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RUSH: I said we were gonna move on, and we are, but I’ve come across a couple of audio sound bites that I want to play with you, I want to share with you here. Because, folks, what this is is a manifestation of “never let a crisis go to waste.” In fact, it’s worse than that, because this is deliberately manufactured. You remember when I said in 2009, about a week or two before Obama was immaculated? The Wall Street Journal asked for 400 words on what I was hoping for in the Obama administration. I said, “I don’t need 400. I can do it in four: ‘I hope he fails.'”

Do you remember (chuckles) what ensued? Do you remember the…? It went on for a week what a reprehensible bad guy I was. Who was I? “This is unseemly, to hope an incoming — and especially the first ever African-American– president fails! Who does Limbaugh think he is?” They fed off that for a week. Or when I criticized Michael J. Fox in a political ad in the Missouri Senate race for trying to exempt himself from any political criticism.

Well, I said, “If you’re gonna put yourself out there, if you’re gonna get into the political arena, and I happen to disagree you, I’m gonna criticize you.” That went on for two weeks. Manufactured! All the while, they make it look like the whole country is outraged at what I said, when that wasn’t even close to true. They were lying about what I said. They were lying about the interpretation. I said I hope Obama fails implementing his policies. I didn’t want Obama to succeed in implementing socialist, anti-U.S. economic policy, destroying the health care system.

I didn’t want any of that. I was hoping America would not fail. Now, Bill Maher two Fridays ago comes out and says he hopes that we have a recession ’cause that’s the only way we’re gonna get rid of Trump — and have you seen one syllable about it? Bill Maher actually wished for what they lied to everybody about what I was supposedly rooting for. Bill Maher wants you to suffer. He wants this economy to go into a recession, so he says, as a means of hurting and then getting rid of Donald Trump. And not a word!

Not even a speck of interest from the Drive-By Media. None! The Democrats couldn’t be bothered that one of their own is actually hoping bad things happen to the American people. When I did not wish for bad things to happen, they lied about it for a week or longer. Do we remember the Sandra Fluke story? And these are things just involving me. Look at Donald Trump collusion, Donald Trump obstruction. I mean, take your pick. The Donald Trump travel ban. I’m telling you, these things are manufactured.

They’re made up! They’re not even real controversies. They make it look like the country is roiled in controversy over this, and they’re trying to create the controversy rather than report what controversy naturally exists. None does, until they get started. The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act law? That caused tumult for a whole week. Trayvon Martin. I could go down the list! Look at how they made heroes out of the Parkland, Florida, schoolkids and gun control… Yet in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend, massive numbers of gun deaths.

In Baltimore, ditto, the past weekend. Not a word! Not a word about murders. Seventeen people, I think, or 11 people murdered in Chicago in a 24-hour period. Not a word, not the one concern about guns, because it happened in a Democrat town. There have been two of them over the weekend. Chicago was one. I forget the other. I think it was Baltimore. I’m not sure where it was. But in both cases, at least 10 people were gunned down in cold blood — and there hasn’t been a peep from the Democrat Party about guns. The Parkland school kids haven’t shown up to march on Washington.

This stuff is a one-way street, and this business that Donald Trump is separating families right smack-dab into the middle of these fake, manufactured controversies. So they manufacture it; then they exploit it, and in no instance are they the interested in the truth. It’s not happening in a vacuum. They’ve gotta change the subject from the inspector general report about the corruption the highest level of the FBI. They have to change the subject from a roaring economy soon to report a second quarter growth rate of 4%.

They have to cover up and not report the Gallup poll showing greatest satisfaction levels among the American people since 2005. They’re not reporting that. They can’t dare. They gotta change the subject from that. Because one thing has not changed: The overall, singular objective on the part of the Democrat Party and the media is to get of Donald Trump, to overturn the 2016 election, to render Donald Trump paralyzed, whatever. That is the objective, and it never ends. Every week or two it is a new, faux manufactured outrage.

