona, you’re first today. And it’s really great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s great to be here. I just wanted to say a couple of quick things. I sponsor your program here in Yuma, Arizona. I’ve been a listener for about 30 years. I’m listening to you and others about this IG report, and what they seem to fail to see is circumstantial evidence. In a court of law or in an investigation, one can find the proof of what they are seeking through circumstantial evidence. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence in this case to find the bias.

RUSH: Absolutely.

CALLER: And to explain to your audience what I mean, is if you’re in a house with no windows, and you hear thunder and you hear raindrops on the ceiling but you can’t see the rain, you still know that it’s raining. And that’s what we got here.

RUSH: Unless you’re a lazy, uneducated POS that voted for Trump, and then you may not even know that.

CALLER: Yeah. I mean, I was one of those dummies as well. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But, I sure appreciate what you do.

RUSH: Well, thank you. You know, that’s… You’re a lawyer, right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: I could tell. My dad was a lawyer. My family are lawyers. I know how you guys think and talk, and bringing the circumstantial evidence of this in in terms of bias… I mean, this is really an outrageous assertion for the IG to make, that there was no bias dictating the behavior of these people. There most certainly was, and you most certainly can infer it from the circumstances, even though the IG says he didn’t find a smoking gun memo. Well, Lois Lerner didn’t need a smoking gun memo to know how to deny conservative groups tax-exempt status, did she?

She knew that’s what her boss, Barack Hussein O, “The One,” wanted! By the same token, Strzok and Page might have been lovelorn paramours and so forth, but they weren’t gonna sit down and document their bias for the IG to discover. (laughing) But when they start talking about, “We’re gonna need an insurance policy.” “Don’t worry. We’ll stop him,” it’s not hard to infer here what these people want in terms of the outcome of the presidential race.

And if you have a preference in the outcome, then, bingo! You are biased! I think objectivity, by the way, in a living, breathing, thinking human is almost impossible. A living, breathing, engaged human being is always gonna care about outcomes. And that’s why I’ve always found it mythical that the Drive-Bys try to say, “No, we’re fair. No, we’re objective.” No, you’re not! The fact that you lie about it’s as big an offense as your pretense to be.

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