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RUSH: Now, there’s a couple remaining sound bites about this that involve your beloved host. I’ve mentioned that CNN International is what the world sees of United States. CNN International allows CNN domestic to essentially be a loss leader. CNN cannot put together an audience of 800,000 viewers on an average given night, outside of special event coverage. Nobody watches CNN. Except for where you can’t watch anything else: Airports.

But CNN International is another story, and the vast majority of the people in the world who watch news about the United States get the news about the United States from CNN. Just tack on the word “International” after it. Same coverage, different anchors and reporters, but the same stuff. Last night on CNN International Newsroom the anchor John Vause was asking Human Rights Watch U.S. program managing director Alison Parker about me, about my comments about the upset on the left over separating children from people who come here illegally, and here’s how that bite sounded…

VAUSE: I don’t know if you, uh, listen to talk radio in the U.S., but — but on Monday the conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, uh, defended this Trump-Sessions immigration policy. Here’s a quick bite of what he said…

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is all about asylum seekers, folks. It’s all about the people attempting to invade our country, not emigrate here.

VAUSE: Rush, he’s very good at articulating what the president and his supporters believe, in this case that asylum is not really a legal, valid process. Is that the sense you have?

RUSH: Mr. Vause, one thing. It is President Trump and his supporters who are very good at articulating what I believe. You have to get the order right here. It is I who others are good at articulating. But that is just an aside. You see what he called it? “Rush Limbaugh defended his Trump-Sessions immigration policy…” Folks, there is no policy here. Now, you might think that’s a semantics word game. It’s not, and I realize it’s not a winner.

It’s not a winner in trying to refute this, but I have respect for you in this audience. I know you’re smart, and I know that you want to know the truth about these things so that you can converse with other people intelligently and in an informed manner yourself. So, in that sense, it does matter. I know I’m not gonna win an argument with a hysterical person who believes we are separating families by saying, “Well, there is no such policy.” “What do you mean no policy? We’re doing it.” But there isn’t a policy.

There is not a law that says that’s the objective. The law is based on consequences, the things that happen to people who break our law, and you’ll note nobody on the left — the Democrats, the media. Nobody ever talks about that aspect of this, that everybody we’re talking about here is violating the law. And you would think that American families have never, ever, been separated before. “It never happens, but look at what we’re doing to these illegals that we don’t like!”

American families get separated all the time, unusually every morning when members of the family go their own way. There’s divorce! There’s separation! There are American criminals who are convicted and sent to jail. Families in America get separated all the time. Some kids run away, leave home, grow up, go to college and never come back. The idea that families are somehow…? The Democrat Party knows better how to separate families than any organization on earth.

The greatest way to separate a family is abortion, and the Democrat Party owns it. You want to talk about separating families? How about what happens at Planned Parenthood? You want to talk about separating families? How about the federal government under the guise of Democrat Party assuming the role of father in poor minority neighborhoods in this country. Remember AFDC where single mothers were paid every time they had a baby?

This was Democrat Party compassion. There were no fathers. There was no family. The government fulfilled the role. We’re here talking about how Trump is practicing inhumane policy. There isn’t a policy. This is consequences to people who break the law. You know, for a law-abiding people, it’s amazing how many people in this country do not care about a law being broken. You know what’s gonna separating families and all that? How about sanctuary cities and what they’re doing in defiance of U.S. law?

You want to talk about separation of families? When illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities start committing murder and mayhem, you want to talk about that kind of family separation and how inhumane that is? And then when efforts are made to penalize, to find, to convict the people that are committing violent crimes in sanctuary cities, the Democrat administration in these sanctuary cities stands up and hides the illegal immigrant and shields them from federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.

And we want to talk about Donald Trump separating families? So now (impression), “The conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh defended the Trump-Sessions immigration policy,” and I’m very good at articulating the president’s beliefs. Other way around, but I’ll cut Vause some slack. He’s actually… Well, these British anchors, you know where they are? They’re in Atlanta. CNN International headquarters is Atlanta. Yeah, they got bureaus in London and Dubai and wherever else, but they’re in Atlanta.

