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The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for helping Democrats win House races. This week, they held a training session in Washington for their new candidates.

Enter “The Godfather.” AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka gave the candidates a pep talk.

And a warning.

Trumka told candidates they can’t count on union support just because there’s a “D” after their name.

He said the AFL-CIO will move heaven and earth for genuine allies. But union money will only go to candidates who push the union’s agenda including: guaranteed pensions, expanding Social Security, universal health care, amnesty, and infrastructure spending. But the union’s biggest test is whether candidates support something called the Workers’ Freedom to Negotiate Act. Also known as “the Democrat-Donation Protection Act.”

‘Til now, Democrats could count on big union money. But the cash spigot is down to a trickle, thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling getting rid of forced union dues.

So the Godfather Trumka is going to the mattresses, because unions know their days are numbered. It’s a beautiful thing. But like all leftist, they are not just going to go away, folks. They have to be defeated every election.

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