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RUSH: As we speak, even as we speak, the Drudge Report lead item: “Obama Kept Them in Cages, Wrapped Them in Foil.” That is a link to a story in The Daily Caller, which is the website started by Tucker Carlson, affectionately known here as Chatsworth Osborne Jr.

Now, you should link to this Daily Caller story because there is picture after picture after picture of children in cages, in bathrooms on cots. Some of the kids in cages are given tinfoil as blankets. All of these pictures come from the Obama years.

This was widely known to be happening. But of course with Obama, never was it reported. The media has enabled Obama to say (impression), “My administration was scandal free. I didn’t have one scandal.” There were countless scandals.

The media never reported them — and, in fact, covered them up. This is just outrageous.

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