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RUSH: Wisconsin Democrat Congressman Mark Pocan is introducing a bill that would abolish ICE. That’s America’s immigration and Customs agency.

This clown says he wants to crack down on the agency’s “blanket directive” to target and round up individuals and families who are here illegally.

It’s not them! They’re simply enforcing the law. This is not complicated. Pocan called the actions of ICE agents “heartless.” He said that they don’t represent our values.

The hell they don’t! They’re enforcing the law, which is our values! Anyway, the guy’s not alone. He’s part of a “progressive Democrat movement” that includes Cynthia Nixon, the actress running for Governor of New York. She recently called ICE agents “terrorists.” California Senator Kamala Harris — who dreams of becoming the female Obama in the White House — says ICE may need to start from scratch.

Now, not one of these liberal Democrats will criticize the behavior of people breaking the law: Illegal immigrants, irresponsibly sending their kids alone all the way through Mexico to get here! Nope! They will not be criticized.  Not at all. People protecting our borders, intercepting illegal drugs? Yeah, that’s the problem! Those people. They’re causing the ruin in our society, right?

Well, go ahead leftists. Just keep talking the way you are. Don’t change a thing. In fact, recruit Maxine to this cause. November will be here quicker than you think.

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