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RUSH: Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Jane. You’re next. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just want to say it’s a singular honor to speak with you. I only wish my husband were alive because I’ve been trying to get you for years. He’d be very proud of me. I finally made it. My point is very simple, Rush. We’re talking today about immigration in our country, but we’re missing the point, because what’s going on in slow motion, in broad daylight, before all of us, without a shot being fired, we’re being invaded. The invasion of any country is a hostile entrance into that country’s territory and an incursion, a raid. And we see hordes of people from South America and Mexico coming to our country.

And Mexico, you know, I’m saying it’s an army-like invasion. And my theory goes something like this, Rush. Mexico has become the land bridge through which foreign entities — South America, whatever — are allowed to be ushered through their country to get to our borders. Now, if hostile entities showed up with guns slung on their backs, American troops would be there, we’d defend ourselves. But they’re much more clever and deceitful than that. Every army has the tip of the spear. My husband was a Marine, and he always told me that, the tip of the spear.

RUSH: Let me guess, the tip of the spear here is these unaccompanied kids.

CALLER: Absolutely, Rush! God bless you. You read my mind. This is exactly — it sounds horrible, and I thought you’d holler when I said it, but the tip of the spear is their children, because that’s the first landing force that you have. And they call it the tip of the spear. And the reason for that is this tip of the spear is an invasion because children are the foot in the door that you cannot turn away.

RUSH: Right. Jane, can you hang on? I’ve gotta make some obscene profits here for the next three minutes. Can you hang on? I want to ask you a couple questions here.

CALLER: Would be my honor. And I tell you, my husband would be thrilled, God bless you.

RUSH: Well, I go to Bridgeport a lot on my way to other places in Connecticut. It’s got a pretty decent FBO there, and so you have earned special consideration. Absolutely right. So hang on here through the break and we’ll be back to you before you know it.


RUSH: Okay. We’re back now with Jane in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I don’t disagree with you on the kids, the tip of the spear and all of that. I know this is being done on purpose because kids can’t be turned away; we’re a compassionate country. We see what’s happening now with just the supposed illegal separation of families… But all of these kids have parents back in El Salvador, Guatemala, you name it.

Are these parents in on this? Who do you think is making this happen? Who is convincing these parents to let their kids go unaccompanied — on a train, on a bus — with an 80% chance of some kind of crime happening to them? These are unaccompanied minors. Who’s telling these parents to let their kids go? Who’s making these parents do it?

CALLER: I don’t claim to know who, but I know it’s either the cartels that are telling them… You know, telling them, “Listen, we can get…” But it is… You know, a conspiracy takes two or more. There is a conspiracy to get them here. When I saw this, that Mexico was in collusion with them to usher these children right across their country —

RUSH: By the way, folks, she is exactly right about that, because when you’re seeking asylum, the first so-called free country you arrive in is where you should apply for asylum. That would be Mexico, in these people’s cases. But they’re not stopping.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: They’re heading all the way to the Rio Grande with the assistance of Mexico.

CALLER: So we know, just by virtue of that, that these hostile entities that are coming in, they’re telling them, “Listen, we’ll usher you through. We’ll get you to America,” and that is their sole purpose: To get these kids to our shores. You know, as I said before, Rush, I feel like it’s a walking nightmare and it’s in slow motion. We’re being invaded in slow motion in broad daylight. And I see it happening in —

RUSH: I agree. But, see, if that’s the case — and I agree with you. So does the president. The president tweeted today using that word. I think all reasonable people — if can dissociate yourself from this emotionally and look at this not as a bunch of poor, unaccompanied kids but rather what it is going to lead to — there’s only one conclusion: That this is an invasion. And then you have to say, “Okay. Who he is…” If you don’t want to identify who’s promoting ’em, somebody has to be getting to these parents to let their kids do this.

You know, we talk about families being separated. “Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are separating families.” To hell with that. Who are these parents putting 5-, 6-, 8-, 10-year-olds on a train, on a mule, on a bus, on a flatbed truck and sending ’em on a multi-hundred mile journey fraught with who knows what kind of bad actors? You want to talk about family separation! So are these families doing this simply because they’ve got to get to America for a better life?

“And if the kids get there, then I can someday get there because my kids are there…” Is that what this is? Whatever it is, why is the left in the United States openly supportive and encouraging and in fact engaging in mob violence to ensure that it continues? What is the purpose? Why is the left so in favor of this massive invasion of illegals? Now, they would tell you, “Because we have big hearts, and we see the suffering, and we see the poverty, and we see the hunger.

“And if these people can come to our country to make a better life, well, then, who are we to say they can’t?” That’s what they want you to think is their motivation. I. Don’t. Believe. It. The left is never what it seems it’s about, and it’s never what they say they are about. And all you have to do is go back and listen to several random speeches from Barack Hussein Obama and some of his eager beaver supporters, and take a look at the special interest groups that were behind all this.

