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RUSH: Saline, Michigan. Scott, welcome, sir. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Mega dittos. First-time caller, 25 years listening. Quick point. If I were Vladimir Putin, I would just simply say, “Yeah, we hacked you guys, we have world class intelligence, and you guys have been at least careless or grossly negligent. If my agents hadn’t hacked you, I would have fired ’em.”

RUSH: Now, you know Putin’s not gonna say that. Putin’s gonna do the exact — Putin’s gonna do just what he did, act like Alfred E. Neuman. “What, me? Me? You think I would hack? I’m gonna look into that. I never heard of this before today. President brought it up. I didn’t know anything about it. What are you talking about?” Why would you expect him to say, “Of course we hacked and it was too easy. You people need to buckle up. It’s embarrassing.”

CALLER: Yeah, well, I would even say the president of Guatemala and his kids probably did it, too, so what’s it to you?

RUSH: You just want it rammed down the media’s throat, and I can relate to that. Believe me, I can relate to that. But Putin is not gonna do that. He’s gonna continue to play dumb. He’s gonna deny. You never admit to this stuff. I mean, we could play a little game. We could imagine had he admitted it or done some version of what you think. And then they would of course had to gauge Trump’s reaction to that. We’d be off to the races.

And, folks, that would be the only thing in the news from now until the end of this century. I mean, another, you know, 82 years. It would be the lead headline. Not enough time for another caller, and I’ve got some reaction to Trump. Neil Cavuto at the Fox Business Channel thinks it was disgusting, that Trump’s performance was disgusting. And so does Anderson Cooper.


RUSH: Okay. Sound bites No. 22, 23. Anderson Cooper, CNN, special coverage post-summit presser.

COOPER: You have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president, uhh, at a summit in front of a Russian leader certainly that I’ve ever seen. Uh, an extraordinary, uh, press conference.

RUSH: “You’ve been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leader certainly I’ve ever seen.” Here’s Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network. The show is called Coast to Coast, and this during a discussion… It’s about Trump not pushing back hard enough on election meddling. That’s what this is all about. Look, it may be disgusting, it may bother some people, but I can tell you… (sigh) It’s not this hard to figure out.

Do you realize how tired Trump is hearing that he didn’t win? Did you hear how tired he is? Can you imagine how fed up he is with the idea that his victory wasn’t a win, that it wasn’t legitimate, that the Russians stole the election — and, furthermore, that he worked with them to steal the election? That an absolute horrible candidate like Hillary Clinton was supposed to win? She was a lousy candidate. She didn’t even really put any desire or energy into her campaign whatsoever. She went nowhere. She could barely stand up half the places that she went, and yet everybody was saying, “She’s gonna win in a landslide!

“The world order depends on her winning in a landslide,” and then she doesn’t because nature took its course! There was no way she was destined to win this election. She’s a lousy candidate. She’s sitting there existing on pure entitlement. She has been out selling her presidency in advance with all of these murky donations to her crazy foundation. Nobody talked about the lack of ethics there. Nobody talks about the disgusting nature of Barack Obama confiding on an open mic to Medvedev, “Tell Vlad to be patient.

“I’ll have a lot more flexibility after I win the election in 2012, in a few months.” And he’s talking about denuclearizing the American arsenal. Nobody talks about the disgusting relationship of all of these reset buttons and all these phony red lines and all of this and all of that and all these faux admonitions. (Obama impression) “I told him to cut it out. I talked to Putin! I called Putin and I said, ‘You cut it out!’ And he said, ‘Okay;’ he was gonna stop meddling in the election.”

Nobody’s disgusted enough to find out what Obama did to stop any of this when he knew it was going on. He knew full well it was going on because he told people it was going on and then he said — Obama did on a couple occasions — that there’s no way to steal a presidential election; it couldn’t happen. Everybody conveniently forgets that. Then Trump comes along; nature takes its course. The guy busted his rear end campaigning. He came up with consistent messages.

He overcame some of the most incredible dirty tricks — including a made-up, phony dossier accusing him of all sorts of filth that he didn’t do. Ever since he won, the theme has been he didn’t, that he stole it, that the Russians helped him. Now, it may appear disgusting that Trump doesn’t push back on Putin at these press conferences. I still think he’s probably much harder on Putin when the cameras are not on like he’s much hard other Kim Jong-un when the cameras aren’t looking and he’s much harder on Theresa May when the cameras aren’t looking.

