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RUSH: This week, President Trump told business leaders we don’t want people randomly pouring into America. We want them to come here legally, under a merit-based system. Trump explained that people who apply for asylum at legal points of entry are not prosecuted. The media fails to report that.

The business audience cheered loudly when the President said the media knows exactly what they’re doing: they’re helping smugglers and human traffickers. And it should be stopped.

But that’s not all the fake media is doing, my friends. Their BS manipulative coverage of children separated from parents at the border has inflamed insane liberal kooks.

For instance. A Democrat activist in Martin County, Florida has been arrested for threatening to kill Republican Congressman Brian Mast’s children.

Peter Fonda, the underachieving son of Henry Fonda, took to Twitter to call for President Trump’s son Barron to be kidnapped and caged with pedophiles. Fonda Junior also called for the publication of ICE agents’ names, so activists can mob their homes.

The Drive-By-Media, I think, is dangerously fanning the flames of the unhinged. Somebody is going to be seriously hurt before this is over. They will stop at NOTHING to get the outcome they want. Which is Donald Trump gone.

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