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RUSH: Donald Trump is separating American families in yet another way. CNBC’s reporting: “Millennials Moving out of Mom and Dad’s Place — The number of 18- to 34-year-olds living with parents last year edged down from 2016, according to new data from … a commercial real estate information company in New York. Last year, 31.5% of that age cohort were living with Mom and Dad…” That is embarrassing: 31.5%. But that number is down from 32%.

Actually, the current number is 28%. So Millennial kids living at home are leaving their families — they are leaving Mom and Dad’s house — and they are seeking a place in the world on their own. The reason for this: Heightened economic activity, heightened economic anticipation and optimism, with a real potential to do well. People are excited about the expanding economy, want to get in on it, and are leaving Mom and Dad’s houses. In effect, Donald Trump and his economic policies are leading to the separation of even more American families.

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