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RUSH: I didn’t see this. I was just told that Senator Mark Warner is on TV demanding that Trump cancel the summit with Putin. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. (interruption) What do you mean, because? Because the Russians colluded maybe with Trump. No, no. Believe me. They’re gonna to try to live on that.

Even though Rosenstein said, “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There’s no allegation that conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.” So here comes Mark Warner Democrat, Virginia, “Trump needs to cancel that summit with Putin in Helsinki, he need to cancel it. You can’t have a summit with a guy who tampered with elections.” Wait a minute, Senator, there was no impact, no change. “Don’t care. Don’t care. He’s gotta cancel the summit, gotta cancel the summit.”

Now, he doesn’t come out and say it, but he wants everybody to conclude because they’ve heard it for a year and a half, “Trump can’t do this. Not if —” He and Putin have been caught! He and Putin have been caught! Trump can’t go through with it! That’s what they want people to think. And they’re gonna get all the help in the world from that on places like CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC. You wait. You wait.

Even though Rosenstein says no allegation the conspiracy changed the vote count, no allegation that affected any election result, no allegation that any American citizen committed a crime. That’s not gonna stop ’em. They’re gonna keep saying Trump can’t go forward with this. He cannot meet with this guy. Just can’t do it.

You know, the Democrats are really — this is one of these times that I wish that everybody in America was as smart as you people in this audience are. Look at what happened here at NATO. It starts out with the media and the Democrat Party claiming that Trump is gonna be a wrecking ball. He’s gonna go over there and meet with NATO, he’s gonna blow NATO up because he has this tight relationship with Putin!

The illusion or delusion that Trump and Putin somehow got together and affected the outcome of the election, they always allude to that, if not directly say it, they allude to it, they want people thinking this. They start out by saying essentially Trump’s gonna over there, he’s gonna be mean to our ally, he’s gonna wreck NATO, it’s gonna end up helping his buddy Putin.

Then what does Trump do? He gets over there and he chides Germany for making a side special deal with Putin because what in the world are you strengthening Putin for, Trump says. Why in the world are you putting yourself in a great disadvantage with Putin? Why are you helping build up an enemy? You’re helping to fund an enemy! You can get natural gas and oil from anywhere in the world, you can get it from us. Why are you getting it from Putin and why are you getting a direct pipeline that is skirting all of the other member NATO nations, your allies?

Now, if Trump is really castigating Angela Merkel for doing what she’s doing because it’s benefiting Putin, then why wouldn’t he want that to happen if he was in bed with Putin? Democrats and the media kill their arguments themselves. They start out by claiming that Trump’s in bed with Putin, Trump’s got a special relationship with Putin. You’ve heard all the stuff, stupid allegations that they’ve made.

Jonathan Chait had a piece in New York Magazine that basically said what if Trump has been a sleeper agent for the Russians since 1987? Had that on Wednesday, mentioned it to you in passing on Wednesday. So they’re still out pushing the idea that Trump and Putin are buddy-buddy and that Trump owns Putin because of what Putin did for him in the election, even though there’s no evidence, it didn’t happen.

So then they set NATO up as Trump buddy-buddy with Putin. Why in the world, if that’s the case, is Trump chastising Angela Merkel for helping Putin? For working with Putin? Trump undermined the allegation he’s in bed with Putin by virtue of his behavior and demands at NATO. I know you in this audience are smart enough to see it, you’re informed, educated, you pay attention every day, but imagine people that don’t have a foundational understanding of this have no idea what to make of it.

What they see is Trump is being mean to our allies, Trump is beating up on poor Angela Merkel, then Trump and went beat up on Theresa May and Trump is hurting our allies and he’s about to destroy NATO while he’s being friendly with Putin. He’s not being friendly with Putin. He’s getting on Germany’s case for helping Putin, for undermining NATO, is what Germany did by making the side deal with Russia. So the media canceled themselves out with their hypocrisy and their factual reporting at the same time.


RUSH: Grab sound bite 46. Here is Mark Warner this afternoon on Capitol Hill talking about the Trump-Putin summit needing to be canceled.

WARNER: Going forward, there should be no one-on-one meeting between this president and Mr. Putin. There needs to be other Americans in the room. Secondly, if the president and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment a top priority of the meeting in Helsinki then the summit should be canceled.

