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RUSH: The Drive-By Media is convinced that Trump is going to sign something to keep families unified. Trying to follow this as it’s happening. There’s a cabinet meeting going on that is being televised. Well, meaning Trump has allowed the cameras in — and when it leaked that Trump said he’s gonna, quote, “sign something,” unquote, to keep families unified at the border, the media started beating its chest.

“See, we made him cave! We made him cave! We won! We made him cave, this is the most embarrassing moment for Trump and his presidency. We won! We won.” Now, I don’t know what’s gonna happen — and whenever it does happen, we’ll tell you what it is. I don’t know what it’s gonna be, but let me just say hypothetically, Trump signed something, an executive order that keeps families united under certain present circumstances.

Somebody’s gonna sue because that executive order is going to be in violation of American statutory law! Somebody’s gonna sue, and it might even be a leftist who will sue just to continue the problems and keep the issue alive for the Democrats. Whatever Trump signs to keep families together is not gonna end this. It’s only gonna prolong it because this issue they’re not going to let flitter away.

And if he does sign an executive order, can you…? I can just see this right now. Some leftist lawyer or law firm or legal activist group will come along and file a lawsuit against Trump for exceeding executive authority, and they might even add, “This could lead to impeachment charges! The president is acting dictatorial,” even though it will be action they have demanded. But all it takes is one such lawsuit, and the issue is just refueled again. So let’s keep a sharp eye and see what happens here.


RUSH: Now, I want to go back to the idea of Trump signing something. Because if he does — if he signs an executive order — in addition to the media saying, “We made you cave! We made you cave, you son of a… (sputtering) You — You — You — We hate you! We hate you! We won! We won! You caved! You caved! You know you were wrong! You know you were wrong! We made you! We made you back up from hating…” However they deal with it. If he does this via executive order, let me explain to you why he’s gonna be sued.

The circumstances at the southern border… All of this has been set up by the media so that the Democrats can convert all of this into an issue, and the kids that they’re supposedly concerned about are nothing more than the throwaways. They happen to be the ball that’s being kicked around, hopefully advanced down the field. But the Democrats don’t really care about these kids, because they’re gonna try to block anything Trump does. If it’s not letter perfect and if it doesn’t grant them a 1,000% victory, they’re gonna block it because they don’t want this issue to end.

They think this issue is gonna take them back to the circumstances of the blue wave, just like they thought the hurricane is in Puerto Rico was gonna do that. Here’s the law, as mentioned previously this week. There is a case called Reno v. Flores. It’s a Supreme Court case. The government either had to release whole families of illegal immigrants in custody or the government had to separate parents from children. That is the governing law here from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. It all has to do with seeking asylum.

There are two things that happen when an illegal family hits the border. In the first sense, the illegal is processed. It takes two hours. They’re separated while that happens, then the family is reunited. If there’s asylum sought, the maximum length of time kids can be held is 20 days, but the asylum case takes much longer than that process. It is this law, Reno v. Flores, that keeps families separated, as affirmed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California. So if Trump writes an executive order that basically overrides the federal law that’s in practice here, somebody’s gonna come along and sue him.

Somebody’s gonna see him for breaching authority, for overreaching authority, for dictatorial efforts to be an executive out of control, whatever it is, because Trump remains the target. Trump is the target. The kids are not the objective here. Saving the kids, reuniting families is not what this is about. Getting Donald Trump is. So, mark my words: However he does this (if he does), by signing an executive order, somebody’s gonna come along — and probably a leftist — and sue him. And guess what?

Before the lawsuit’s filed a judge and a court will have been chosen where the judge is friendly, where the lawsuit will not be thrown out as frivolous. It will be allowed to continue, just like happened with Trump’s travel bans, which are entirely constitutional, but a couple of federal judges put the kibosh on it. It had to proceed up the appellate process, which took a year for the travel bans to go into effect. They won’t care if they succeed in the lawsuit.

Just the fact that Trump has been sued for exceeding executive authority (or whatever they claim Trump has done here in a criminal or some other kind of violative way) will present another issue, and that is: “Trump dictator! Trump Hitler! Trump pressured, feeling the pressure, knew he was doing wrong by separating families, sought to violate the Constitution in order to fix it.” The only legal fix for this is the United States Congress. It is their law that is in place and that is being observed. They are the only ones who can legally fix this.

