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RUSH: Let me grab a quick phone call before we move on. We have Vernon from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who was with us yesterday and somehow magically got back in today. We normally don’t allow callers two days in a row. We sometimes make exceptions, Vernon, so apparently you qualify for an exception that you don’t know yet. What is that? Why’d Snerdley let in you a second day in a row?

CALLER: Well, thank you for the exception. I appreciate it. I had to call back and say thank you for taking me to school yesterday. You were brilliant. You know, you exposed the lies and the emotional manipulation of the media, which I was buying into, and you took all the complexities around all the immigration stuff, and you made it understandable. I mean, you know, it’s why I’ve been attending the Limbaugh Institute for almost 30 years now.

RUSH: Vernon?

CALLER: So I had to call back and say “thank you.”

RUSH: Vernon, this is very big of you. This is something —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: No, seriously. Most people… You know what most people would do? Most people would just live their lives, change their opinion based on what they’ve learned and then leave it for people they’re talking to to think they came up with it on their own, but you actually called here to thank me for walking you through this. I’ll tell you, I sincerely appreciate it. I remember him. Vernon is a Trump voter, a conservative and so forth, but he got caught up in the emotion, the pictures of this.

He said, “I don’t care, Rush. We just can’t be on the side of this that is willfully separating families. We just can’t do. I don’t care who did it in the past. I don’t care about any of that. We just can’t do it.” And his call was valuable because Vernon was representing a point of view that’s exactly the objective of the media! “To hell with the facts. To hell with why this is happening. Let’s just blame Trump and say, ‘Trump’s in power now.

“‘So he’s gotta stop it — and if Trump doesn’t, it’s his fault.'” So I walked Vernon through the law and why this is all happening and the history of it, and I didn’t know when we hung up yesterday that I had succeeded in helping Vernon see it in a different way. But it worked, because here he’s back to say thanks. So, Vernon, thank you. I appreciate that. I really do. It takes a big, big person to do what you just did.


RUSH: So Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Inc. — as he continues to dip his toe into the political waters — says that family separations, child separations are “inhumane.” It’s not who we are. Now, see here’s the problem: If that’s what was happening, it absolutely is inhumane — and this is the trickery, if you will, that the left routinely employs. Child separation is not a policy. It’s not a desire. It certainly has nothing to do with the Trump administration in any way, shape, manner, or form.

Every law that’s being enforced was on the books and existing long before Trump even decided to run for office, before he even commenced his campaign. But if in the middle of hysterics respected people come out and say, “Separating families at our border? Why, that’s just inhumane.” What other conclusion is there? It is inhumane, if that’s indeed what’s happening. But it isn’t. There is no policy stating, “The United States going forward will separate families for the express purpose of making it difficult to emigrate to our country.”

There’s no such policy.

There’s no such desire.

There is no such wish on the part of anybody. But if that’s all you know and you hear somebody that you respect say, “It’s inhumane,” what are you gonna conclude? You’re gonna conclude it is, just like Vernon, our caller from yesterday, who was caught up in the emotion of it and probably could not believe that his country would actually engage in such things. And even though he knew that his country could never do something like that, he bought it.

The former director of the CIA, a guy named Michael Hayden — who I have met and talked to — is running around comparing this to Nazi Germany! And so far, the Drive-By Media has made, I think, in excess of 25 such references in various news stories that this is concomitant with the Holocaust — and people, for some reason, emotionally accept it as true. So what must be your foundational existence if you can believe made to believe your country is doing this?

Well, how about 30 to 40 years of the media and the Democrats describing Republicans as racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, heartless, mean-spirited extremists? And during all that time, no Republican ever stands up and opposes it. Instead, what the Republicans have done is tried to prove that it isn’t true by saying they agree with Democrats on this or on that, and that hasn’t worked. It never does buy off the enemy. You can’t appease the enemy.

You have to defeat ’em. Nobody on our side before Donald Trump came along, even thought about defeating these people. We’re too afraid of ’em. And then there is the, “Well, we can’t beat the media, Rush. I mean, they’re everywhere.” Yeah. I’d love to bring these people up on RICO charges, by the way. But that will never happen, either. But the point is there is no separation of families, not as a policy. The law of the land is what it is — and for the last 10 to 15 years, all of Washington has decided to ignore it!

All of Washington has decided to not enforce it. What good is it? Congress made these laws.

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