So in that regard, audio sound bite 7 and 8. This was this morning on “CBS This Morning.” Gayle King, the BFF of The Oprah, was live. Yes, CBS went to an ICE detention center in McAllen, Texas, and she’s interviewing Border Patrol Chief Manuel Padilla Jr. Whoa! An Hispanic (Gasp!) working for Donald Trump! (Gasp!) How does that compute? So Gayle King interviewing Manuel Padilla Jr., border patrol chief, McAllen, Texas. Question: “People say that this zero-tolerance policy actually means zero humanity. What do you say to that, sir?”

PADILLA: When we’re talking about zero-tolerance policy, we have done different efforts throughout the years. 2014 we started detaining this population of family units until they set —

KING: But —

PADILLA: — until they, uh, had their hearings.

KING: But, Chief Padilla, let me stop you for just a second —

PADILLA: Yes, ma’am.

KING: — because I don’t want to go back to 2014. I know this is complicated for you and your team, but what people are talking about is cruel and humane [sic] behavior.

PADILLA: I’m gonna give you an example here. Because we were releasing family units, we were not taking any action. Just last month, we had an MS-13 — full-blown MS-13 — accompanied by his one-year-old child.

KING: Yeah, but —

PADILLA: He thought that he was gonna get released into the community. That was not the case.

RUSH: Did you hear? (summarized exchange) “Chief, I don’t care about 2014. Pardon me, Chief. I couldn’t care less about 2014! We’re not talking about when Obama was president, Chief. We are talking about cruel and inhumane behavior right now, Chief.” So the chief summons an example. “Well, I’m gonna give you an example, if you want. We had an MS-13, full-blown MS-13 gang member accompanied by his one-year-old child. He thought he was gonna get released into the community, but we were not gonna let that happen.” Gayle King then continued speaking with Border Patrol Chief Manuel Padilla Jr.

KING: I met a woman yesterday — they were separated for six days — who was fleeing because she was afraid of gang violence. Help us understand why some of the families are being told that your children are gonna be taken and given a bath, and they — they don’t see their children. How is that okay?

PADILLA: Respectfully, Ms. Gayle, that’s misinformation that is out there. There’s a story about removing a child from a breast-feeding mother. Absolutely not true.

KING: Where I was yesterday, I had parent after parent tell me they weren’t told where their child was going, that their child was just being taken away, that they had no way to communicate with their children.

PADILLA: Mmm-hmm.

KING: That’s not misinformation; that’s someone that I heard with my own ears and with talking to the people.

PADILLA: Yeah. That is misinformation, ma’am, very respectfully.

RUSH: Right. So she’s out talking to the people illegally trying to enter the country; whatever they say is gospel. He says it didn’t happen, and they just told you what happened. They show up seeking asylum, they are separated, the kids go over to Health and Human Services, and he can hold ’em maximum 20 days. If they’re seeking assume, that claim’s not gonna be done in 20 days, the kids get released before the parents are. They have to be taken somewhere, and the applicants know this is gonna happen.

This MS-13 guy was trying to exploit the law. He was trying to get in because he had a kid with him and he thought that would grant him entry to the country. Well, now they’re even making up things that are happening by going out and talking to people who have their stories ready and made for TV. And I admit, folks, if you don’t have any background in this, it’s on TV; t’s Gayle King. “Why would she lie?” It’s not a question would she lie. It’s how much does she really know.

She’s all part of the effort to get Trump. They got on these… Do you ever ask yourself, “Why does everybody in the media go to max 100% energy and outrage on the same issue at the same time every week?” How does this happen? Well, I’ll give you a clue. It isn’t organic. It is all planned. I even have a piece here by Seymour Hersh. I should have printed this out during the break. Seymour Hersh, considered the dean of journalistas was on NPR two Saturdays ago.

In the interview he said to the media (summarized), “You better harp on what’s happening to kids at the border vis-a-vis Mexico, ’cause that’s the only avenue left to getting Donald Trump.” Now, that’s two Saturdays ago. He said in his PBS interview, “Nothing else is sticking to Trump. We haven’t found anything. You focus on the kids and what happens to ’em at the border,” and bammo! In two weeks, guess where the media is?

