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RUSH: I want to go to the sound… Oh! Oh! One more interesting poll here to throw on top of the Stack of Stuff here that’s driving the left crazy. This is a CBS poll: “Only 21% of Voters Favor Releasing Illegal Immigrants into the Country; Nearly 75% Support Incarceration and Deportation.” After all of this the past two weeks, it’s only 21%. That’s two out of 10, one out of five favor releasing illegal immigrants into the country. Seventy-five percent support incarceration, deportation. There is your American majority.

That 75% is much more than just “white” men and women and children. After all of this, and you… When the left, when the media people, when anybody sees this — you know, after all this — only 21% favor catch-and-release? ‘Cause that’s really what they’re for is catch-and-release. And when Trump’s executive order didn’t do that, they said, “That executive order is worthless.” That’s another CBS generic poll. The Democrats have lost a point advantage on the generic ballot, after all of this. So it isn’t working.

Maybe we can find out why if we listen to a little bit of it. Let’s grab sound bite No. 4 here. This is the montage, Democrats and the Drive-By Media comparing the United States to Nazi Germany…

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: (rotunda noise) This is the United States of America. It isn’t Nazi Germany.

MIRA SORVINO: (outdoor noise) I feel that we are in pre-Nazi Germany.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That’s what Hitler said about Jews: “Infesting.”

PRAMILA JAYAPAL: It is also what happened in Nazi Germany.

MICHAEL HAYDEN: I know we’re not Nazi Germany, all right? But there is a commonality there.

JAMES MARTIN: The Jews were vermin in Nazi Germany.

DONNY DEUTSCH: If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis.

ELIJAH CUMMINGS: How did Hitler get all the power that he got? Did people just stand by and say nothing and do nothing?

RUSH: Now, the comparison here is flawed from the get-go. Hitler was not… (chuckles) Jewish residents of Germany were his target. They were already residents. But, you know, it’s always been said, if you have nothing left but than to call your opponent a Nazi or Hitler, then you’re admitting that you’ve lost the argument. And again I would simply say, “how in the world can any of these people…?”

That was Dianne Feinstein, Joe Scarborough, Michael Hayden (the former director of the CIA), Donny Deutsch (a so-called advertising executive at MSNBC), and Elijah Cummings of the Congressional Black Caucasians, comparing the United States trying to control its border to Nazi Germany? There is no comparison whatsoever. In fact, if you want to talk about brownshirts, the brownshirts are the American left today, demanding you pay fealty to them or they will set out to destroy you.

They’re brownshirts tattling on when Sarah Sanders shows up at a restaurant with her family. Brownshirts are the mob mentality, demanding that Republicans and Trump supporters leave this area or that area, the constant threat. The Nazi analogy, if we’re gonna employ it, fits far better on the American left today than anywhere in the Trump camp. Here is George Takei. George Takei is a TV star, was in the original Star Wars, and… (interruption) I’m sorry. Star Trek. That’s right. I get those Star things confused.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Starfighter, Tin Star, whatever. Anyway, this guy has become effective spokesman of the left because of his high morality on the fact that he’s gay. He came out as gay, it gave him instant credibility, and so he doesn’t shut up anymore. And he… He’s just… He just… Well, listen. This was on Reliable Sources on Sunday morning. Little Brian Stelter had him on. The question: “Do you feel like history is repeating itself now?”

TAKEI: It is repeating itself, but it has gone to a new loooow with Donald Trump. When we were incarcerated, our families were intact. My parents were with me. But in this case, it’s come to a chilling loooow where babies are torn away from their mothers and placed in separate interment camps.

RUSH: (Takei impression)

TAKEI: And now that, uh, Donald Trump has rescindedhis, uh, zero-tolerance policy, uhhh, the children are being scattered throughout the country, making it even more complicated to reunite the families. So this is a new loooow in American history.

RUSH: (impression) “Thank you, George Takei, from Star Trek. Yes. It’s a new l—ow, the Trump administration. Because he’s comparing this, of course, to Japanese inteeeernment, which was really bad, but this is a new loooow in American history, says George Takeeeei. My parents were with me at least when FDR, famous Democrat, put all of us Japanese people the interment camps. At least he was compassionate because a Democrat, and he kept us together as families. But Trump is a new loooow because he’s separating families with this zero-tolerance policy.”

I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers… (shuffling paper) Remember the guy Jeh Johnson, J-e-h? Jeh Johnson was Obama’s Homeland Security guy. He was on the… I think he was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace yesterday and Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted that the Obama administration detained children and families. He said, quote, “We believed it was necessary.” In fact, let me scour my audio sound bite roster very quickly here. (mumbling) I’m just preventing dead air here by mumbling.

(mumbling) Nope, not there. Not, I don’t need it. I just was checking to see if we had it in his own words. This came out of nowhere. I wonder what this guy’s doing today. Jeh Johnson just blew the whole thing sky-high. “Yeah, we did it! We did it! We believed that it was it was necessary.”


RUSH: You know, God bless George Takei, but he’s like so many people on the left: He just doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and neither do they. It wasn’t Donald Trump who is scattering these children all over the country. It was Obama that did that! It was Barack Hussein O who did that! When these kids would arrive without their parents, they’d process ’em really quickly and then put ’em on buses and deposit them in nearby towns — ar, more likely, they would send these kids all over the country to be essentially foster parented by Democrat donors!

It wasn’t Trump! Trump is not doing that at all. Trump is trying to maintain everybody together in detention centers — now held together as families — before deciding what to do with ’em. Trump did not dispersing them. And he was out there saying (Takei impression), “Donald Trump is worse than Hitler. Donald Trump is separating our families. At least FDR, a good Democrat, kept our families together in the interment camps, and Trump is spreading them all over.” No! It was Obama that did that.

And here’s something else that people do not know about Hitler, especially these locoweeds. Adolf Hitler actually dispersed German citizens all over Europe in advance of annexing those countries. He sent German citizens to live in neighboring countries to establish a German population there so as to legitimize the eventual, hoped-for annexation of those countries. Hitler was (chuckling) expanding Germans all over the place as he was attempting to spread his empire!

That’s not what we’re doing. We’re trying to pretend that we have a border, and we’re trying to pretend that we’re enforcing it. This comparison to Hitler is just… It is intellectually vacant. And I’m telling you, when they resort to it, it means they have nothing else. It’s just shocking. Actually, it’s not shocking. It’s par for the course. But it’s just… I can’t believe that they have actually become this vacant. Not impotent, don’t misunderstand. They have no legitimate means of winning any argument. That, they know, and so they don’t even try. This is about brute-force mob rule, forcing groupthink and any number of things. Political correctness, you name it.

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