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RUSH: So I see President Trump is stealing my techniques. And, by the way, I’m perfectly fine with it. I’m okay with it. Did you hear the rally last night? He told a joke about Fauxcahontas. Well, he didn’t tell a joke. He said, “Look, I’m gonna get one of those little DNA kits, and if I’m debating her we’ll toss it to her very gently so it doesn’t injure her arm, say, ‘Fauxcahontas, I’ll give you a million dollars if you take the test right now to show you’re an Indian.’ And then he said to the crowd, ‘Be quiet, don’t tell anybody. We need to keep this a secret.'” That’s exactly —

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Righto. One of the techniques used here for years on the EIB Network. Very effective. The crowd loved it, they went bonkers, and the media is beside itself. The media is, once again, it’s just like when Trump asked the Russians to find the missing Hillary emails, they lost it.

They said Trump is asking the Russians to hack. No sense of humor. These people are wound so tight, I’ve never seen a more humorless bunch of people. And it’s all because they’re poisoned by raw hatred. And it’s getting worse.


RUSH: Anyway, the Bush familia is not happy with President Trump. Last night the president was in Montana. By the way, the people of Montana are deliriously happy that Trump came. Do you know that the number of people running for president and then the number of presidents that go to Montana, you can count them on one hand? They don’t get presidential visits much, and they don’t even get very many presidential candidates. The electoral vote tally there is small. But Trump wanted to go out there because he’s fed up with Jon Tester.

You know, Tester is lying about some of Trump’s nominees, defaming them and so forth, and Trump is fed up with it. So he wanted to go out there and campaign for somebody running against Tester for the United States Senate. We have some sound bites, and Trump was on a role last night. For example, he used one of my favorite techniques on this program. If I want to tweak the media, I will do it like this. I will say (whispering), “Folks, turn the radio down a little. I don’t want anybody to hear this.

“I don’t want you to tell anybody this, okay? Just keep this a secret,” and then I’ll pass off whatever information. Well, Trump did this last night a couple of times and claiming things was Elizabeth Warren he was gonna do. “But don’t tell anybody. Let’s keep it a secret.” Meanwhile, it’s being televised nationwide. It’s a great comedic technique that really boosts the bond between performer — in this case the president — and the audience. It is an exceptional bond builder. (whisper) “Hey, folks, come closer. Listen. Don’t tell anybody. Keep this between us.”

(laughing) And then you say what you want everybody to hear. But about Elizabeth Warren, he said… Let’s just go to the sound bites because I think we have it. We’ll start here first. This is why Bush 41, Bush 43 are upset today. Now, remember, before I play this… Folks, I want to remind you of something. Mentioned this yesterday. You know what? This bears repeating. Bear with me for a second here. We hear from the Never Trumpers that the problem with Trump is manners.

“He’s just too outspoken. He’s too dumb, stupid. He’s not sophisticated, he’s crude, and he’s rude, and he’s a bully, and he insults people — and this is not who we are. We conservatives need to be reserved and buttoned down. We need to be respectable. We need to not provoke people. We need to show that we are not the extremist madmen that the left says that we are.” I don’t know what your reaction is to that is, but I’m fed up with it, because who was our nominee in 2012? It was Mitt Romney, right?

What was Mitt Romney? You won’t find… In all of American politics, you will not find a more decent guy however you define decent. You will not find a more moral guy. You will not find a more reserved, sophisticated, polite, well-mannered guy — and look what they did to him. I don’t have to recount everything. George W. Bush refused to even reply to some of these defamatory attacks. He refused to take the White House into the gutter and the office of presidency. Look what they did to him.

They took his approval numbers down to the twenties. Yet the Never Trumpers on our side and a bunch of others continue to say, “Trump is just too he’s too crude he’s too mean he’s too…” I tell you what, Donald Trump has beaten them. Donald Trump is beating them back, Donald Trump is driving them insane. Donald Trump is not acting like our side always does, like we have to show Democrat voters and independent voters that we’re nice, that we’re not the extremists the media says.

