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RUSH: Tom in Stanton, Michigan. Great to have you, Tom. Welcome. You’re up first today.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I have been listening to you for 10 years, and this is just… You’ve made my year to be able to get in and talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’ve wanted to let you know, give you a double thumbs up, double kudos. I have listened to you talk and talk and talk about iPhone, and I’ve been so tempted to get one, and I thought, “I’m just not spending that money.” And then a concern — a business concern near me put iPhone 5s on sale and I went ahead and did it. I didn’t have that thing one day and I couldn’t believe the difference of what I had been missing in a phone, how it worked, service. It’s just… They’re beautiful! Absolutely fantastic.

RUSH: And you discovered it all on your own. See, I would never lead you astray about anything like this, especially with something that costs a lot of money. I would never lead anybody astray.

CALLER: Here’s the second thing. So it got me thinking. You know what? I’ve often wanted to get LifeLock, and I thought, “Nah!” Well, now I thought, “I’m gonna listen to Rush; I’m gonna get LifeLock.” Two days later the whole (unintelligible) thing happened, and I didn’t have to worry about a darn thing. (chuckles) I was covered! Ha!

RUSH: Well, I’m glad it worked out for you. You know, there’s a survey out that all of the tech blogs are running. I think it came out late Friday and they were running it over the weekend, and I don’t have the exact wording here, but apparently an iPhone or an iPad in American society today is a sign of wealth and achievement, that if you have one — if people see you with one — it’s assumed that you are successful and wealthy. So you probably are going to receive some newfound respect even from friends that you didn’t know you had once they see you using the iPhone. But how long have you had it, Tom?

CALLER: I’ve only had the iPhone a year.

RUSH: Oh. Well, then what kind of phone? Which one did you get?

CALLER: An iPhone 5s.

RUSH: You got an iPhone 5s.

CALLER: A little, small one. They ran a special on it for like $110.

RUSH: That was the iPhone 5s. The 5s or the SE? They’re both the same side but the 5s hasn’t been made since 2013 or ’14. Well, 2015. But the phone is the same size that’s got fairly modern tech inside is called the iPhone SE. It’s a four-inch screen. So you like the smaller screen sizes?

CALLER: Oh, I’d rather have a large one, but I’m not gonna… You know, if they put another one on sale, a bigger one, I’ll get it.

RUSH: Stand by, because starting at about September or October, that’s gonna happen. Now, when the new phones come out, there’s gonna be a 6.1-inch iPhone for 700 bucks in September. In fact, the 6-point… Yeah, that’s gonna be mid-size. The size is gonna be 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5. Well, congratulations, Tom. It’s great to have you as a member of the club and especially that the LifeLock is working out for you too.

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