Like La Raza and some of these radical leftist so-called immigration think tanks and organization. And it’s clear to see what is happening. And Donald Trump is identifying it precisely for what it is and is not backing down on it. And that is causing these people untold amounts of anger. Trump is supposed to have caved long ago, like Republicans usually do. Anyway, Jane, I appreciate the call very much. Thank you.


RUSH: Okay, let me ask you another question here to ponder. Ladies and gentlemen, is there a law or are there any laws that we could pass that would prevent all of these Central American — whatever you want to call them — migrants, refugees from flooding the border? Is there a law we could pass that would stop it? Think very carefully. Think very carefully before you answer. I’ll let you ponder that here, and then I’ll try to remember that I asked the question when we get back.


RUSH: It has been suggested to me, “Mr. Limbaugh, there may be a law that would work here.” It’s actually not a law. It’d be closing the loophole — and here is the loophole, just to restate it. If someone seeking asylum comes from a country not contiguous to the United States, we cannot send them back. That’s why all these people are not coming from Mexico seeking asylum. If they were seeking asylum from Mexico, we could send them back. But since they come from Central America, we can’t. That is a loophole.

So it has been suggested we close that loophole, then we could send all the asylum seekers back and not accept them under the theory that, “No, no. You should apply for asylum in Mexico. That is the first country you encounter when fleeing your war-torn state.” But do you think…? If we close the loophole today, do you think the left would say, “Oh, okay! Okay. Fine. Okay. Send ’em back.” (chuckles) It wouldn’t change a thing! It might give us the legal basis to act on that, but it wouldn’t change a thing.


RUSH: Okay. So I ask the question again. Is there a law, are there any laws that we could pass that would prevent this invasion from Central America from happening, would stop it? And the answer is — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — no. We already have laws that say people arriving as they do are illegal. It isn’t stopping them.

What is allowing them is years and years and years of non-enforcement. We haven’t been enforcing. The only thing that’s new in the last 15 years, the only thing that separates Donald Trump from Obama, from George W. Bush, from William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, George W. Bush, is that we’re now enforcing the law. That’s it. That one simple thing, we are enforcing the law, and the left is now behaving in a lawless fashion and encouraging this lawlessness. And why?

Why does the left want this invasion? Why do they want it to come? Why do they not want to stop it? In fact, why do they want to encourage it? Well, I’m sorry; these questions answer themselves. This invasion is a means of transforming this country. It is a means of totally reorienting the American culture. It is a way of putting so much financial pressure on the American safety net that it would collapse, that it would implode.

And the implosion of the United States government safety net, if that ever was so overwhelmed and overrun that it ceased to exist, then what would we have? We would have what a bunch of famous leftists have been advocating for years: Cloward-Piven, the entire implosion of the United States government as currently formed. It would happen as a result of millions and millions of starving, thirsty, what have you, people. And that is the objective for many people on the left.

There is a desire for a total transformation. There is pure hatred for this country. And it is rooted in the same hatred that leftists and socialists have for the successful. They hate them simply because they are. They hate them because they’re achieved. They hate them because they’re successful, for all the reasons that socialists hate anything. It’s unfair; it’s inequitable; it’s not sustainable. But it’s mostly not fair. And there’s no justice in all of these other things.

So why would people want to encourage this? You don’t have happy, content, well-adjusted people desiring to overthrow that which has created more wealth and a standard of living unlike anywhere ever in the world. There’s a microcosm of this. It’s happening right now, and that is the National Football League.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the National Football League. The National Football League is 75% African-American. The players in the National Football League — I know the average career because of injury and rigor, the average career in the National Football League overall is about 3.8% years. Of course there are exceptions on either side and the reasons for this are multifaceted. There’s injury. There’s burnout. There’s fringe talent. I mean, people that make it one year, may not make it next year if somebody better comes along at their position. There are any number of reasons for it.

However, 75% of the players are African-American. The average National Football League salary is so far above that found elsewhere in American society, it is fair to say the National Football League has created more African-American millionaires than maybe any other business. You might be able to throw some other sports in there; basketball, perhaps Major League Baseball, although African-Americans are not playing Major League Baseball nearly as much as they used to in years gone by.

But despite this, look at what’s happening. The actual players association, the union, headed by Maurice de Smith, Maurice de, whatever, friend of Obama. This guy is actually advocating that players make behavioral and career decisions to put their economic success at risk. Why?

You now have leftist sportswriters picking up a theme I predicted six months ago, that what the NFL really is is a modern-day plantation. That on the field, 75% of these players maiming themselves and suffering concussions and CTE, perhaps numerous brain injuries, other injuries, suicide, all that are African-American. And up there in the ownership skyboxes are the white, the rich plantation owners.

And they’re sitting up there every Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and Monday night, and they’re applauding as their slave employees get maimed and hurt and perhaps have their lives shortened. And when that happens to one of them, the white slave owning owners just go grab another player and put ’em in there. And this is how an industry that has made millionaires out of its employees is now being targeted.

Somebody tell me how this makes sense. Somebody tell me how it makes sense for the sportswriter community, sports media community, the players association people to actually encourage players to take action that will damage the very institution that has made them wealthier than anything else in life they could do.

