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RUSH: To the phones we go, to northern Maine. This is Michelle. I’m glad to hear from you. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush! It’s such an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m calling because of this whole “We can’t separate children from their parents” thing.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Because if they change that law for illegal aliens, they are going to need to do about two million children that belong to incarcerated parents. They take those children — and they have to the beginning of our country, as far as I know. They take those children right away, and if they can’t find a sober parent or grandparent, those kids go into the foster care system. I know firsthand about the foster care system. I’d rather have a kid in cages than taken away, you know, and given to one of those foster parent things.

RUSH: Really?


RUSH: You’d rather have a kid in a cage —


RUSH: — than with foster parents?

CALLER: Absolutely. If you look at the cage, it’s not in the dark. It’s in the middle of a big gym-looking thing. They just don’t want the kids to be able to wander around. Yes, I would. And, believe, I know what I’m talking about.

RUSH: Whoa.

CALLER: I was a heroin addict for 18 years. I’ve been clean and sober for 30 years if I last another month. (chuckling) So —

RUSH: Thirty years! Kudos to you.

CALLER: Yeah, isn’t that something? That’s the reason that I found your radio show. I listened to it as my drug program. So —

RUSH: Wow. Amazing.

CALLER: You were brand-new. 1988. But what I’m saying to you is that a child is more — much more — apt to come to permanent harm in a foster care system than in someplace where they’re being basically —

RUSH: Okay, now wait. I just want to make sure, you’re saying in the system before they are assigned to a foster family? Or are you saying they’re at peril after they’re assigned as foster kids to a foster family?

CALLER: They’re at peril for so many reasons after. I mean, Not just the obvious. I mean, ummm… Well, you know there’s a lot of abuse that goes on, sexual and otherwise.

RUSH: I know what you’re saying. I know what you’re —

CALLER: A foster —

RUSH: But you know what you’re gonna do. I’m gonna get inundated now from the foster family support groups and special interests —

CALLER: Well, I’m not saying… I’m not saying —

RUSH: — all over demanding that I correct what you said —

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: — and to give them time to fix it ’cause you’re portraying them here as worse than putting kids in cages.

CALLER: I don’t mean all of them. I don’t mean all of them. But they are more apt to come to harm there than if they’re in a big cage-looking thing — a fenced-in thing is what it looks like to me — with a whole bunch of other people.

RUSH: All right. Look, let me take this back to what got this started, because I’m gonna have to take your word for it on the foster care family situation. You’re the first person that I’ve heard speak of it that way as adamantly as you have. What I want to do is go back to this whole idea that Donald Trump is a hateful ogre because he is separating children from their parents. “What a mean guy! Donald Trump is a brute. Donald Trump is a pig.” Folks, this is not Donald Trump’s policy.

This policy can be traced back to the Democrats, and specifically Obama, with their immigration policy and things. It had a reason! The whole point of it was to establish cases, excuses, reasons to let people in the country, to let illegals in. There’s always been… That is always the hidden agenda. It’s not so hidden in some things. But with the Democrats, it’s open borders and amnesty, and everything they do — every policy — is oriented toward eventually achieving that. What could be better than splitting up families to create sympathy and anger among the American people?

“You can’t do that! We can’t separate people! You gotta…” Therefore people would then agree to uniting families, which means these kids coming up from Guatemala and El Salvador, when they get here. “Let’s bring their parents! We can’t be responsible for dividing fam.” It’s a Democrat policy that the media is dumping all over Trump. Now, we had a comment yesterday, talked a little bit about the immigration bill. We had a caller who adroitly and shrewdly pointed out that a bunch of Republican leadership people who are leaving Congress at the end of this term are attempting to give their paymasters and donors what they want, and that is amnesty.

There is a DACA amnesty that will expand the number of people able to qualify as DACA kids and a general amnesty bill that is in a comprehensive immigration reform bill that is being debated now. And Trump was adamant today that he’s not gonna sign it. This is the Republican leadership has devised an immigration bill, and Trump undercut these leaders’ new bill today, suggesting in an interview that he will not sign it if it reaches his desk.

It is not what he has in mind for immigration reform. It’s that he adamantly opposes because it’s amnesty, because it doesn’t do anything to close the borders in time. Make no mistake. Republicans, Democrats, I don’t care. They’re all of the same mind when it comes to this issue because they’ve all been donated to. Democrats and Republicans alike have taken beaucoup bucks from special interest groups on both sides of the aisle. Republicans, they want cheap labor supposedly. Democrats want future Democrat voters. They all want that.

They all hope and pray all these new arriving immigrants will somehow be registered as members of their party. But forget the reason. The Washington establishment that was there long before Trump got elected is still devoted to amnesty, still devoted to comprehensive reform. And Trump has… There’s two different proposals up there. One is an enforcement-focused bill by Bob Goodlatte, the other is a compromise overseen by the party leaders, and Trump says he’s looking at both of them and he would not sign the more moderate one.

It says here — this is the Washington Times — that Trump’s opposition “could be devastating to Republican leaders who had helped Trump’s support would help give cover to conservatives who are reluctant to embrace an amnesty but might be swayed if the president were to get behind it.” Wait a minute! I thought that everybody voted for Trump was a cult. So I thought if Trump wanted it, it would happen; if it didn’t want it, it wouldn’t. So you’ve got a bunch of people trying to work against the president here?

Anyway, Trump is not gonna be buffaloed or bamboozled by this. And this amnesty, which is related to DACA, is really a last-gasp effort by a bunch of Republican leaders who are retiring at the end of this session, meaning essentially the end of the year. And Trump is being wooed. “Come on! They’re leaving. Give them something as they go out the door. Give them their last piece of legislation.” Trump is not being swayed by it.

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