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RUSH: Tomorrow’s the Fourth of July. Yeah, I know. I know. Everybody knows, but here’s what you may not remember. There was a Harvard study — I had this some years ago — by the way, greetings. I am America’s Real Anchorman, and I’m here.

Remember that survey from Harvard that Fourth of July, just on its own, Independence Day celebrations tend to make people feel more Republican? And the same survey had the same data about the flag, that the flag flying along with all the traditional social behavior that takes place on the Fourth of July tends to promote feelings of the Republican Party. People obviously are motivated toward patriotic, love-of-country themes and ideas.

And it struck home with me because it also had the counterpart that this kind of activity angered Democrats. Flying the flag, engaging in traditional Independence Day Fourth of July behavior. And if you doubted it then, you should not doubt it now. I made a point on yesterday’s program: What’s wrong with America remaining America? And of course that’s the objective of the people currently protesting, say, getting rid of ICE or whatever. They want to transform and change America.

So I would suggest everybody fly your flag tomorrow — be American. Go out and just do what you would normally be inclined to do, but don’t be intimidated in flying the flag, don’t be intimidated by any patriotic activity, because you never know the impact it’s gonna have on people. These effects on that Harvard survey were not just outward. Some of them were subliminal. You never know where this kind of influence could take place.

But I just wanted to remind everybody of that, if those plans that you have tomorrow include such outward — even the lighting of fireworks. The left doesn’t even like that because that could lead to climate change and forest fires, any number of things. Stop and think about it. There’s literally very little that happens on Independence Day that liberals celebrate and want to be part of.


RUSH: Where is…? What did I do with sound bite number…? Did I put them at the bottom of The Stack? I bet I did thinking I wasn’t gonna use ’em. Yes. There they are. By the way, the Harvard study… Let me run some of the details of this. This was from a U.S. News & World Report magazine story from seven years ago, June 30, 2011. The headline: “Harvard: July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing — University study says parades turn youngsters into Republicans.” Are you remembering this?

Here’s couple of sections, pull quotes from the article. “Democratic political candidates can skip this weekend’s July 4th parades. A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day. Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shape the nation’s political landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party,” said the report from Harvard.

“The political right has been more successful in appropriating American patriotism and its symbols …” Why would that be? Somebody…? (interruption) Wait a second, now. “The political right has been more successful in appropriating…”? Appropriating? They’re there. The flag is the flag. Independence Day is Independence Day. What do you mean, “appropriating”? Turning it into patriotism? What is it? Is it a day we’re not supposed to be patriotic?

This is why I asked the question yesterday: What’s wrong with America remaining America? You know, that really is what is at stake here. I stumbled into the line. It was not something that I brainstormed the night before. I was reading something about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and some of this new wave of socialists and communists in the Democrat Party. I just said, “What’s wrong with America remaining America?” Because that crystallizes it. This whole immigration battle, open borders, no borders is about changing or erasing America as it is.

And the battle is between those who want America to remain America and those who don’t. Harvard seven years ago with this study saying that Fourth of July parades, the flag, the national anthem, cookouts, barbecues, all of these things turn young people into Republicans. Now, we know that that’s not universal. I mean, there’s obviously a bunch of kids of Democrats… Well, “no” wait a minute. I was going to say that we have to know a lot of kids that Democrats have gone to Fourth of July parades and after it’s over remain Democrats.

So maybe they don’t go! (laughing) Maybe… Maybe these are the people that don’t waive their flag… Remember, Tom Brokaw speaking for American journalists said, “I can’t put an American flag lapel pin on my suit! I have to retain my objectivity. I have to remain an objective journalist. I cannot pick sides.” American journalists can’t pick sides, even though the library of every journalist’s freedom is the United States of America. But they can’t choose sides.

I just found it interesting. And now we have a Gallup poll. “The share of Democrats and liberals who say that they’re extremely proud to be American has collapsed since 2013.” Let’s see. “Fewer than one in three Democrats” that’s less than 33% “are extremely proud to be Americans. Democrat opinion of America is down and Republican opinion is up since Trump took office.” Now, admittedly some of this is due to Democrat disappointment that Trump won and Hillary lost, and so there is a significant amount of depression and mental disease that has swept over certain sectors of the Democrat Party.