RUSH: There you go. So Trump should not meet alone with Putin. Nope. Let’s see. Who could he bring? How about Theresa May? No. Take Angela Merkel. Take Angela Merkel in the meeting with him. I’m just kidding. So Trump should not be in the room.

See, you know why? You know why? Because we can’t trust Trump because Trump is stupid, he’s a dingbat, he’s dangerous, and Putin’s got Trump wrapped around his little finger. There’s no way. And if Trump won’t agree with us, then Trump needs to have this meeting canceled for him. I don’t even know if you want to suggest taking Stormy. Have to think about that one. Maybe suggest it, but not actually do it.

Peter in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Welcome. Great to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Here’s my point coming out of yesterday’s meeting. Trump will never testify in the Mueller investigation, and for good reason. After FBI Agent Peter Strzok testified in front of the House committee yesterday, his overt bias was laid bare. Giuliani, in my opinion, will argue that the president cannot testify unless and until Mueller proves that his team has not shown through text or email communications that they are not individually biased as was the case with Strzok, Page, McCabe, et al. Mueller will never allow this release, and that is called checkmate.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Checkmate in terms of what?

CALLER: Well, I don’t think that the president is going to ever testify.

RUSH: Well, he may not. That doesn’t mean Mueller is shut down.

CALLER: It doesn’t mean that Mueller is shut down, but it means that there is a new tactic that is in Giuliani’s quiver right now, and that is he’s gonna want to certify that nobody on Mueller’s team is as biased as Peter Strzok.

RUSH: Well, there’s somebody even more biased than Strzok, and that’s Andrew Weissmann, who is the lead —


RUSH: Who is the lead —

CALLER: Who is a certifiable nutcase.

RUSH: Well, let’s just say he’s —

CALLER: He’s rabid.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. He’s committed.


RUSH: And he’s clearly governed by — let’s put it, he’s not constrained by the law. If what I’ve read about the guy in Sidney Powell’s book Licensed to Lie and his work on the Enron task force and his ancillary assistance in the Ted Stevens case and he’s Mueller’s lead guy, and there isn’t a one of them in there that’s not a big Hillary donor and supporter, the idea there’s no bias there is absurd.


RUSH: Now, this indictment today — and I’m sure this is not a thought original to me. You probably have had this occur to you at the same time it did me. Right after this program start — actually, right before, right before. I noticed this less than a minute before this program was ready to begin. I saw it on Drudge. There was the initial headline where you click on it, there’s no story there yet. Rosenstein: Major DOJ Announcement, then the subhead: “Indictments coming! Major political indictments!” Oh, what’s that?

Show begins, we find out that Mueller’s indicted 13 Russians for hacking and tampering with the DNC server in 2016. Then Rosenstein goes out and does this press conference, and he gives some detail over what these nasty Russians did. And then he makes mention of the fact that none of it affected the outcome of any election, that there weren’t any people involved here, that the Russians are the ones that did it and nobody else.

And then almost instantly Mark Warner heads to the microphones demanding that Trump cancel this upcoming summit in Helsinki with Putin or that Trump not meet alone with Putin. And if Trump refuses that condition, then Warner suggests that the whole thing get canceled.

Now, I’m not an idiot, and neither are you. There is nobody who could convince me that Rosenstein’s announcement today was not coordinated and is not intended to harm Trump and to put a damper on the upcoming meeting with Putin. Who announces this? The DOJ. The deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. What has been their mission for two years? Getting rid of Donald Trump. On the basis of what have they been trying to get rid of Donald Trump? That he colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, who was supposed to have won and was gonna win by a landslide, but she didn’t, and so Trump colluded with Putin.

They’ve never produced any evidence, and we know that it’s caca. We know that it was the Clintons that did all the colluding. We know all that. But the deep state is still pursuing this ’cause I think the Mueller investigation’s a cover-up for what really went on here in their effort to get Trump.

So here we have Trump, after his NATO meeting and now his meeting with Theresa May in the U.K. and the queen, now Trump’s due to head on to Helsinki. And isn’t it really coincidental that the DOJ and Mueller announce the latest indictment, 13 Russians for hacking the DNC computer? You cannot tell me that this announcement was not coordinated.