So we go overboard trying to impress a bunch of people that are always gonna hate us and are never gonna vote for us, and Trump realizes, “Screw that,” and he just tells people what he stands for and goes about trying to accomplish it. In the process of doing that, he’s created over 3.7 million new jobs in just a year and a half since the 2016 election. So I think it’s clear how the left needs to be dealt with, and Trump is showing it. Well, this led Trump last night… I just remember how George W. Bush specifically…

Not only would he not respond to the media or the Democrats, he gave orders to his staff not to. So it eventuated the media and the Democrats could say whatever they wanted about George W. Bush, and there was never a response, much less in kind. But Trump had some things to say about Bush 41 last night, and so now the Bush political apparatus is all over responding to Trump in ways they never would respond to Democrats. Here is the president last night in Great Falls, Montana, Make America Great Again rally.

THE PRESIDENT: The thousand points of light. What the hell was that, by the way? Thousand points of light? What did that mean? Does anyone know? I know one thing, “Make America Great Again” we understand. Putting America first, we understand. Thousand points of light? I never quite got that one. What the hell is that? Has anyone ever figured that one out? Ay! And it was put out by a Republican.

RUSH: Right. And I was point 773, by the way, just to make sure everybody remembers. I was point 773 of the thousand points of light. Well, I haven’t seen details yet, but apparently the Democrat political apparatus is firing right back at Trump over this, which is fine. I just want to remind you, when the Democrats attack ’em, not a word. When the Democrats try to destroy ’em, not a word. When the Democrats drove George W. Bush’s approval rating numbers into the high twenties, not a word. Trump goes out there, thousand points of light stuff and makes a joke about not knowing what it is, then they get in gear.

Look, the Bush family, they have a special spot in my heart, but this is still a teachable moment here, folks, about how our side just cannot get animated against the people really intending us harm, but will carry out all kinds of vendettas against people on our own team. Here is Trump triggering the crowd with the #MeToo Fauxcahontas joke and telling the crowd to keep it a secret. I love this.

THE PRESIDENT: Say I’m debating Fauxcahontas, right? You know those little kits they sell on television for $2? Learn your heritage! I’m gonna get one of those little kits and in the middle of this debate, when she proclaims that she’s of Indian heritage, because her mother said she has high cheekbones (laughter) — that’s her only evidence — we will take that little kit and say — but we have to do it gently because we’re in the #MeToo generation, so we have to be very gentle. (laughter) And we will very gently take that kit, and we will slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t hit her and injure her, and we will say, “I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity paid for by Trump if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian.”

RUSH: Now, I have to unpack this, because that was 45 seconds. But there’s everything the left hates about Trump in that 45 seconds. I mean, they are fit to be tied. This is 10 times as funny as any of their late-night comedians have been in a year and a half, and they know it. You want to talk about negative versus positive, you can’t find laughs in America’s liberal enclaves anymore, you cannot find humor. They are so obsessed and consumed with rage and hatred that that has become their new comedy.

“Say I’m debating Pocahontas.” Right there, you don’t make fun of liberals, and you don’t make fun of Indians, and you don’t make fun of a woman. And he’s calling Elizabeth Pocahontas. You just don’t do this. Nobody is supposed to mock and laugh and fake fun of Democrats. “You know those little kits they sell on TV for two bucks, learn your heritage? I’m gonna get one of those little kits and in the middle of the debate,” and he’s assuming he’s going to be running again. These people have planned on impeaching him. And he’s already taunting them by telling them he’s not only gonna run again, he’s gonna be nominated and he’s gonna run again. That’s considered threatening.