Now, I don’t know if Seymour Hersh till is responsible for getting this going, but I know he tried to right there on the airwaves of our precious and beloved National Public Radio, which liberals happen to think is the oral version of the Bible. So I know how tough it is not to get caught up in this stuff. I know how easy it is to be seduced, especially when we’re talking about the children. But you gotta stop and ask yourself: “How is it that predictably — when children as an anything in issue come up — the talking point is, ‘Republicans hate them, Republicans have no compassion for them, and are heartless’?”

How does that happen? It happens because it’s a strategy. Pure and simple. I want you to hear these again. Sound bites 21 and 22. Trump spoke about all this. If this does concern you, Trump appears to be standing strong.

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll say very honestly and I’ll say it very straight: Immigration is the fault — and all of the problems that we’re having — ’cause we cannot get them to sign legislation. I say it’s very strongly the Democrats’ fault. Their obstruction. The United States will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee-holding facility. It won’t be! You look at what’s happening in Europe; you look at what’s happening in other places. We can’t allow that to happen to the United States. Not on my watch.

RUSH: And here is the next one…

THE PRESIDENT: We have the worst immigration laws in the entire world. Nobody has such sad, such bad — and actually, in many cases, such horrible and tough. You see about child separation. You see what’s going on there. But just remember: A country without borders is not a country at all. We need borders. We need security. We need safety. We have to take care of our people. We want a merit-based immigration system, not based on a lottery or not people that snuck across the border — and they could be murderers and thieves —

RUSH: Uh oh!

THE PRESIDENT: — and so much else.

RUSH: Uh oh!

THE PRESIDENT: So we want a safe country —

RUSH: Uh oh!

THE PRESIDENT: — and it starts with the borders, and that’s the way it is.

RUSH: Right on. They’re back to the way he sounded on June 17 in 2015, Mexicans, rapist, murderers. That remember? “He’s never gonna get elected president. What does he think he’s saying? Who does he think he’s talking about? That’s crazy!” People were laughing about it, but now look at where we are.

I’m telling you these clowns still can’t adjust to it, adapt to it, can’t believe it’s happened.


RUSH: I asked a question a moment ago. If a guy shows up to rob a bank — gets caught, convicted, sent to jail — and is thus separated from his family, whose fault is it? The answer is the bank for having too much money and being an attractive target. If the bank had not had so much money, the guy might not have tried to rob it and now would not be separated from his family. Paul Manafort. Paul Manafort is in jail, having violated house arrest by in a one-minute phone call apparently trying to suborn a witness, so he’s in jail — and he’s 69 years old.

He may not ever get out of jail. He may spend the rest of his life in jail. It’s theoretically possible. He has been separated by his family. Whose fault is it? Cell phones! If it weren’t for cell phones, he would not have easily been able to make a call to whoever the witness was that he was trying to suborn. You see how this works. Now there’s this guy who’s taken a picture of a young girl, supposedly Guatemalan, crying at the border. Classic. We don’t know what the picture is. We only know what the guy who’s on CNN is telling us the picture is.

So all he’s gotta do is say, “Yeah, this young girl’s just been separated from her mommy and daddy, and she’s been told she’s never seen gonna see them again, and she doesn’t understand why. (crying) How can we let this go on? How can we do this? Doesn’t anybody care anymore? (wailing) What’s… what’s… what’s happening to us?” This is how it all starts, when nobody knows. Girl could have just asked for some ice cream and somebody said “no.” We don’t know. You’re a prisoner to whatever they tell you it is, and everybody involved in this has a political agenda.


RUSH: Oh, man, this is just absurd. California Senator Kamala Harris is demanding that Kirstjen Nielsen resign from the Department of Homeland Security. I’ve got sound bites from her I didn’t get to. We’ll save those ’til tomorrow.


RUSH: Okay, folks, I fully expect to be raked over the coals, misrepresented, and lied about on this separating families stuff in some of my monologues today. I fully expect Twitter to blow up based on how the media misrepresents what I say, and I also fully expect you to be in there defending me and setting it all straight when they start their lies.

We’ll see.

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