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RUSH: After the inspector general’s report was released on Thursday, the Amazon Prime/Washington Post published a column by their supposed right-wing blogger, Jennifer Rubin. She claimed the IG report proved Hillary Clinton has “good reason to complain.”

Rubin says poor Hillary was the victim of James Comey, who also used non-government email for official business. The IG report concludes Comey acted outside FBI norms during the entire Clinton-email investigation. According to so called conservative Ms. Rubin, this supports Hillary’s claim that Comey tilted the election to Trump.

Maybe this drivel will satisfy Rubin and her readers, but it does not pass the smell test. Or the POS test.

Not that the truth matters to liberals, but the truth is, Comey’s gross mishandling of the investigation benefited Hillary Clinton. It kept her from facing legal charges that anybody else who did what she did would have faced.

Hillary deliberately ignored the law in setting up her own private email system. She broke the law by using her homebrew server to send and receive classified information, including to and from Obama. And, she walked away scot-free. Even though there was “good reason” to lock her up! I love the way that sounds: “Lock her up!”

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