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RUSH: There’s trouble brewing at the Amazon Prime/Washington Post. It’s big trouble.

More than 400 employees of the Drive-By-Media giant have written to the boss, Jeff Bezos, demanding that he fork over higher pay and better benefits.

A labor dispute has been raging inside the newspaper for a year, pitting management against the union that represents over 800 editorial and business employees. Now the dispute has gone public.

According to the open letter, Bezos offered the Amazon Prime/Post workers a pitiful ten-dollar-a-week raise. They were insulted, especially since Bezos is one of the richest men in the world. They claim digital subscriptions are way up, online traffic is way up, and advertising is meeting goals.

So the employees want “fairness.” More money, more family leave, better health benifits, more retirement income, and more job security.

They want more of everything.

Mr. Bezos. Maybe there’s a way out of this mess. How about offering your disgruntled staff at the Amazon Prime/Washington Post a bigger discount at Amazon Prime/Whole Foods? Maybe with a minimum purchase, of course.

After all, it’s only money! But you never know what can satisfy angry liberals that won’t cost you very much.

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