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RUSH: So here is CNN’s headline: “Trump to Sign Order that Stops His Policy of Separating Families.” There is no Trump policy! I’m getting blue in the face. I don’t think it even matters to say the truth anymore. It just doesn’t matter. To the phones we go, Los Angeles. Ed, glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s an honor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’ll be brief. My wife and I love you, and we love President Trump. I’m a professor and show host. I made the point yesterday that socialists have been the biggest separators of children from their parents in history. But that being said, I think the left has finally found the kryptonite that they’ve been looking for each and every day since November 8th, 2016.

RUSH: And that is?

CALLER: Well, these images. To paraphrase Clinton from the 1992 election, “It’s the optics, stupid.” The truth doesn’t matter. It’s these images.

RUSH: Okay. So what should Trump do?

CALLER: Well, I think if Sessions and Rosenstein advised him that this was a good idea, he should get rid of ’em.

RUSH: Sessions and Rosenstein are behind Trump standing firm on this?

CALLER: Well, we know that Sessions has always been a big border guy, no? I think that he probably concocted this, no?

RUSH: Well, now, Sessions has said that enforcing the law is biblical. He didn’t say the separation of kids was biblical. He said enforcing the law. Okay. So you love Trump and your wife, your whole family, loves Trump. But they’ve got Trump? They’ve blown Trump up;he’s got to sign something? He’s gotta reunite the families or it’s over?

CALLER: I think they… It’s these photographs, it’s these images, whether they’re true or not. The truth doesn’t matter. The law doesn’t matter. They finally got something that they can stick to ’em, I think, and I don’t know, maybe he has to use his power as commander-in-chief to step in and do something. I don’t know.

RUSH: Okay. So I thought you were gonna go further than you did. You think he’s been defeated. You think it’s over, and so he needs to cave to the defeat. F. Chuck Todd. Do we have time? We do. Sound bite 28. Here’s what you get when you do that. Three… two… one…

TODD: The president you just heard there. We expect him to actually sign the actual executive order in about an hour and a half, and his intent is to temporarily prevent the separation of children from parents if they cross the border illegally. It’s the closest we’ve seen this president almost admit to making a decision based on political pressure.

RUSH: Translation: “This is the closest we’ve come to getting Trump to cave, and we’re not through.” F. Chuck Todd, NBC News.


RUSH: I want to go back to F. Chuck Todd here and what he said. The president you just heard there. “We expect him to actually sign the actual executive order in about an hour and a half, and his intent is to temporarily prevent the separation of children from parents if they cross the border illegally. It’s the closest we’ve seen this president almost admit to making a decision based on political pressure,” meaning: It’s the closest we’ve come to Trump admitting that we got him, and we’re gonna keep at it.

Now, I think there’s some things that people don’t understand here. The only way, folks… The only way to stop families from being separated is to either detain the children for longer than 20 days when their parents ask for asylum, or to release the families entirely — and that’s what the Democrats want. They want catch-and-release. That’s what this is all about. If you can’t separate the families, you gotta keep ’em together, it means you gotta catch ’em and release ’em. You let ’em into the country.

That’s what the Democrats want. That’s what the media wants. This is a disguised amnesty of sorts that they’re using media pressure to achieve here. Now, if Trump’s order simply stops kids from being separated from their parents when they’re arrested, well, the media is gonna be shocked to see that that does nothing to reduce the number of children being detained, because those kids weren’t being counted anyway, since they were only detained for a few hours.

But if there are arrests involved, then you’re gonna find detainees mounting up and the families are gonna be kept together somewhere in Obama’s cages, with Obama’s tinfoil. ‘Cause if they’re seeking asylum or if they’re breaking the law… I mean, they’re breaking the law when they’re doing all of this, and the left and the media wants everybody just to ignore that! Catch ’em and release ’em is what this is all about. There may be another option for Trump.

He could just stop arresting families who come into the country illegally, and we just announce that, and we can let Chuck Todd announce it. Chuck Toddy can say, “We have succeeded! We at NBC News and CNN have succeeded in forcing President Trump to stop his efforts to keep people out of the country,” and then open the floodgates and let ’em in. Which is the objective anyway. Now, our old buddy Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist has a great catch here.

Mollie Hemingway writer at Federalist with a little tweet here, and she first gets a screen capture of a New York Times story by Maggie Haberman. (impression) “President Donald Trump is preparing to issue an executive order as soon as Wednesday that ends the separation of families at the border by indefinitely detaining parents and children together, according to a person familiar with the White House plans.” Here’s the next paragraph, and this is the catch:

“Mr. Trump’s executive order would seek to get around an existing 1997 consent decree, known as the Flores settlement, that prohibits the federal government from keeping children in immigration detention — even if they are with their parents — for more than 20 days.” That’s the federal law! How can that be accurate? Because these people at the New York Times are running around saying that Trump and Brigitte Nielsen (I’m having a mental block on her first name) are dangerous liars. They’re saying that Trump and Nielsen are dangerous liars.