Let me put it another way around. This announcement had to be timed specifically for when it was. This announcement had to be intentional. It’s a Friday. Friday is when you announce things you don’t want anybody to notice. They want this one noticed. When do they announce it? Right as this program’s beginning. They think this program is a hotbed of Trump supporters in the audience.

So they announce this indictment of all of these Russians as Trump is on his way to a summit with Putin. Don’t try to tell me this is a coincidence, and don’t try to tell me that this isn’t designed to harm Trump. Remember, you have to keep the context. The context is the DOJ and the Democrat Party have been trying to convince as many people the election was fraudulent and therefore worthy of being overturned and that Trump colluded with Putin.

The fact there’s no evidence doesn’t matter, folks. The narrative is all that matters. And they believe the narrative lives. And so here comes an announcement, the indictment of 13 Russians on the eve of the Trump meeting with Putin. You’re supposed to connect the dots. You’re supposed to think, “This is not good. Trump shouldn’t be meeting with the guy or Trump’s gonna discuss to collude,” or whatever. It’s designed to keep people thinking that Trump and Putin colluded. And now that these Russians have been indicted, this meeting has to be canceled, it’s got to be canceled. Trump cannot be permitted to meet with this guy. These are the two people that stole the election.

If you think they’ve given up on this, do not misunderstand; they have not. They have not given up on trying to tie Trump to this. In specific, they have not given up trying to make a majority of Americans think it happened. The fact that there’s no evidence is irrelevant. There hasn’t ever been any evidence. Has that stopped ’em?

After this long a time with no evidence, the intelligent, honorable, and integrity thing to do would be shut it down and say “sorry. Nothing to see here.” Are they doing that? No. They’re continuing to wrap it up. We hear there’s talk about how they’re winding down, getting ready, Giuliani goes on TV, “Yeah, we’re gonna have this wrapped up by September.”

It’s not gonna be wrapped up by September. It’s certainly not gonna be wrapped up by October. It’s not gonna be wrapped up before the election. There is no way in hell this is gonna end before the election. If Mueller ended it today, he doesn’t have enough time to write the report that he wants to report, and if they can’t get that out before the election, they’re not gonna do that. So they’re not gonna put this away. This is nowhere near ending.

And this announcement today of these indictments on the eve of Trump meeting with Putin is staged, timed, intended to reflect poorly on Trump. It’s intended to cause public opinion. It’s intended to cause the public to question, to be suspicious of. Because they have not given up on their objective of overturning the election results in 2016.

They have not by any stretch of the imagination given up on the idea that they can force Donald Trump from office, independent of the Democrats winning the House. A lot of people think, well, if the Democrats don’t win the house, then that’s it ’cause there can’t be the impeachment. That’s not gonna stop ’em. This has always been about affecting public opinion. And it’s always had no timeline and certainly no hard end. The only time this ends is when it works.

The objective is to drum Trump’s public opinion lower and lower and lower and lower, and they’re gonna keep trying to do that for as long as it takes or until their effort is exposed and blown to smithereens. But they’re nowhere ending it and this today proves it. This announcement of these indictments and then Warner coming out within minutes demanding the whole thing be canceled or that Trump not be allowed to meet with Putin alone.

And now Chuck Schumer has joined the refrain, minority leader Chuck You “Schumer urged Trump to cancel his scheduled meeting with Putin on Monday in the wake of an explosive indictment from Robert Mueller that charges Russian military officers with hacking the DNC during the 2016 election. Richard Blumenthal, Democrat senator, Connecticut, ‘No question President Trump should cancel this meeting with Putin. No question Trump should not be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice while this investigation’s ongoing. There’s no way Trump should be allowed to do anything presidential while he’s under this investigative cloud.’ The White House pointed to the lack of specific proof that the Russian intelligence operation swung the election to Trump in its response.”

Well, Rosenstein even admitted that but that’s not gonna be a factor. That’s not gonna slow down the deep state. That’s not gonna slow ’em down at CNN. That’s not gonna slow down the Never Trumpers. The fact that Rosenstein said no election has been affected, we can’t prove that there was any effect on any election because of any — It’s not gonna stop ’em. Because they’re not going to stop trying to get rid of Donald Trump.

I think it’s hard for people to understand. I really do. Even if you think you do, I think it’s hard for people to understand the abject, just pure, raw hatred that this group of people has that we call the establishment, the hate that they have for Donald Trump.

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