“So in the middle of the debate when she proclaims she’s of Indian heritage ’cause her mother said she had high cheekbones –” and the audience laughed, and that will drive these people nuts! Because you’re not supposed to get away with laughing at liberals who are into identity politics! If her mother told her she had high cheekbones and that’s why she’s an Indian, then who are you to question it? Trump is mocking Indians, he’s mocking women, he’s mocking a United States senator. He’s rude, he’s crude, he’s intemperate, he’s unsophisticated, and he’s laughing and having the greatest time telling this story. And that drives them nuts.

He says, “That’s her only evidence. We’ll take that little kit, we’ll have to do it gently. We’re in the #MeToo generation, have to be very –” mocking the #MeToo generation! Oh, my God, this is taking on every liberal sacred cow in 45 seconds and blowing it to smithereens! It’s no wonder they hate this guy. And then he’s bringing the audience along, and they’re loving it. And I’m telling you that blows holes through every media trick and liberal trick where they try to make you think everybody hates Trump, that everybody’s embarrassed of Trump, that everybody wishes Trump would go away.

Here’s this sellout crowd laughing themselves silly so the only thing left for the left to do is insult the crowd, which they happily do. “We’ll slowly toss it hoping it doesn’t hit her and injure her and we will say, ‘I’ll give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump if you take the test.'” So this is akin to Trump invading her space and being too forward and attacking her. Trump has no respect for women. Now, here is the tail end of what he said.

THE PRESIDENT: I have a feeling she will say no. But we’ll hold out for the debates. Do me a favor. Keep it within this room. (laughter) ‘Cause I don’t want to give away any secrets. And the press is very honorable, they won’t — please don’t tell her what I just said.

RUSH: I love that technique. The guy is making a move right out of my repertoire. “Don’t tell anybody, don’t tell anybody; let’s keep it a secret. Keep it between us.” That irritates them. I’m telling, you do not know how that irritates. “What do you mean, keep it a secret? He’s telling everybody, he’s mocking everybody, he’s making fun of everybody.”

Yes, he is, and the audience is loving it. Everywhere he goes where he mocks the left, makes jokes about the left and the audience gets it and laughs along, it drives them even further and further insane.


RUSH: Okay. One more sound bite here. This is Maggie Haberman. This is last night CNN, Anderson Cooper. This is after Trump said #MeToo generation, gotta be very gentle, #MeToo, very gentle when I throw that DNA kit to Fauxcahontas. Maggie Haberman — you knew this, predictable — outraged, upset that Trump decided to mock the #MeToo movement.

HABERMAN: It is dismissive at best about the #MeToo movement. Senator Warren’s folks, I mentioned, are quite happy tonight because it underscores how afraid he is of her and how concerned he is about facing her. One of the biggest threats for the Republican Party in these midterms is energy and enthusiasm among women voters, and so this is an interesting tack to take if you are a president whose party is looking at a pretty rough landscape for the fall.

RUSH: Yeah, but see, you people at the New York Times have a view and a vision of America that by your own admission, you don’t know. You never go to these places Trump goes. You don’t know who voted for Trump, and you still haven’t endeavored to find out. And so you think when Trump mocks #MeToo that women worldwide are offended. You don’t have any understanding at all that there are some women that don’t sign on to these political movements, that they’re individualists, and they don’t want a political party speaking for every emotion they might have.

There are a lot of independent women who can stand up for themselves, don’t have to become part of a movement with the Democrat Party or people like you at the New York Times defending them. And afraid of Fauxcahontas? Trump’s not afraid of Fauxcahontas. Why do they say liberal comedians are never the afraid of the people they make jokes of? You ever notice that?

A liberal comedian can joke about anybody, and it’s the target of the joke that better be worried. Never say that a liberal comedian must be afraid of who they’re commenting about and, you know, women hate Trump, women despise, here’s more of this thinking or more of this attempt to make people think that all women hate Trump and that Trump has just blown it by making fun of the #MeToo movement. Anyway, they’re the ones out of touch, not Donald Trump, and they will never understand that.

I promise we’ll focus on phone calls when we get back.

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