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RUSH: So LeBron James has signed on with the Los Angeles Lakers, $155 million over four years. It’s about 37, 38 million dollars a year. He’s gonna be paying about 65% of that in taxes, depending how he structures it.

Did you see Dan Rather’s tweet on LeBron James? Here’s Dan Rather: “We know LeBron James has been outspoken about Trump so it makes sense to head to California, the heartland of the resistance. The fact that he’ll be trying to resist the dominance of the Warriors is an added plot twist.”

So Dan Rather thinks that LeBron James chose Los Angeles to be part of the Trump resistance. The 154, $155 million had nothing to do with it. Let me tell you something. If you want to move to California because you want to become part of the Trump resistance, guess what you’re gonna be part of? An echo chamber! Nobody’s gonna stand out there. The whole state is the resistance to Trump.

There’s no way LeBron James is gonna make a name for himself going out there. (imitating James) “I decided to bring my talents to LA where I can stop and oppose Donald Trump.” Well, get in line, LeBron. You got Oprah over here; you got half of Hollywood over there; you got the music industry.

LeBron already owns a home in Brentwood. He already owns two homes out there. The reason LeBron James went there is crystal clear. That’s where all of the media moguls and the entertainment moguls are, and that’s where he goes to become Michael Jordan next, in terms of animated movies, cartoons, TV shows, or what have you. But Dan Rather: No, no, no. LeBron James chose Los Angeles and California to be part of the Trump resistance.

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