I don’t know how easy it would be or how complicated it’s gonna be. Could Congress pass an emergency piece of legislation that says simply, “Family will not be separated at the border”? Well, they can pass anything they want. If Trump signs it, then what happens after that? “Families cannot be separated at the border.” Well, then what do you do? And then somebody’s gonna you sue on that. This is why they’re not gonna let go of this issue no matter what Trump does.

In the process, the illustration will be plain as day that it’s not about the kids, and it’s not about their families, and it’s not about separation. What it’s really about is allowing anybody into the country who wants to come in, let ’em in. That is the Democrat Party policy, and not exclusively the Democrats. There’s some Republicans on that side too. That’s what’s at stake here. In the process, that’s what they think they can do to separate Trump from his voters. They believe that Trump’s voters are glued to him because of immigration.

If they can force Trump to do something that angers his base on immigration, that makes it easier to come into the country and stay illegally — if they could force Trump to sign something that they can report, “Trump has caved on immigration,” that’s all they would have to report. They can’t wait for that to happen. That’s what they think will happen. That’s how they think they will separate Trump from his voters.


RUSH: By the way, a little history for you. This Ninth Circuit decision, the Flores ruling that governs the separation of families and how long kids can be detained (maximum 20 days). That decision was forced by… It was a lawsuit from a liberal amnesty group, a bunch of activists, and they are now the ones who are forcing the separation of children! All of this happened with liberal activists demanding this kind of thing. It was all part of a giant scheme to create sympathy and angst so that we could just stop all of this at the border.

“Just let these people in,” which remains the objective of all of this. “Just stop the processing and stop the examinations! Just let ’em in.” That’s the Democrat Party policy. Now, the same leftist amnesty activists who brought us the Flores ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, they’re not gonna let Trump detain whole families for longer than 20 days. so now the decision is, “Well, let’s send some additional judges down there, some administrative judges to process these cases faster.” There are any number of things suggestions here.

Making Trump cave on immigration separating… This not about separating illegal alien children from their parents. This is about separating Trump supporters from Trump. It’s what this objective is all about. Look, folks! The omnibus spending bill, all of that money, and Trump did not get his wall. The No. 1 promise he made. Whether symbolic or not, there still isn’t a wall. All of this still going on. The left thinks they’re very close to forcing some Trump voters to rethink their support.

They’re gonna remind those voters, “Hey, Trump promised you the wall. Look at that omnibus spending bill, and not a dime went for the wall ’cause Trump didn’t fight for it!” That is what they’re gonna say, and there’s not any money for a wall now while all this is going on, and now Trump is forcing families apart. So, it’s very clear to see what this is.


RUSH: Say, does anybody know, anybody remember why this law was written as it is in the first place, where families and kids are separated? Does anybody know why that was written? Do you want to know? Would it matter to you to know why? It was written to discourage this kind of illegal immigration! And it didn’t work. Parents sent their kids up unaccompanied anyway.


RUSH: No. The left makes me feel conflicted all the time. I don’t know what I’m supposed to believe now, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to think in order to be considered a good guy. Well, you would all agree I’m a good guy. In fact, I’m one of the goodest guys of the good guys. I’m the Mac Daddy of good guys. So it was not a cabinet meeting that Trump had. It was in the Cabinet Room. There were a bunch of senators up there, and the discussion of what to do at the border and so forth, separating kids from their families.

I watched media reaction after the meeting portion being televised concluded, and there was Dana Bash. I think that’s an appropriate last name for what CNN’s doing these days, by the way: Dana Bash. She’s commenting on the optics of the meeting! She said there’s only one woman in the meeting. She said, “That’s just a blown optic opportunity. That is so insensitive, to be having a discussion on families and to only have one woman in the meeting?” So I’m thinking, “Well, wait a minute, now.”

Isn’t feminism all about making women able to escape these stereotypes, such as that women’s place is in the home raising and nurturing the kids while dad’s out there slaying dragons and bringing home the bacon so that the family can eat every day? We’re supposed to blow those stereotypes to smithereens. But yet when there’s not “enough” women in a picture where families are being discussed… Militant feminism is encouraging women to abandon all of these traditional cultural arrangements, like traditional family, nuclear family, having kids and so forth.

You’re not supposed to be constrained by all that. So which is it? Well, obviously the answer is, she was offended that it’s a bunch of aging white guys in there discussing families as though they are the least qualified, see? And if you add to it, we’re talking Hispanic families, and a bunch of aging white guys talking about Hispanic families? Why, no wonder we’ve got a problem, reports Dana Bash — and so you can’t win. There were people in that room seriously trying to address the issue. And what happens?

