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Jun 21, 2018


“The reason this executive order was very, very smart, is it not only proved that this zero-tolerance policy was not separating children, it also proves to the world that the news media and the Democrats really don’t want families to be kept together.”

“The left has been forced — and I don’t think they saw this coming — to admit that keeping families together is not the objective. The real objective is to have nobody prosecuted.”

“Most people’s historical perspective begins with the year of their birth, when they’re alive. That’s what matters: What’s happening when they are alive. Well, a whole lot of stuff happened before you were born and it also matters.”

“How did America, in less than 300 years, become this gigantic superpower, economic powerhouse where nations in the same hemisphere — who have been here thousands of years — haven’t gotten much beyond the dirt? How did it happen?”

“The media always made it look like Obama had nothing to do with his own policies, that he was constantly outside and fighting these invisible, powerful forces trying to undermine the first African-American president. It was called the Limbaugh Theorem to explain this anomaly.”

NewsBusters: CNN Host Presses Liberal Senator: Did You Protest Family Separations Under Obama?
Daily Caller: Here Are The Photos Of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities The Media Won’t Show You
Daily Wire: Report: Minor Illegal Immigrant Detainees Brutally Abused, Beaten…Starting Under Obama
National Review: The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation
USAToday: Trump Signs Executive Order on Immigration, But Says ‘Zero Tolerance’ Will Continue
FOXNews: ‘Was That a Man Or a Woman?’: Trump Mocks Man-Bunned Protester in Minnesota
Power Line: The Immigration Fracas: Paging Daniel Boorstin! – Steven F. Hayward
New York Times: A Moral Outrage We Must Not Tolerate – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Breitbart: Melania Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Detained Children and Law Enforcement at the Border
Reuters: Trump Backs Down on Separating Immigrant Children, Legal Problems Remain
The Hill: Trump Backs Down in Rare Reversal
New York Times: Trump Retreats on Separating Families, but Thousands May Remain Apart
Daily Caller: Media Unsatisfied By Trump Executive Order On Family Separations
New York Post: These Harvard Kids Got the Lesson of Their Lives in the Heartland – Salena Zito
Daily Caller: Restaurant Manager Where Secretary Nielsen Was Mobbed ‘Happy About What Happened’
Daily Caller: Socialist Activist Who Harassed Homeland Security Secretary Works For The Department Of Justice
Twitchy: GQ Writer Says Kevin McHale Should Never Work in the NBA Again After Attending Trump Rally
CNN Poll: Support for Democrats ticks up

ABC: Peter Fonda Apologizes for ‘Highly Inappropriate and Vulgar’ Tweet About Barron Trump
Daily Wire: DOJ Inspector General Confirms He’s Investigating Whether Peter Strzok’s Bias Influenced Trump-Russia Probe
The Hill: Family Separation Policy May Haunt GOP in November
CNN Poll: Support for Democrats Ticks Up, and They Retain Enthusiasm Advantage


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