And, of course, “No, I’m not proud of my country! My country elected Donald Trump. I, of course…” But that’s not what the poll asked. It asked, “Are you proud to be American?” That ought to be independent of whoever’s in the White House. I understand for a lot of people it isn’t. So it turns out that David Asman on Fox, the Fox Business Channel, happened to get hold of my question, innocently probed yesterday, “What’s wrong with America remaining America?” And he decided to discuss that. We have… Let’s see here. Audio sound bites two and three. Here’s Asman on — he was cohosting Lou Dobbs Tonight.

ASMAN: Rush Limbaugh, the great one himself, hammering the Dems who are calling for the abolishment of ICE and their dangerous open border policy.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Can I ask a question? Is there anything wrong with America remaining America? But to the left there is something inherently wrong with America remaining America. That’s what their open-borders policy is all about.

RUSH: And then Asman weighed in as to his thoughts on it…

ASMAN: You have assimilation and you have rule of law, and that’s exactly what the Democrats are breaking with, and that’s why they don’t want America to be what America could be and what it has been. There is the left wing of the party — which seems to be morphing into the mainstream of the Democratic Party — and they don’t want America to be accomplishing. They feel guilty about America. The old liberal guilt really exists. I mean, they feel guilty about it. They don’t care how they get rid of their guilt, no matter what damage it does to the America that most Americans, I think, love.

RUSH: Now, I used to think this. I used to believe it was guilt, and those of you who have been lifer listeners of this program know that. I think it’s gone beyond guilt now. I don’t think they’re guilty. I think they’re filled with hatred. I think it has morphed. I mean, there may be some people who are still, you know, guilty about America’s wealth and standard of living and power and prominence and think that because of their guilt, to assuage it they need to overwhelmingly support giving a lot of it away.

To people around the world who are, quote-unquote, “less fortune,” but I think that’s a minority. I think that guilt has morphed into hatred. I don’t think there’s any question about it. Whatever it is, guilt or hatred, there is a rising percentage of the Democrat Party that simply doesn’t like this country and does not think America should remain America. Now, we have, interestingly here from the Campus Reform website, a video of one of their media directors, Cabot Phillips, asking several New York University students if they’re in fact proud to be American and here’s that montage…

PHILLIPS: Are you proud to be an American?

STUDENT: Definitely not.

STUDENT: No, I’m not proud of America.

STUDENT: No! No, not the America we have now.

STUDENT: Yeah, no. I’m not proud.

PHILLIPS: What about America right now would you consider yourself not proud of?

STUDENT: I mean, I think (giggle) the answer is pretty obvious. Just look at the news.

STUDENT: Open border issues.

PHILLIPS: Were you not proud when Obama did it five years ago?

STUDENT: I think that it’s (pause) different now.

STUDENT: I would, first of all, reverse everything Trump has done. (giggles)

PHILLIPS: Any places that come to mind would be better?

STUDENT: Probably some nice, little socialist country in Europe.

RUSH: Right. These are college clowns, you know, young co-eds and students and so forth, skulls full of mush. But this is what they’re being taught. And you notice, “Have you seen the news?” Where do you think they’re picking this stuff up? So Gallup says “the share of Democrats and liberals who say they’re extremely proud to be Americans has collapsed.” By the way, 2013 is Obama.

That’s three years before Trump. This the liberal Democrats in the midst of Obama. So it’s 2013 that it’s collapsed. It’s not exclusively tied to Trump, and I maintain this is because this is how they’re influenced. It’s what they’re taught. And it’s not complicated. I remember growing up, I was not taught hateful things about America. I was not told I needed to feel guilty over being an American.

None of that. But then when the sixties came along, I was, you know, in my teenage years, late teens, early adult, when the sixties hit, that was my first dose of it. That was my first dose that there are people out there, and my age, just a little older, who really, really, really didn’t like this country. And I didn’t know why. Too young. I hadn’t had enough life experience to understand it all. But the sixties provides the modern traceable route to all of this that is happening now, I think. So it’s an ongoing problem.

But here’s the things, folks. They are a minority. They are a minority of the people, a minority of the thinking in this country. And if the right campaign is run, they can be defeated. Pretty much any national election you want to run. You have to have the right candidate, you have to have the right message and so forth.

My point is not trying to Pollyannishly positive here, but they are not anywhere near a majority of the population or of the thinking. They’re growing, there’s no question. But people have been asking me for my entire number of years here, “You’re gonna tell us when it’s time to panic, right?” Yeah. I’ll tell you. And it’s not time to panic. Nowhere near it. In fact, we’re moving the other way. We’re moving away from any scenarios that would call for panic.


