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RUSH: There is a poll out today. This is from the Harvard-Harris poll. This is Mark Penn. Overwhelming support for Trump’s immigration positions. Let’s see, 1,448 people in the poll. Thirty-seven percent Democrat. Thirty-two percent Republican. Twenty-nine percent independent. It’s of registered voters. Seventy percent support tougher immigration enforcement to include a border wall. That’s got 60% support. Sixty-four percent support deportation, repatriation of all illegal border crossers, including families with children, 61%.

Additionally, 69% of voters do not support the idea of disbanding ICE. That’s kind of low. Ninety-six percent. But look at these numbers again. Seventy percent support tougher immigration enforcement. Sixty percent support a wall. Sixty-four percent support deportation at the moment they’re caught. Deportation and repatriation of all illegal border crossers, including families with children, 61%.

This is mainstream, folks. Donald Trump’s immigration policy is mainstream. It is not extremist. It’s not radical. It’s exactly what normal people in America think. We’re in the midst of a titanic battle over what is normal in the United States. And those on the fringes are out there trying to establish and fight every day that they are what’s normal. And that’s what this battle is all about in whatever area or issue you’re talking about.

But Trump’s immigration policy, wanting a wall, deport the moment they’re caught, no catch-and-release, whatever, just enforce existing law, 70% of the American people support it. That’s normal. That is mainstream. In fact, that vast majority, 88%, opposed separating illegal immigrant families while they’re in the country and think it ought not be done. But Trump’s even in the mainstream on that because he has written an executive order in violation of federal law that keeps families united.

Trump also has another idea. And I think this idea is right on the money as well. Trump’s plan would prohibit people who enter illegally from getting asylum. Do you realize how much that would ameliorate this situation? People who enter the country illegally are disqualified from getting asylum? That would stop these endless trains.

That would stop these migrations. I mean, on a dime. Because asylum is how these families end up being separated in the first place. By design, asylum is how an illegal immigrant ends up being able to stay and then vanish into the fabric of the country, never showing up for a hearing, never to be heard from again. Trump is dead serious about this. It’s the reason he got elected, and he’s not gonna cave on it.

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