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Jul 6, 2018


“Nobody around the world ever expected the United States to do anything but continue to act like the world’s piggy bank — and here comes Donald Trump.”

“It just offends me to no end the idea, the allegation that because the United States happens to be run by a Republican president, that all of a sudden we hate kids! I’ve had my fill of this. During ’95 budget battle, Republicans were accused of starving kids. It was a lie then; all this stuff is a lie now.”

“It’s almost like the sixties are being reborn here. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet that happened in the sixties — and we’re on the verge of it — is a bunch of these radical leftists starting to blow things up.”

Dr. Roy Spencer: Summer Causes Climate Change Hysteria
CNSNews: Record 155,576,000 Employed in June; 10th Record for Trump
CNSNews: U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Up 36,000 in June; 362,000 Under Trump
Washington Examiner: Dems Blast Booming Jobs Report, Trump Worker Agenda, ‘Reckless’
CNBC: US Adds 213,000 Jobs in June, Better than Expected, But Wage Growth is Light
AFP: Trade Wars: Trump Loads Decisive Volley Against China
Reuters: Trump Says U.S. Tariffs Could Be Applied to Chinese Goods Worth $500 Billion
Daily Caller: Manafort Being Held In Solitary Confinement To Ensure Safety
New York Post: Trump Defends Jim Jordan Amid Allegations of Sex Abuse on Wrestling Team
SidneyPowell.com: Licensed To Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice
Creeps On A Mission – Sidney Powell
FOXNews: Plastic Bag Filled with ’20 Pounds of Feces’ Plopped on San Francisco Sidewalk: Report
San Francisco Chronicle: SF’s Appalling Street Life Repels Residents — Now It’s Driven Away a Convention
Weather Channel: No Tornado Deaths Reported in U.S. in May or June, Historically the Two Most Active Months of the Year
RealClearPolitics: Trump Offers $1 Million For “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren To Take DNA Test To Prove Indian Ancestry
Rasmussen Reports: Most Don’t Want to Get Rid of ICE
Daily Caller: Jim Jordan’s Accusers Have A Sketchy History, Raising Questions About Their ‘Authenticity’
Roll Call: Pence to Democrats: Stop ‘Spurious Attacks on Ice’
USAToday: President Trump Takes Swipe at George H.W. Bush’s ‘Thousand Points of Light’


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