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RUSH: Quinnipiac. “If Democrats retake the House this fall, they will have women to thank.” There is a Quinnipiac University poll out that shows that the gender gap between men and women is huge. It is as large as it’s ever been, and the primary demographic that is supposedly anti-Republican and anti-Trump is young women. Overall, men favor a Republican Congress. I think it’s an eight-point margin. Women want a Democrat Congress by a 25-point margin. You add 25 and eight and that’s 33. That’s a huge swing.

You throw the Supreme Court nomination battle into the mix — and believe me, politicians look at polls like this. I, frankly, don’t live and die by them, as you know, but people in Washington and in politics do. I think these polls are… Even the ones that might be indicative are actually not all that relevant, particularly this far out from an election. But since Washington lives and dies by them and reports them, we have to pass them on. So I don’t know what the sample is yet. I haven’t gone into the breakdown, what the percentage of the survey sample here was Democrat versus Republican.

But regardless, in the Quinnipiac poll it’s a massive, massive gender gap. And most of it is young women. Of course, the Drive-Bys reporting this say, “Well, that’s because of Trump. Young women, they just despise Trump! Young women hate Trump. All women should hate Trump.” Well, this takes me to the first thing I was gonna mention, the U.K. Daily Mail. “Women Are Hard-Wired to Find Well-Meaning, Sexist Men More Attractive Because They Think They’ll Be Protected and Provided for, Finds Study.

“Scientists from the University of Kent and Iowa State University carried out five tests to explore the theory that women are more attracted to what they call ‘benevolent sexists.'” Now, this flies in the face of everything that we’re told. This hearkens back decades to what used to be thought of as the traditional male-female boundaries, relationship roles and so forth. The male as protector and provider, and you’ve got a recent survey which says that women are “hard-wired” — meaning it’s genetic; it’s the way they are — to find well-meaning sexists more attractive because they think they’ll be protected and provided for.

Now, throw that up against this Quinnipiac poll that shows all these women hating Trump.


RUSH: Now, I don’t know what to think about the Quinnipiac poll that shows a 33-point gap. You know, men prefer a Republican Congress by eight points; women prefer a Democrat Congress by 25 points. That’s a 33 point gap. Does anybody believe that? The thing is that the people that make the news, that create the news and people that live the news in Washington are gonna believe it. But I’ve gotten to the point where why trust very much polling data at all because I don’t think it’s used to reflect public opinion.

I think they use it to make public opinion. That just sounds like too wide a gap. It doesn’t match with reality. Doesn’t match with what we see, unless the polling sample is exclusively, you know, young women in universities on the East and West Coasts. But if… Let’s say you choose to believe that but you want to discard this survey from the University of Kent and Iowa State: “Women hard-wired to find well-meaning, sexist men…” There’s a difference in well-meaning and mean.

This survey purports to say that some women are okay with sexist guys if they are benevolent. Women find ’em more attractive. They think they’ll be protected and presided for. Now, you run around and tell me your average feminist today that the thing to look for in a man is somebody that’s gonna protect her and provide for her, and you better be wearing an athletic cup. Because that’s the last thing supposedly any modern feminist wants to hear is that the role of a man in a relationship is protector and provider.

But how strange is it in real life in America? We’re led to believe, “Nah, women don’t want any of that. They’re not interested in that. Women want to provide for themselves, and they don’t want to be in relationships and they don’t want to be dependent on men.” Really? “The researchers’ tests found that women are more attracted to men who have ‘benevolent sexist’ attitudes or actions than they are attracted to men who treat them as equals.” Human nature, baby. Human nature. The feminists have tried to wipe it out, but they’re failing.

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