They’re worse than Hitler for saying that there was a law requiring family separation after 20 days. Trump has been saying this. The media has been accusing Trump of lying and making that up. The media has lied to the American people. There is such a law, and the New York Times admits it today when they feel free to admit it by announcing they made Trump cave. So Trump is going to sign and issue an executive order to get around an existing 1997 law that they previously said didn’t exist. I feel like engaging in profanity here.

For all of these past few days, the media has been saying that Trump and Nielsen are citing a law that doesn’t exist. “There is no law. They’re just falling back on…” Now they cite the very law that Trump’s executive order is gonna get around that they have denied all this time exists! Mollie Hemingway says, “How can this be? How can this New York Times story be accurate? They’ve been saying there is no such law.”


RUSH: Jim in as Asbury Park, New Jersey. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Oh. Hello, Rush. Rush, why don’t they just close the border until they can straighten this thing out? That will stop ’em dead in their tracks. They’ll be off the kids in the cages in a minute.

RUSH: Well, hey, you know, I got… (chuckles) Excuse me a minute. It’s not a bad question. Because you know what the answer is? This is actually… Why don’t they close the border? Answer: It is! The border is not open for illegals to cross! They have to be processed. We still try to catch ’em. To close the border, you’re talking about to legal immigration. You’d have to do that too. But technically our law prevents illegal immigration. Now, the Obama people didn’t enforce it; Trump has been. Ergo the rub.

Why don’t we just close the border? Well, as a matter of law, the border is closed to illegals! But you see the pressure here is precisely to let them in anyway, because they’re separated from their families (sobbing) and we can’t be responsible for that. The law closing the border to illegals is already there, and Trump has been enforcing it, and you see what happens as a result. The pressure is literally being brought to ignore it, or to wink at it, or to pretend that it’s not there. The law doesn’t exist for a week, a month, a couple of years, however long it takes to get rid of Trump.


RUSH: You know, folks, I keep sitting here beating my head against the wall. I keep looking for and finding news of a factual nature that is designed to do battle with all of these pictures and optics and emotion. And I’m asking myself, “Why am I wasting my time?” I’m up against a bunch of lying pictures, a bunch of distorted images — a massive, nationwide, worldwide media trying to smear and destroy Donald Trump — and what do I have? The truth. It’s kind of like a spitball against a massive battleship.

You think I would learn just to say, “Screw it!” Just go with the flow and go to the phones and let people say what they want to say and move on and thank ’em for calling. But for some reason I am compelled to continue to blow this to smithereens! I guess I’m stubborn. I want to go back to F. Chuck Todd’s tweet. Well, it’s not a tweet; it’s a sound bite. “The president is going to sign an executive order. His intent is to temporarily prevent the separation of children from parents if they cross the border illegally.”

That’s what F. Chuck thinks the executive order is going to contain, and it will be in violation of a 1997 law — and I’m guaranteeing you the same leftists who gave us that law are gonna sue Trump for exceeding his executive authority. I know that’s gonna happen. Mark my words it’s gonna happen. It’s part of keeping this alive and sustaining it. But let’s just go back to F. Chuck’s tweet here: “His intent is to temporarily prevent the separation of children from parents if they cross the border illegally.” There’s only one way to do that.

We’re talking illegally? That’s criminally! The only way to do this is to continue detaining the children with their adult mother and dad (if that’s who they really are) for longer than 20 days. See, the rub here is that 1997 consent decree requires or says that kids cannot be detained longer than 20 days when they’re nabbed crossing the border, with our without their families. They can’t be held for longer than 20 days. They have to be released.

Well, their parents do not have their cases adjudicated that quickly if they’re seeking asylum. If they’re not seeking asylum and they just trying to get in and get caught, those cases are decided in a couple of hours. The kids are not contained 20 days; they’re obtained two hours. They are released with their parents, and they’re sent packing. They’re sent back to where they came from. It’s the kids that are accompanied people by seeking asylum here that we’re talking about, max detainment 20 days.

If Trump’s executive order is not gonna separate the families, it means that the parents — who are already detained — will continue to be detained and their kids will be detained for longer than 20 days. In other words, they’ll be together in jail. They’re not gonna be together roaming free, and I find this… I don’t know if the media has figured this out yet. If Trump is gonna keep these families together by not letting kids out of detention after 20, can you imagine the excrement storm that’s gonna happen when the media figures that out? Ho!

I almost can’t wait for this. The only way to keep ’em together if you got a law-violating parent or adult here is you have to continue to detain the kids with them so that they’re not separated. That’s gonna blow the minds of this liberal amnesty activist world, the people who got the Flores ruling from the Ninth Circus in the first place. So, in other words, Trump’s executive order is gonna be a huge setback (laughing) for the ACLU and La Raza because what they’re doing is trying to make the government release the detained kids.

