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RUSH: To buttress my claim that what’s driving the left crazy is they’re losing — and I don’t think there can be any doubt about that, folks, they’re losing. They lost the election. Trump is triumphing. They have dished out more on Donald Trump than they have other presidents combined. And, I mean, including on Ronaldus Magnus and Nixon.

I mean, it has been nonstop from every mainstream media news source since Trump announced his candidacy. And it intensified when he won the nomination, and then it became insane when he won the election. And it has been nonstop, it has been intense, it’s been raw, undiluted hatred, nonstop. That has been the sole description of the coverage of Donald Trump and his presidency. And it was designed to kill him, politically. It was designed to destroy Trump, paralyze him, force him out of office, drive his approval numbers down to 20, 30%. Trump’s approval number is at 48%.

He has done things that previous presidents tried and failed to do. He’s done things that previous presidents never tried to do. Historically low unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics. I mean, you know the drill on this stuff. They are losing! And they have been unable, using all of the power they think they have to get rid of the guy. But what really gnaws at them is they have been unable to separate Trump from his base supporters. And when they learn that more people are drifting toward Trump, they become even loonier, because it’s abject failure staring them in the face.

No matter who they dispatch to the front lines to carry this battle, they end up with gunk all over their face. I don’t care if it’s Peter Fonda, if it’s Bill Maher, if it’s F. Chuck Todd, if it’s David Gergen, if it’s anybody in the Drive-By Media, if it’s Barack and Michelle Obama, they’re all bombing out big time. And you combine that with the enmity they already have for people outside elite capitals on the coasts. They open the game with that. They despise people — that may be too strong a word, but there is serious contempt for people in the so-called area of the country called flyover.

I mean, everything about them is compressed negativism combined with an undeserved superiority and hubris. The New York Times headline: “Numb to Outrage, Republican Voters Feel a Deepening Bond to Trump — Gina Anders knows the feeling well by now. President Trump says or does something that triggers a spasm of outrage. She doesn’t necessarily agree with how he handled the situation. She gets why people are upset.

“But Ms. Anders, 46, a Republican from suburban Loudoun County, Va., with a law degree, a business career, and not a stitch of ‘Make America Great Again’ gear in her wardrobe, is moved to defend him anyway. ‘All nuance and all complexity — and these are complex issues — are completely lost,’ she said, describing ‘overblown’ reactions from the president’s critics.”

They are driving people to Trump, is what they’re figuring out here. They’re learning that they are driving people to Trump. You don’t think that’s causing them to go nuts? The guy who wrote this New York Times story is a guy named Jeremy Peters, astonished that Trump’s support in the Republican Party has grown, doesn’t understand the protective reaction to the unhinged attacks on Trump.

In other words, this guy doesn’t understand Trump supporters rallying to Trump. This guy doesn’t understand why his attacks on Trump are not causing people to abandon Trump. So, in addition to everything else, their own self-perceived dominant influence doesn’t exist. I mean, everywhere they look, they see abject failure.

Look at the stacked deck. They literally tried to rig two elections, the Hillary Clinton primary against Crazy Bernie and the presidential election. They had the intelligence service of the United States and the United Kingdom and who knows who else trying to rig the election. By the way, speaking of that, Devin Nunes — this is another thing. None of these people are being driven off the warpath.

Devin Nunes is not being distracted or sidetracked. He has given the DOJ ’til 5 o’clock this afternoon to turn over documents. What he wants to know is, when did the FBI first deploy informants against Trump campaign personnel. Those documents exist. He wants to know when it began. He’s being stonewalled. And again I have to add here that the one guy who could force all of this to be released is not doing it, and

that’s D. J. Trump himself. If Trump wanted all this stuff released, he could order it done this minute. But he doesn’t. We’ve discussed why. Don’t need to go back through that again. But it remains true nevertheless.

Let’s look at some other news stories. Just a couple of headlines in the Drudge Report: “Poll: Majority Say Build the Wall.” Another headline: “Most Approve of Trump’s Handling of the Economy.” Ha. This is not the way it’s supposed to be going. Most people are supposed to have realized Trump was a mistake, that they shouldn’t have voted for him and that the next election is for people to get it right, to vote Republicans out of office and put Democrats back where they belong.

Has anybody stopped to ask — I know some of you have — what is it about open borders and the left? What is the objective here? Is it really just liberal compassion that makes them unable to shut down the border to illegally arrived people? What is it? No. It has nothing to do with compassion. It is all about transforming this country away from how it was founded. And it’s all about utilizing an invasion of people from poor, ill-educated countries to do it.

Trump is right to call this an invasion. It’s exactly what it is. We’re not talking immigration here. There’s no legal immigration. This is not the immigration program or system that we have in this country. This is an invasion.

And you’ll notice something else. Whenever any of us voice any opposition to this on any grounds — let’s say we oppose it on legal grounds — we have a law. We have a law defining illegal immigrants, immigration, and we have a law determining how those people are to be dealt with and punished. The only thing new that is happening in this country that hasn’t happened in the last 20 years is the law’s being enforced. That’s it. There aren’t any new ones.