Now, here’s the guest he was talking to, Alison Parker who is from Human Rights Watch U.S., the program managing director. This is what she said in response…

PARKER: I think there’s definitely truth in that. That is what they seem to believe. The attempt to undermine the credibility of these asylum seekers, I have to say, is not necessarily unique to this administration —

RUSH: What?

PARKER: — although it has taken it on it a new level.

RUSH: No, it hasn’t.

PARKER: The reality is Human Rights Watch has investigated conditions in the countries that these people are from — in El Salvador, in Honduras, in Guatemala — and these conditions are serious conditions of violence, of persecution, of direct and individualized threats against people’s lives. They’re fleeing for their lives. Deterrence is not going to work.

RUSH: What do you mean, deterrence is not gonna…? Hey, is it our responsibility? You see in the left’s view what’s happening Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, it is our fault. We’ve caused what happened down there. We have too much wealth. We have too much money. We’ve stolen more than our share, and because we have so much people are naturally drawn here, and they can’t help it.

It’s like it’s the bank’s fault for being robbed. They got too much money in the vault! If the bank doesn’t want to be robbed, then they won’t be in such a nice building, they won’t have such rich furniture in there, and they won’t have a lot of cash president vault, and they won’t flaunt their wealth to people. That’s like how you keep the bank from being robbed. So it’s our fault what’s happening — in their view, not mine. Don’t get confused here.

So she admits that it is not unique to this administration, but it’s worse now. No, it’s not. It was twice as bad under Obama in terms of the number of children detained. Now, last night, Shannon Bream, her 11 p.m. show on Fox, she had this former Clinton campaign strategeric communication director of the Hillary campaign. Her name is Adrienne Elrod, and she was being asked about the separating children from their parents and all that who are coming here illegally, and this is how Shannon Bream set it up…

BREAM: Conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh are asking why the media is now so outraged about something that’s not new to this administration.

RUSH ARCHIVE: (theme music) This children and families being separated at the border? It is an entirely manufactured crisis. It’s entirely manufactured. This has been going on for years. It happened during the Obama administration. Nobody said a word about it.

RUSH: How about that clip? They’ve actually got the show open theme in the clip on the Fox News Channel. Anyway, here is Adrienne Elrod, the former Clinton strategy babe answering.

ELROD: We’ve gotta look forward here. Right now President Trump has the control. He can sign an executive order; he can put these children back with their families. We do need to find a longer term solution, but right now the quickest thing to do is for President Trump to take action and say, “Secretary Nielsen, allow these children who are waiting, ummm, in captivated to be reunited to their parents while they’re going through the asylum process.”

RUSH: Right, and who’s gonna pay for that? Who’s gonna take care…? These are people violated the you law, seeking asylum through the back door. But notice her answer is to not deal with my point. This has been going on for a long, long time, and Trump’s not had anything to do with it. Her answer? “We have to look forward! We can’t look to past.” We can’t look to the past? Oh, really? When it comes to human rights violations, that’s all the hell you people want to do is look to the past.


RUSH: Audio sound bite No. 29. Trump this afternoon the National Federation of Independent Business, 75th anniversary celebration.

THE PRESIDENT: I was never a deep state guy. Let me tell you, we got some bad people that are doin’ bad things. But when you read that IG report about how she got away with what she got away with, it’s a disgrace. It’s a total disgrace.

AUDIENCE: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: And you ought to see the hearings that are right now on television, but they’re going on to the mainstream fake news media. They want to focus on immigration ’cause they want to keep the cameras away from the hearings, ’cause those hearings are not good for them. In fact, they’re a disaster for them. The whole thing is a scam. It’s a scam.

RUSH: Yes. I think the White House might… Well, I will not characterize it. But it is a manufactured crisis. It is exactly that. The president’s right. One more from the president at the same 75th anniversary celebration of the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

THE PRESIDENT: As a result of Democrat-supported loopholes in our federal laws, most illegal-immigrant families and minors from Central America who arrived unlawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together. Only released. These are crippling loopholes that cause family separation, which we don’t want. As a result of these loopholes, roughly half a million illegal immigrant family units and minors from Central America have been released into the United States since 2014 at unbelievably great taxpayer expense. Nobody knows how much we’re paying for this monstrosity that’s been created over the years.

