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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there is a news story today about a left wing teacher who was with her child, who accosted the director of the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. He was in a restaurant yesterday, and this teacher — she’s a identified as teacher — saw him in there and became outraged.

She accused him of doing horrible things to the environment, destroying the planet, not feeling and doing the right things about climate change. Her husband filmed it and posted it all over social media. And the woman said she was doing it for her son, because she loves children so much.

If you look at her Facebook page, she has been fixated on the separation of families at the border. You know, she loves children so much, ladies and gentlemen, she praises Planned Parenthood in her Facebook posts. And she uses her son, she uses her young son to raise money for Planned Parenthood. Her son’s name is Brooks, and she’s got a picture of him climbing some — it looks like the backstop at a children’s baseball field. “Yeah, Brooks is over a thousand dollars and still climbing for his birthday fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.”

Well, let me tell you who this babe is. She’s not just a teacher. She’s got tats all over her arms, and she’s a teacher at Sidwell Friends. Does that ring a bell with you? Sidwell Friends is where everybody who is anybody in Washington sends their kids. It’s a private school. The Obama daughters went there. The list is exhaustively long. And they’re just identifying her as a left wing teacher.

Her name is Kristin Mink. She is the latest to accost a Trump administration official while the official is dining. Scott Pruitt, by the way, on the substance of environmental issues, is doing a bang-up job. And that’s why he’s so disgustingly hated by these people on the left.

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