RUSH: Here’s Betty in my adopted hometown of Sacramento. Great to have you with us. I’m glad you got through. How are you?

CALLER: I’m doing well. Mega dittos from one of seven conservative children born to Georgine and Barry Banderas. (ph) So I’m very proud that Amy has seven children. That would be something if she gets on the Supreme Court. So I’ve been a substitute teacher for over 12 years, and I’m telling you: I have never, ever read a pro-American book to students in the school system. Everything is indoctrination. So you see how it happens. And just last month — the month before school was out — I’m reading a Scholastic news magazine, and it was four pages that these kids went through about the Warsaw Ghetto and how awful it was, the suffering, everything that happened to the Jewish people. So I turned to the last page, and here was the line: “Then Germany lost the war.” Not one mention of American involvement of how we saved the world! It just is never ending in the public school system.

RUSH: Yeah. It’s been going on for quite a while. This is where all this negativism is occurring. It’s being taught. These people, these young kids who are spouting all this stuff, they weren’t born this way. They didn’t come out of the womb thinking America was this horrible, unfair, unjust, immoral, rotten place. If you want to trace this, I trace it, actually, to the multicultural period. Actually, you can trace it further back than that. because the Soviet Union as a communist nation has been succeeding in trying to infiltrate various elements of American life since before we were all born.

So that’s a given. But this stuff reaching the mainstream of public school curriculum happened with the so-called multicultural curriculum. And the multicultural crowd were a bunch of minorities fed up, tired of being minorities, and they wanted to take it out on somebody. They harbored endless resentment and blame for America, and they started teaching it, under the idea that this is multiculturalism, that we need to throw all these different cultures together.

“People must learn how other people live, and the white majority of this country must be taught how unjust and how despotic it has been, and amends must be made.” This has been going on, I don’t know, 30, 40 years, maybe even longer, and it’s just insidious. And so there’s — you wish these kids get out of these schools and grow up and have life experiences that makes them question this stuff, and it does, in some instances. Some of them build on it and grow out of it. Others don’t, though. Betty, thanks for the call.

Grant in Litchfield, Maine. Great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Great. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I wanted to touch back on the parades and why Republicans, quote-unquote, successfully appropriate patriotism, patriotic symbols. It also touches on something you were just talking about right before the last caller. The fact is that we’re not the ones out there burning the American the flag. Our celebrities, the activists aren’t the ones thinking about blowing up the White House so much. Our traditional, i.e., conservative clergy aren’t the ones screaming, “G– D— America.” Our “chickens are coming home to roost.”

RUSH: No. That’s true. So you think that’s why the flag and all that is appealing to people in a Republican way?

CALLER: Well, that’s why we’re able to, quote, unquote, appropriate these symbols, because when the Democrats try to stand in front of these symbols, particularly the far left, it’s extremely hollow because you see on the news all the time all these activists out there doing things like burning the flag and stomping on the flag and talking up all these socialist dictators. So it’s kind of hard to say that you’re so pro-America when you’re doing nothing but talking down America and like Obama apologizing for America.

RUSH: They’re not say they’re pro-America. That’s the whole point. I had a problem with this story. We’re not appropriating anything. That is a media term. Appropriating the flag as though it’s everybody’s. But we’re somehow using it for our own benefit. The flag is already a symbol of the United States. And to carry it and to display it and to do parades and have things around it on the Fourth of July is not appropriating anything. It’s simply using it.

But the left comes along and says, “You guys are appropriating the flag for your own special purposes.” And they want to try to tell us the flag doesn’t stand for what we think it does, while they — you’re right, they kneel when the anthem is being played, they kneel when the flag is around or they disrespect it in other ways. I just think these people have a — I don’t know how many of them are going along with it because it’s fun, you know, hate America, you get on the news, you get noticed, people think you’re hip, you’re cool and so forth, versus how many true believers there actually are.

But we’re not appropriating anything. He’s talking about, by the way, the Harvard study from 2011 in which just the sight of the American flag during a Fourth of July parade was judged to be inspire people to be Republican. Well, there’s really only one way that can happen. If the flag and the Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem and all of the things that occur on Independence Day around the flag, if that steers people to Republicans, it must be because the Democrats are doing something driving people away! But whatever it, we’re not appropriating or stealing anything.

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