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RUSH: Over the weekend, California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein spoke at a Planned Parenthood event in Oakland. She said that women voters must inform the American people “what’s at stake” with President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

By that, she meant abortion.

She warned that if Roe vs. Wade were overturned, America would be dragged back to the days when women were left to die because they could not get basic medical care. She said the only thing that might stop Trump’s nominee is female voters.

Now, that was before she had a clue who the nominee even is.

Think about this. For years, DiFi, along with the rest of the Democrat Party, has been telling us that Roe v. Wade is settled law. But if that’s true, why all the panic? Why are they so unsettled now? If Roe has been settled, as they say, then it’s the law of the land, there’s no chance it will ever come before the Court. Right?

And think about something else. One of the major issues Donald Trump campaigned on was a promise to appoint conservative judges. He was elected. Obviously, the American people already know what’s at stake. Elections have consequences for the winners and the losers. And you guys lost, DiFi, so eat it.

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