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RUSH: On Monday, we got more manufactured hysteria, folks. The Drive-By-Media, other liberal Democrats — and even some Republicans — went ballistic as Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance border policies.

Ms. Nielsen pointed out that a lot of people who pretend to be families when they attempt to cross the border aren’t actually related. That’s one big reason children are separated from the adults. She said that from October to February, there was a 315% increase in the number of illegal aliens fraudulently using children as props to gain entry into the country.

She pointed out another fact liberals will ignore. American citizens who break the law and are incarcerated are also separated from their kids. She said her department is advocating for changes in our immigration laws, but she won’t apologize for following the current law or for her agency doing their jobs.

But you know, nothing she said is gonna quiet the hysteria. It’s driven by raw political manipulation. It’s not driven by logic and especially not by the law.

A quick question for you liberals. Who has separated more children from their parents: Homeland Security or Planned Parenthood? Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, or Donald Trump?

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