They are ripped and criticized because of identity characteristics, and what they were saying wasn’t even commented on. So I’m just warning you — and you know this without me telling you — no matter what “solution,” quote, unquote, is arrived at here and is applied, it isn’t gonna be the end of this. It’s only gonna be the next phase of how the left seeks to keep this alive with ever increasing energy and so forth. Let’s see here. I’m gonna give you some media examples here. This is from the Associated Press.

President Trump, GOP Leaders Strain for Migrant-Kids Solution.” Strain? They’re trying to come up with a way to go around the law because the people that make the laws don’t want to touch this. Members of Congress who had anything to do with writing this law don’t want to be attached to it or associated so everybody’s dumping on Trump demanding that he change it with an executive order or some executive action. Right. And then if he does — quote, “if he does” (snort) — I guarantee you the ACLU and a bunch of other leftist activists are with gonna file a lawsuit accusing him of exceeding his executive authority.

But the hysterical media continues to say this is the result of “Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.” There isn’t zero tolerance, and there isn’t a policy. There is the law! See how little it matters, really? When the left wants something, the law may not even exist, if it’s in conflict. All of this is happening because of an amnesty loophole and the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that kids cannot be detained for more than 20 days.

But all of this is happening because people are seeking to enter the countries illegally rather than legally. If you want asylum, go to a port of entry! The border, the Rio Grande river, Tijuana, these are not ports of entry. So the people who really harbor the ultimate guilt here are being given a total pass, as they always are. They’re being exempted from any responsibility for this. It really is absurd when you get down to facts. Folks, it’s frustrating as all get-out to me.

I don’t mind admitting this to you. It’s frustrating that this kind of smear campaign, lying campaign can, A, be created; B, generated, amplified, built upon, and end up being so successful when none of it’s based on anything that’s true, when it’s all just ramped-up emotion that’s not attached to anything true or factual at all.


RUSH: Let me ask you if you guys remember a point that I made not that long ago, but I’ve made it on several occasions. So a poll will be released, and it will say that the Democrats’ lead in the generic ballot by eight points. “Looks like there’s gonna be a blue wave! Democrats are gonna retake the House!” After every such poll, I remark on how meaningless it is. Who remembers a presidential poll or any other poll taken nine months before an election or even three months before an election?
And what did I say?

I said as recently as last week that the events that are gonna determine the November elections haven’t even happened yet. Ha! Well, this is exactly what I meant. Who could have predicted this? I mean, we could have predicted that the left is gonna keep nipping at the ankles of Trump, but the specifics? I mean, nobody could predict that. So this whole episode, once again, establishes my primacy at opining and prescience. The issues that will make the 2018 elections haven’t even happened yet. Two weeks ago, this was not an issue.

Six years ago, even though it was happening, this was not an issue. The real question is two weeks from now, what will be the issue? Because there will be one. There will be the latest hysteria. I just have two more stories on this, then I want to go back to other items in there that are in the news and then we’ll be returning to your calls. TheHill.com has a story: Chuck “Schumer Rejects [Republican] Proposal to Address Border Crisis,” and I only wanted to use this to back up a point that I’ve been making all day that the Democrats really don’t want this solved.

They don’t want the law changed. They like the law as it is not being enforced. But they don’t want to change the law. The Democrats do not want the issue solved. They do not want a resolution. “Schumer Rejects GOP Proposal to Address Border Crisis — Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) on Tuesday dismissed a legislative proposal backed by Republican leaders to keep immigrant families together at the border, arguing that President Trump could fix the problem more easily with a flick of his pen.'”

The next story from The Federalist: “Democrats’ Border Separation Bill Would Let Nearly All Parents Who Commit Federal Crimes Get off Scot-Free.” That’s what they want to be the solution of this problem. They want these kids and whoever the adults are they’re with, family or whatever, just to be let into the country. That is, in their book, the solution to the problem the answer to separating families is to not charge anybody with a crime.

Even though they’re committing a federal crime, they’re violating federal law, ignore it! And when they come in the country illegally and we catch ’em? Just release them and welcome them home and say, “Here is your food stamp card as an arrival president.” That’s what they want. So you can add this to the mountain of complaints about America the left has that they never want solved. They don’t want racism solved.

They don’t want the race issues solved. They don’t want climate change dealt with, really. They… Well, if they could get that dealt with and expand the government at the same time, they’d take that, but they like having the argument. Same thing with anything to do with civil rights. They don’t want a solution to it. They want the issue. They want to be able to continue to blame America or Republicans as their primary campaign technique.

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