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RUSH: Eighteen Democrat Attorneys General have filed suit in federal court on behalf of illegal immigrants separated from their kids at the border.

Enter, the Cuomo brothers. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario the Pious, went on his brother Fredo’s network, CNN. Andrew Cuomo told Chris Cuomo’s network that what President Trump is doing to families violates the Constitution, due process, equal protection, and the Administrative Procedure Act.

None of the Democrat Attorneys General or Democrat Governors or Democrat Cuomo brothers cared about the Constitution, equal protection, due process, or the Bureaucrat Procedure Act when the Obama Regime was separating illegal immigrant families at the border. They’re only concerned now because Trump is in the White House and these are potential Democrat voters.

Wouldn’t it be great to see Democrats this concerned about children and families who are citizens of the United States, though? When was the last time we saw that?

In blue states and blue cities, those American children and families get corruption, out-of-control crime, horrible schools, systemic welfare, massive taxes and rampant gunfire. Wall-to-wall whining that illegal immigrants are being mistreated when they’re caught breaking the law. What about Americans and their dreams and their protections? You don’t hear about that much from Democrats anymore.

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