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RUSH: This is Kathryn, Wichita, Kansas. Great to have you. Glad you waited. You’re on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Rush. Do you have a moment for a quick thank-you?

RUSH: Sure! Absolutely.

CALLER: I just want to thank you for reaching people in America, helping the low-information voter shine the light of truth, giving a voice to like-minded people like yourself and then the Rush Revere series for the next generation. I just want to thank you. You’re having a big impact.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Thank you.

CALLER: And I’d just like you to know that.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I really, sincerely appreciate that. I really do. I do not take compliments like yours ever lightly or for granted. I really mean that. Thank you.

CALLER: You’re welcome. Well, I’ll get to my point. You were talking earlier about President Trump and his campaign and when he became president, he followed through on his campaign promises, which has been a welcome relief. (chuckles) The establishment doesn’t like it. In fact, they’ve been at war with him since his campaign. But I think they’re missing the boat, Rush. I think the establishment doesn’t realize that they’re not really at war with Trump. They’re at war with the American people, because they are against the American people and what they want.

RUSH: I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Now, you may be right that… I’ve always viewed the people we’re talking about — the establishment, the ruling class or whatever. I don’t have any doubt that they look at the population of the country at large with a little bit of a sneer. They look down their noses. They might even have contempt for some people in a generic base, based on where they live or who they vote for.

But I do believe you’re right, that the people we’re talking about have no concept of (sigh) being responsive to the will and desire of the American people. Their view is we don’t know what we’re doing — we don’t even know enough to know what we want, we don’t know enough to know what’s best for us — that power and its possession is a very, very elite thing and only a very precious few people are ever qualified for it. Of course, they are in that small group. So their hatred for Trump is visceral and personal. But I think it does extend to us. I think you’re right.

CALLER: Well, you know, they didn’t like Reagan, they don’t like Trump, and they don’t like you, and I think it’s because you have all identified with the American people. You struck a chord with us, and you give us voice to what we believe.

RUSH: You’re more right than I think even you know. But I’m trying to respond to this without overall personalizing it. The people that you’re talking about, I think have a great resentment for the bond that Trump has with his voters. They don’t respect it. It’s not something that they look at and think, “Man, wish we had that.” They don’t need that. They live… They’re isolated, and they’re in their own world or their little bubble.

So all of this is considered mildly amusing — and at times, maybe even a bit threatening. But they can deal it, such as a faux, fake Russia investigation or any number of other ways. But I do think the key to it is they don’t respect these kinds of bonds that voters have with candidates or that maybe audiences have with, in this case, a radio talk show host — me — TV people and others.

Your instincts are right on the money on this. Largely it’s because they don’t have those kinds of connections and they feel, I think, somewhat threatened by it because they can’t bust them up. They have tried every which way to destroy the bond that Trump voters have with him, and they’re not through. Anyway, you’re very perceptive, and I appreciate it, Kathryn. Thank you.

George in Marianna, Florida. You’re next. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I appreciate you taking the call and Bo said we’re short on time, so I’ll be real quick. I think the left has it right but the wrong motives after the fact. I think getting rid of ICE would be a good idea. I think ICE — customs, border enforcement, and maybe even TSA, for that matter — could all be lumped in into one brigade and put ’em in the Army. If you’re gonna be on the border and take border control — and, you know, our national defense — seriously, let’s put the right people in the right place in the uniform that have discipline, training, and are motivated to do the job correctly. I’m really tired of seeing like TSA videos of real shenanigans and stupidity going on out there, and I’d like to professionals doing the job.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Like what? What kind of shenanigans in TSA videos are you referring to here?

CALLER: Oh, some of them as plain and simple as harassment, people that are going through screening and stuff like that, for some of the smallest, stupidest things.

RUSH: Well, you mean like examining 98-year-old grandmothers for secret substances in body orifices and stuff?

CALLER: Well, that, but I recently watched one just a few days ago where a mother went through, apparently had some breast milk and didn’t want to be x-rayed, and her first trip through on her vacation trip or whatever she was doing, she got through. And apparently they were waiting for her on the way back and they thoroughly harassed her on the way back through about the same issue.

RUSH: You know, those stories are out there. You say some of this is due to incompetence. Some of it may just be, you know, the regulations that they’re given and told that there isn’t any leeway or latitude. I don’t know about closing down ICE and folding them into the Army and putting them on the border.

I understand your suggestion. You think it would be eminently effective. But it might cross a line that we don’t want to cross. You know, posse comitatus and all that. You think it’s an emergency, and of course it might be called for, but if I’m understanding you correctly, going a little far.

And I would also caution you against something else. Don’t ever accept one of these stupid-ass premises thinking you’ve got an idea to make it better. If the left is out there pushing the idea we close ICE, don’t say, “I agree with you. Let’s close ICE and then let’s replace them with the Army.” Don’t even accept the premise. That’s all they’ll hear and they’ll start talking about the number of people that agree with ’em. Then they’ll keep your idea separate and insane rather than lumping it in as part of your suggestion.

Never accept their premise. I don’t care if you’re being interviewed by a liberal for — never accept the premise of a question, never accept the premise of one of their extremist radical ideas no matter how clever you think your technique actually is. Never accept the premise.

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