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RUSH: Washington District of Columbia is as liberal as any American city. In 2016, they voted for Hillary 91% to 4% just to give you an idea. I mean, it’s a liberal paradise, supposedly.

So, this news is amusing. Less than a month ago, Washington voters approved a big minimum wage increase for people who get tips as part of their income. The vote guaranteed a minimum wage of $15 an hour by 2026, by which time a lot of residents will have died.

But the D.C. City Council has decided the voters were wrong. You see, in the poorest areas the unemployment rate is over 9%. That’s way worse than the rest of the country.

So the City Council liberals looked at what happened to Seattle. They raised the minimum wage, a bunch of restaurants closed, a bunch of jobs were lost.

So the Washington City Council decided they didn’t want to have any jobs lost. It’s bad enough as it is.

So less than a month after it was approved, these liberals are gonna kill the minimum wage increase. They’d rather have jobs, they rather have people working than talking points.

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes even liberals have to face reality. But I predict they’ll screw this up somehow because they never get it right in the end.

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