That’s what they want! They want them released so they can go down and Motor Voter, or do something else to establish the first steps toward becoming official Democrats. I’m not trying to make you laugh. Don’t doubt me for a minute that that’s what all of this is secondarily, maybe primarily about. The only way to keep ’em together… If you’ve got a law-violating adult here, he’s crossed illegally. The case has to be resolved. He’s seeking amnesty. Now we can’t separate the family? Fine. They’re all going to be…

(laughing) I shouldn’t laugh. You can’t let the kids out! They’re all gonna be, quote-unquote, “detained” for however long it takes. The kids too. If the solution to keeping families together is to keep the kids detained beyond 20 days, wait ’til they figure that out. Now, I want to reiterate this and remind everybody of this too. There are currently 12,000 children in custody that everybody’s wringing their hands about. “Mommy! Daddy!” all this kind of thing. I don’t mean to sound insensitive. I’m being descriptive.

They’re showing us these pictures of the kids in distress. That’s what we’re talking about, 12,000 children in custody. They were sent here alone. They were put on the tops of trains or in boxcars or in flatbeds or on buses with Plan B abortion pills in case they got raped. Their parents… You can’t even put your dog on the roof of your station wagon on the way to the 7-Eleven, but these people can put their kids at risk like this. Ten thousand of these 12,000 were sent here alone. Ten thousand of the 12,000 were sent alone by their parents. We didn’t separate most of these kids from any of their families.

They did!


RUSH: Some bald-headed tiny little liberal hysteric just figured it out what keeping the families together means (chuckles), and he blew a gasket on Fox a moment ago. They’re gonna figure it out if this guy did.


RUSH: I mentioned before the break at the bottom of the hour that a Democrat activist has figured out Trump’s executive order and what it means. This guy… I didn’t know until today what his name is. I see him. He’s a little guy, he’s bald-headed, and he’s just filled with histrionics. And when he’s on Fox, the women that are on with him, just… They’re trying not to laugh out loud. He amuses them with his histrionics and with his wacko, off-the-wall opinions and assertions. And it’s kind of like they egg him on to keep going.

And then they smile kind of off camera and snicker a little bit as though… It’s kind of like a circus act, if you will. Now, CNN, they applaud the little guy. They love the little guy. They think he’s a genius. It’s fascinating. But anyway, he was on Fox about 10 or 15 minutes ago. He’s on CNN right now, by the way (laughing), talking about the same thing. His name is (I’m trying to pronounce it) Zac Petkanas, I think. And he was on with Melissa Francis, and the other guest was Kayleigh McEnany.

Melissa has this guy on all the time, and I just know it’s because they are just are amused by his. It’s kind of like the guy you invite to the party because you hope he does what he does and everybody finds it hilarious. So the question: “These 10,000 kids, how do you figure out who they are and send ’em back where they came from? Trump is signing this executive order, so what do we do now, Zac?” By the way, this guy used to work for Hillary and I think he’s a DNC whatever. But he’s a professional Democrat activist.

The question: What do we do now from here, Zac?

PETKANAS: (histrionics) We don’t know any of the details of this executive order! We don’t know if this is simply moving children into adult prisons to stay with their families on the border! What we do know is that Donald Trump doesn’t need an executive order to take these kids out of the detention facilities! He can make a phone call in the same way that he started this process back in April! But he’s not! He’s doing some big signing ceremony on something that we have absolutely no idea what the actual impact is and could be actually worse than the actual problem we have right now!

RUSH: I was hoping one of these people would figure it out, and that Zac here… I don’t mean “little” like in Little Marco. He appears to be a, um… (sigh) A stylish guy, okay? But Little Zac here got it. (laughing) The only way… You’ve got the Flores consent decree in 1997 that is the law of the land. So an executive order is going to break it. Trump’s executive order is gonna break it! The way it’s gonna happen is if the left is demanding, everybody’s demanding that we not separate these kids from their families. Remember, the adults…

The separation is happening because the adults have broken the law. They have come in illegally and been caught. They’re using their kids as a shield to maybe get leniency, and some of the kids arrive without their parents, which we’ve been through over and over. Trump apparently — and this is based on F. Chuck Todd’s reading of what he thinks Trump’s executive order’s gonna be. Essentially to keep families united, we’re going to keep them detained including the children beyond the 20 days the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says is the maximum you can hold ’em.

Federal law says the maximum is 20 days. You have to release ’em. Well, if their parents are still being detained because their cases are being processed, then the kids are released to where? To nowhere! That’s where the family separation comes from. So the clamoring to not separate families, the only way to do it is to keep them all detained — and Little Zac here figured that out. (chuckling) He’s saying, “What we know is that Donald Trump doesn’t need executive order to take these kids out of these detention places’ He could make a phone call’

“But he’s not. He’s doing some big signing ceremony on something we have absolutely no idea what the actual impact is and can be worse than the problem we have now!” Well, what do you mean, Zac? They’re gonna be united. The families are gonna be kept together, just detained. Meaning detention facilities, meaning jail. Ahem! (coughing) Jail. Uh, detention centers. This is not what the left is dreaming of. The left is dreaming of catch-and-release. Nab ’em, see a kid in the group, and say, “Oh, my God. This is so horrible what we’re do” and let ’em go.

And then, you know, 10 minutes after you let ’em go the magic Democrat bus appears, and the doors open and everybody gets on the Democrat bus, and they’re off never to be seen again until they are employed and doing whatever they do.

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