Even the laws that resulted in illegal immigrants and asylum seekers being separated as families, that’s not new, as you now know. The only thing new is the law is being enforced. This is why I equate the modern day left and the Democrat Party to the old South of the antebellum days. They’re flouting the law. They are refusing the authority and rejecting the authority of federal law and the federal government, just like the old South, which wanted to hold on to its slave plantations, it’s the same today.

Sanctuary cities. Whenever you, whenever anyone voices support for enforcing the law, guess what you become? You become a white supremacist. You become a racist. And you become somebody who is afraid of all the brown people showing up. Oh, yeah, what this really is, they say of you, is that you are a bigot and a racist and you know you’re losing your white majority for the first time in history, and you don’t want to lose it, you don’t want to become a minority to a bunch of brown people because you are white privileged supremacists. And that’s their argument. And they think that’s a compelling, win-a-bunch-of-new-converts argument? That isn’t even what this is about and it never has been. But yet that’s the allegation.

Some other news stories, ladies and gentlemen, here. Pew Research poll, TIME’s primary information source reveals both Republican and Democrats are more engaged in following the news now than during the lead-up to previous midterms. It’s not a matter of being numb to outrage. Instead, “Trump supporters have noted the far greater outrages of his Democrat leftist opponents along with a mountain of fake and twisted news generated on their behalf.”

This is amazing. This poll indicates that Trump supporters are far more sophisticated than the left wants to believe or wants to admit and acknowledges that Trump supporters have noted the lunatic behavior of Democrat opponents and leftist opponents, with all this fake, twisted news generated against Trump, and it’s just driving them more and more into Trump’s arms.

“Majority of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the economy for the first time.” This is CNBC. “For the first time since President Donald Trump took office, the CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows more than half the public approving his handling of the economy, and it appears to be having some impact on his overall job approval rating. The president’s economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51 percent with just 36 percent of the public disapproving.”

Remember how they ginned up negative sentiment on the tax cuts? Remember how they lied about that? The tax cuts were for the rich. The tax cuts were gonna cause you and force to you pay more. The tax cuts were an illusion and a trick, a typical Republican trick to just give tax cuts to their rich buddies. Remember the first polls showed that 25% of the American people supported the tax cuts and close to 65% opposed. We were scratching our heads, what’s going on? We watched the media; we learned why.

People were being lied to about it. Now all of a sudden the tax cuts have been in place since January, about a half a year, and people are living the results and, as such, Trump’s approval numbers on the economy, no doubt related to the tax cuts, are ramping up. This was not part of the plan.

While nobody was looking, breaking news from June 22nd: “OPEC countries give in to President Trump’s demands and agree to increase oil production by almost a million barrels a day.” That was a tweet from the Associated Press three days ago. OPEC countries gave in to Trump’s demands, agreed. No other president was ever able to make them do this.

Obama flailed away, was never able to do it. Obama didn’t want them to. Obama wanted expensive gas. He wanted expensive oil. Obama wanted a new tax on all of this called a carbon tax. Obama didn’t care about energy costs. Obama cared only about this so-called renewable energy because that’s where all of his supporters had put their money, and their money had gone to him as well. He wasn’t into anything that might help consumers in this regard, despite what he said. Trump takes on OPEC, forces them to do what he wants. Barely a ripple of news.

Fifty-eight percent say in the latest Gallup that Donald Trump is intelligent. Now, you may laugh at that, but this poll, when they learn about this, this is gonna drive them the craziest. Because they believe Trump is an absolute ignoramus. They believe Trump is stupid, uneducated, dumb, vulgar, vile. They think they’re all smarter than Donald Trump. And not a one of these people is even 10% as achieved or as accomplished.

Somebody said last week Donald Trump may be the most experienced and the most successful-in-life person outside of Washington and Madison to ever be president of the United States. It’s laughable that all of Trump’s critics, starting with the Obama types all the way down, couldn’t wear his jockstrap doing anything that he’s done. They couldn’t do anything that he’s done. They’ve never tried. Most of them are totally unfamiliar with the level of work and commitment and expertise Trump brings to his primary life occupation. And he brings that to the White House.

You know, the minute you sit there and believe you are smarter than everybody else is the beginning of your downfall. But the media, the Democrats, the Hollywood people, they’ve all told me that Trump was stupid. So how can this be? What’s going on? Why aren’t Americans listening to their betters? They told me Trump was stupid, but he fixed Obama’s economy. They told me Trump was insane, but he just skillfully pressured OPEC to lower their price for oil. They told me Trump was corrupt, yet it’s the Obama administration exposed as Watergate times 10 corrupt. They told me that Trump colluded with Russia, but that’s turned out to be just another Obama-Clinton lie.

They can’t find any evidence of it. They told me that Trump was a racist, except that his policies have created the lowest unemployment in African-American life and Hispanic life in history! They told me Trump was a fascist, but he’s the greatest deregulator in modern history. I guess liberals lie. I guess maybe they’re not our betters. Maybe they don’t control every narrative. Maybe they really are what they accuse Trump of being. And with that, I will bring to a screeching halt my take on things.

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