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RUSH: Folks, we’re in the dog days of summer. The Democrats are melting down. I want to give you some examples.

Jeffrey Toobin at CNN tweeted: “When the Constitution was written the late eighteenth century, people were expected to die in their fifties. The framers never contemplated that these terms would regularly go to 30-plus years as they do now.” See, when they’re out of power, not making the choices, we gotta somehow limit the terms of the justices.

Well, for the record, Thomas Jefferson died at 83; John Adams died at age 90; James Madison was 85 when he died; James Monroe, 73; Aaron Burr was 80; Benjamin Franklin, 84; just to name a few. Toobin is paranoid, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Yale students had a letter to faculty and anybody else who cares. “People will die because Brett Kavanaugh will ascend to the Supreme Court.” Nobody’s dying in America except people who are being subjected to liberal policies, such as 1.3 million abortions every year. I mean, that’s just a start. But nobody died ’cause Gorsuch is on the court. Nobody died because Obamacare was — the mandate was repealed.

And from The Daily Beast: “Trump’s SCOTUS pick probably the end of abortion rights. Pelosi says the end of civilization.” Folks, these people and their mental health is on the way down to the sewer, and we need to stand aside and just let it happen and have them just disappear from view.

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