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RUSH: Once again, let me go through the numbers. We now have over 12,000 children in Homeland Security detention shelters. Ten thousand of them came here on their own. They were sent here alone by their families. Their families separated themselves. Thanks to President Obama for that loophole which allows minors to ask for amnesty — and if they come from a country not contiguous, meaning anything south of Mexico and they get here, minors now can ask for amnesty thanks to Obama.

The numbers are skyrocketing here. Only 2,000 of the 12,000 children that are being detained right now in shelters came with their families and are currently separated because of the law. Those 2,000 are kids who were separated from their parents because they are seeking amnesty through the back door. They’re arriving here illegally and seeking amnesty rather than going to an official port of entry and going through that process.

If you just cross the Rio Grande or come up through Tijuana or whatever at the Mexico border, you don’t come to a port of entry and ask for entry, you’re going through the back door. That’s how these kids arrive. They can be detained for 20 days when they’re separated from their families, but asylum cases take much longer than 20 days. So the kids get out after 20 days. Where do they go? Obama housed them in the homes of willing Democrats, almost the equivalent of foster homes.

They’re gonna grow up and become loyal Democrat voters. Thanks to Obama promulgating, expanding the amnesty loophole, asylum requests… Are you ready for this number? Asylum requests are up over 1,700% in the last 10 years, which means the U.S. will be detaining over 30,000 kids by the end of the summer because we’re getting 250 new requests every day. That’s the latest numbers from ICE, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, whoever tabulates this stuff.

It’s roughly 250 per day. Now, how much are we spending? You know, we talk about the abuse of these children. How about the abuse of the American taxpayer? We are currently spending over $1 billion on these illegal alien children. We’re spending over $35,000 a year per child in detention — on housing, and feeding them and providing them health care when they need it. This is why their parents, their mommies and daddies sent them north unaccompanied, on the trains, on the flatbeds and on whatever rickety mule back they could find because this is what happens.

In the meantime, given this unprecedented compassion to the unfortunate people of the world, what are we hearing? “America sucks! Donald Trump sucks. Donald Trump is separating families. Donald Trump and the Republicans cold-hearted, mean-spirited extremists.” In the midst and in the face of all of this incomprehensible and incomparable compassion that we are exhibiting here. Yeah, this whole thing just… I resent this. I resent having to do this.

I really do, because these people on the left and in the media are setting these traps. They are establishing these narratives, setting these premises, and you have to follow along to refute them, to oppose them and point out their lying, stinking objectives here. What really rubs me about it is it’s not news, and these are not media. These are leftist Democrat advocates who have managed to call themselves journalists and thus they have protected First Amendment considerations. It’s just an entire outrage. It ticks me off, and I resent having to do it, just so you know. But I’m gonna keep doing it. It’s necessary. But I’m not.


RUSH: Do you know the fastest way to get rid of a bad law? Enforce it. You know who said that? Donald J. Lincoln. Abraham Trump. “The fastest way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it.” Lincoln said it. Trump knows it.

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