Now, on what scale of common sense does that make any common sense? It doesn’t. Why on earth would anybody want to wreck the institution that has provided that kind of wealth and that kind of standard of living? Why would you even want to embark on a project to impugn it, to condemn it, not to make it better, but to wipe it out.

Well, you could ask the same question only not about the NFL but about America. Why in the world would anybody want to actively engage in action and policy that would destroy the single greatest wealth and standard-of-living producing engine in the history of man? And yet, it’s happening in front of our faces, right before our eyes.

Now, who stands to gain if anything like this actually ever happens? And what in the world is behind it and motivating it? Well, understanding the psychology of socialists is, to me, it’s doable, but it is a waste of time to try to explain it. The objective ought to be just to defeat these people every which way you can, politically, culturally, what have you. I don’t care.

If you get lost in a debate over the reasons for them doing it, it doesn’t make any sense to destroy this kind of wealth producing economic engine. They come along, “Well, it’s not fair, it’s not equally distributed.” Well, of course not. Nothing ever is. So while it makes no sense whatsoever to encourage the people who are being made wealthy — and it’s not just being made wealthy. They’re being made famous. Their privilege, their opportunity to play in the NFL, if they play it right, is setting them up for further opportunities down the road when their playing days are over.

What in the world is behind people who are in the game — and I include sportswriters in this — what is in it for them to destroy this? And yet there they are. And the sports media is right in there, and they’re now picking up this drumbeat that what’s going on here, what we’re actually looking at with the NFL is slavery, the modern incarnation of slavery, that we haven’t gotten rid of it. If you think we’ve gotten rid of slavery, you’re dead wrong. All you need to do is turn on the NFL on Sunday, and there it is.

Really? Somebody give me the comparison. Somebody give me the honest, legitimate comparison. There isn’t one. But yet there it is. And the sports media pick it up and then other people, malcontents already, they’re impacted by it and influenced by it. In the meantime, the people whose patronage of this institution are really the ones who have made it wealthy get fed up with all of this and they eventually leave it. They stop watching it, they stop attending, and they stop patronizing sponsors. It’s a cycle here that doesn’t make any common sense. And yet it’s happening.

And look at how the NFL chose to deal with it when it first started happening. Rather than stand up and use the authority that they have as owners of the institution and just stamp it down, they have tried to appease it and accommodate it, and it’s only gonna get worse. Likewise, we’re trying to appease and accommodate people on the left who are literally trying to destroy the greatest wealth producing engine and way of life the world has ever known. And there’s no appeasing them.

So you get back to, can we pass a law that will stop all these migrants? No. Can you enforce a law that might stop them? Maybe. But what’s really going on in the border is it’s not a legal problem, when you get down to brass tacks. It’s not something that’s gonna be solved by the law. The theory being espoused by the brilliant Andrew McCarthy of the Bronx, who is now writing for National Review, recently became a Fox News analyst, correctly points out that what’s going on on the border is a security issue.

And we had our call from Bridgeport earlier who theorized that it’s the drug cartels who are largely behind some of it. I believe they are significant part of it. They need to get their product in the country. What better way than to latch onto a bunch of migrants that the United States isn’t gonna stop. Make the kids a bunch of mules. The United States isn’t gonna stop ’em.

The point is, until we get serious about the security to our country posed by this invasion, we’re never gonna deal with it. If we deal with it with executive actions, executive orders, or new laws, we’re not getting anywhere near what the problem really is. It is a security issue. By security, I mean security of the United States and the states and the people on the border where all this is originally at first happening.

You try to start solving this with laws and the next thing you know you’re gonna end up in court with Stormy Daniels and her lawyer changing course and start adopting the cause of some of these kids! Stormy doing free performances for their parents, if they could be found after separation, whatever Avenatti can come up with.

Every law that they attempt to pass or enforce, somebody is gonna come along and sue the United States on it, tie it up in court for years while the migration or invasion continues. But if it’s a security issue, and if it’s dealt with as a security issue, well, then you have an entirely different framework within which you are dealing. And it certainly is a security issue. I mean, a couple callers have mentioned that Trump does too. It’s an invasion.

This is not the day-to-day illegal lineup of people trying to get in. This is a steady invasion that has been going on intensely here for probably four or five years, and some would argue longer than that.

Grab Jeff Sessions. Sound bite number 28. This afternoon in Reno, Nevada, National Association of School Resource Officers, the 28th annual National School Safety Conference, Jeff Sessions spoke about immigration and among other things, said this.

SESSIONS: We’re going to continue to prosecute those adults who enter here illegally. We are going to do everything in our power however to avoid separating families. All federal agencies are working hard to accomplish this goal.

RUSH: Now, this is why Sessions was actually named attorney general, and this is why Sessions signed on to the Trump campaign: illegal immigration and shut it down. And we’re gonna keep prosecuting illegals. But then when they seek asylum, see it’s a whole different thing that opens up different doors, avenues, cans of worms, what have you.

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