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RUSH: Now, I’ve gotta play this. Bill Kristol. This is an example of the conservative intellectual and the Never Trumper crowd that has just — I mean, there is no way in this list of Supreme Court nominees that Trump has, every one of these Never Trumpers would be in line and supporting and recommending and doing whatever they could to confirm. But because it’s Trump doing it, some of these Never Trumpers are out advising Democrats how to stop these nominees.

Last night on CNN Bill Kristol was there. The guest says, “Democrats call to abolish ICE might be a talking point for Republicans, but for Democrats we saw how many people did turn up at the rallies. Are the administration and Republicans missing the mark on this one?”

KRISTOL: Democrats, in my opinion, should keep the focus on those children, on the families. Our policy change the president ordered that was irresponsible and I think is, you know, wrong, and then also incompetently executed, and they still haven’t fixed the problem. That’s the thing Democrats should be talking about every day.

The problem is not fixed. A lot of the children have not been reunited. This is totally irresponsible and reckless governance by the president. The Democratic base is all ginned up. Trump base is ginned up. There are a lot of voters in between, though, who are winnable for the Democrats. A lot of moderate Republicans, a lot of independents who are not thrilled with Trump, would like him to be checked.

RUSH: Right. This is a guy who’s advising now Democrats how to stop Trump. Now, these so-called conservative Never Trumpers, they have worked 30 years to appoint a Supreme Court justice like Gorsuch and like Trump is gonna appoint next week, and they’re still trying to undermine Trump because he’s embarrassing. Next question, “In terms of those moderates that you’re saying are up for grabs, what more do Democrats need to do?” This is a Never Trump conservative advising Democrats on CNN what they have to do to win.

KRISTOL: Dianne Feinstein had a bill to reunite the parents of the children. Mitch McConnell — it hasn’t come to the floor, there hasn’t been a hearing for it. Every day they should be saying we need legislation now to fix what Trump has done to stop him from doing it again. This is a case about being a little boring and talking about legislation and talking about fixing the problem. Let the Democrats be the party of responsibly addressing this.

RUSH: Trump did an executive order that’s already unconstitutional on its face to make sure families were not separated. It was previous law inspired by liberal activists that created that separation. This is fascinating, I think, to watch all this. ‘Cause we’re finding out that people, these Never Trumpers, many of them, for all of these years, they never have believed any of it. Just posturing for public consumption.


RUSH: I think a lot of these Never Trumpers are furious, you know, because Trump never called them for advice. We even had a story where some of them are really ticked off they haven’t been invited into the administration. “Doesn’t Trump understand we had to say what we said. Nobody really meant it, we just had to say it during the campaign.” Mind-boggling what people expect.

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