RUSH: It’s about $1 billion. Now, CNN’s running a quote from Trump out of context, quote, “You have to take children away to prosecute the parents.” Now, classic example — and John Kasich, God bless him, is right in there on cue talking about (I’m sure) how rotten Trump is and this has gotta be changed and so forth. “You have to take children away to prosecute parents.” How many children are with people who are prosecuted? Are Manafort’s children with him?

Are Flynn’s children with him? For crying out loud. These people, these people… Am I gonna end up being the bad guy for reminding everything know everybody that all of this is happening ’cause people are breaking our law? I’m gonna end up being the bad guy, right? They are breaking our law. We’re being told that we should look the other way; let them break the law. We owe it to these people to let anybody in who wants to come. We can’t sit here and deny anybody a better life. Who are we to deny people a better life?

So we’re enforcing the law.

Congress wrote the law.

These laws have been on the books and unenforced by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, and everything that’s happening now has happened under all of those previous administrations, and I don’t think any of the first ladies at the time wrote about being upset about any of it. And you know why? Because the media didn’t decide to do any stories. With George W. Bush, they were too busy talking about torture and CIA black sites and waterboarding — and I don’t think Laura Bush ever criticized the way her husband was being defamed.

But any rate, if you want to stop this, tell parents in Central America to stop sending their kids unaccompanied on a journey all the way through Central America, fraught with who knows whatever dangers. Don’t show up yourself and try to illegally come into the country knowing full well who the president is now and that we’re enforcing the law. It really isn’t that hard. What if every law was treated as cavalierly as this?

“Well, we can’t enforce it! It’s too punitive. It’s too unfortunate. It’s too hard-hitting. It’s too hard-hearted.” You could say that about any number of laws. One more sound bite here. Jonathan Martin, New York Times reporter, a former reporter at The Politico — who used to send me a note every Friday asking me who I liked in that Sunday’s NFL games. I used to be a source. Ah! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not a source. I used to be a… Well, when Martin wanted to find out what the conservative enlightenment of the country thought, he’d turn to me.

(interruption) Resource! There you go. Resource. Not source. Not source as it’s meant today. But since he got to the New York Times, I still hear from him now and then, but I’ve ceased being a resource — and I’m not asking to be. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just giving some hurtful perspective. He’s on CNN’s New Day today. He’s now the national political correspondent New York Times. And he had this to say about the upset on the left over separating children from people who come here illegally.

MARTIN: A majority of Republicans still support the policy — and that, I think, creates the challenge for President Trump, is that, given these optics, given these images, given that recording yesterday that came out, I think that part of President Trump would be inclined today to change the policy, and perhaps he will. Uh, you never know. But if you look at that polling, and he (chuckles) has hard line folks telling this in his ear, “A lot of people in the party like the policy. Don’t bend, don’t give in yet, because a lot of folks like this policy.” If you look at Fox News, Rush Limbaugh yesterday, th-they are saying don’t give in. This is a sort of Democratic/media concoction here.

RUSH: Yeah. It is. It’s a manufactured crisis in that there’s nothing new happening. But even Martin here said, “Well, you know, the president might be inclined today to change the policy.” He can’t! He can’t change the law! What, executive order? You watch what happens if he tries that. You’re gonna see people do a 180 on a dime if he tries that. You know, even Obama was saying (impression), “When it comes to immigration, I’m not a king.

“I can’t… I can’t… We’re a nation of laws. That’s who we are, and I can’t do any more” when it came Tuesday night. But what Martin’s talking about, there is polling data that shows 55% of Republicans support the enforcement of the law. But he wants you to think 55% of Republicans support separating families. It’s 55% of Republicans (and it ought to be more) are in favor of preserving the United States as founded and its wonderful culture. That’s what people are trying to preserve. Because, believe me, it’s under assault.

The media, the people on the left, these radical leftists, make no mistake.

The intent here is to dilute and water down this distinct American culture. These immigrants, the illegals that are coming? They’re not seeking to become Americans. They’re not interested in assimilating into the American culture. That’s not at all what’s on their mind. I’m sure it is for some of them. But not like it’s been in years gone by where mass immigration was all about becoming an American. This is about diluting America and watering it down. Whatever it takes to maintain the Democrat Party in power — and, of course, its leadership executives in the Drive-By Media.

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