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RUSH: Does it feel like winning? (interruption) Does what feel like…? Mr. Snerdley is asking, “These last few days, does it feel like winning?” Well, cautiously, yeah, it feels like winning. Of course it does! These are huge decisions! Are you telling me this doesn’t feel like winning to you? (interruption) Snerdley, I’ll tell you what’s nagging at you. Snerdley asks, “Does this feel like winning to you?” Yeah, there’s no question this is winning. The union case? There’s no question. The Kennedy retirement?

We won’t know if this is a win until we see who Trump nominates, until the guy gets confirmed. Some of the other things. But Snerdley says, “Something is gnawing at me.” I’ve had a lot of emails from people, even had a call yesterday from somebody’s worried, “What if Mueller comes in and says that Trump and Putin conspired and has evidence of it? Do you realize, Rush, it’s all over.” Is that something you’re worried about, Mr. Snerdley, that Mueller’s got something? (interruption)

He thinks it’s a little bit of that too. Well, I think if you are feeling restrained in your celebratory nature here, it’s simple. (interruption) All right, fine. Stay that way. I think all you’re reacting to is a lifetime of us taking it on the chin no matter what happens. You’re just so used to us losing, you’re so used to feeling really good about something and then the left pulls a sneak attack from out of nowhere that nullifies it all. It’s just you’re reacting to a bunch of conditioning.

But I think you need to temper that with the fact that this is not your average Republican president. This is all new. This kind of stuff has not happened before in our lifetimes. Closest to it is Ronaldus Magnus. Do you know that even Ronald Reagan at no point in his presidency had an approval rating as high as 90% of all Republicans? Donald Trump does. At no point during the Reagan presidency did 70% of the American people say they think the news is literally made up.

So I think feeling restrained and not wanting to let go and act like celebrating here is… A, it’s wise, because these are temporary steps along the way. But it’s also the result of a lifetime of doing that and then having to dial it back because something’s come along. A Republican is betrayed or any number of things. But, yeah, I’m feeling really, really good about all this. These Supreme Court decisions this week? I’ll tell you why I feel good about those. I think in each of these 5-4 decisions…

As I said yesterday, I think the court is reestablishing the primacy of the Constitution, not Donald Trump. All of these judges that have issued these executive orders trying to stop Trump’s lawful — or these stays of execution… Not execution. Well, yeah, could be that. But they’ve stayed Trump’s executive orders, and the court’s basically telling them, “You don’t have the power to do this. A single federal judge cannot stop a lawful executive order of the president.” So the court here is standing up for the Constitution.

That’s a positive thing whenever that happens.

But I don’t think you can take Trump out of the equation. So we’ll see what other people have to say about it on the phones. Is there something specific in this that’s making you feel less than celebratory about this or is it just an overall feeling of unease? (silence) You’re not answering. (interruption) Well, feeling uneasy about it. It’s just conditioning. I think it’s habitual. I think it’s what you’re used to. You know, it’s your intelligence guided by experience that is wisely causing you to restrain yourself until something actually is etched in stone.

Well, these court decisions are.

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