But the fact of the matter is just in a human sense I understand how fed up he is with the idea that he didn’t win, that Hillary was supposed to, that it was in the cards, that she was the entitled candidate, that she should have won. He’s had the entire United States intelligence community and the FBI leadership ginned up against him during the campaign, during the transition, after he’s inaugurated. They continue to ask, “Did you tell Putin to stop meddling?” meaning, “Did you tell Putin to stop helping you win?”

It makes perfect sense to me that Donald Trump, human being, is not gonna say anything that will further a narrative that he didn’t win it legitimately. Now, it may be disgusting that he doesn’t push back against Putin at a press conference like this today, but imagine if he did. “Yeah, I told Putin we’re not gonna put up with this.” Let’s say that Trump spouted every line in the Mueller indictment. Let’s say he spouted every line in every intelligence community leak.

Let’s say Trump took the position media believes, and that is the Russians meddled, the Russians affected the outcome of the election, the Russians were doing this, the Russians… Imagine Trump assumes that position or those positions in the press conference, starts accusing Putin of it. Can you imagine the headlines after that? “Trump Admits He Didn’t Win Election.” Donald Trump is not that hard to figure out.

I think he’s acting exactly… Based on my knowledge of Trump, I think he’s probably exercising a little restraint in describing in that sound bite we had how he won the Electoral College and how historic it was. I think he wants to blurt it out. I think he wants to start singing his own praises what a hard campaign it was, how much hard work, how much opposition he faced, what he had to overcome. But he doesn’t. He’s kind of reserved about it. Anyway, here’s Cavuto and his reaction. Again, it’s about not pushing back on Russian meddling in the stupid-ass election.

CAVUTO: He didn’t, and that’s what made it disgusting. That’s what made his performance disgusting. I’m sorry. Just the only way I feel. Not a right-or-left thing to me. Just wrong. A U.S. president on foreign soil talking to our biggest enemy or adversary or competitor — I don’t know how we define them these days — is essentially letting the guy get away with this and not even offering a mild, a mild criticism. That sets us back a lot.

RUSH: I don’t know, folks. (interruption) Well, if in the private meetings Trump let Putin walk all over him, then we can talk about something. But we don’t think that that happened. I’m telling you, I don’t… What is so hard to understand about this? Cavuto and Anderson Cooper want what? They want Trump to adopt the media and deep state line that the election was illegitimate? That his own election was illegitimate? They want him to adopt that line of thinking, and they want him to bash Vladimir Putin? When Putin says, “Well, I’ll look into it. I didn’t know.”

They want Trump to say, “You know you meddled in the election! You know you were trying to arrange things in this election. You know you were doing it! I’m not gonna stand here and let you to lie to the world that you weren’t trying to tamper in our elections.” Headline: “Trump Admits His Election Clouded in Russian Controversy!” He’s just not the kind of guy who is gonna say or do anything that’ll allow anybody to taint his victory.

You then have to believe that Trump is somehow so enamored of Putin that he’ll let Putin walk all over him with everything. How does…? If Trump is such a rotten guy here, and this was so disgusting, how do you explain Trump reaming Angela Merkel for doing that gas pipeline deal with Russia? If Trump is so into Putin and is such a compatriot and doesn’t have the guts to push back against Putin, then what the hell was he doing calling out Angela Merkel for undermining NATO?

She did it by arranging that exclusive gas pipeline deal with Russia, screwing NATO and putting herself at risk, making her vulnerable! And then, to add the cherry on top, he accuses her of aiding an enemy of NATO. “Why are you doing business with Putin? Why are you building him up? Why are you making him rich? Why are you helping him? We got all the gas you want. We got all the natural resources you want. Why not buy it from us?”

If Trump is so disgustingly afraid of pushing back on Putin, then why did he do that with Angela Merkel or Theresa May? Why is Trump trying to get NATO strong enough to stand up to resist Putin if he’s so in Putin’s back pocket? And maybe they’re not saying he’s in Putin’s back pocket. They’re just saying he’s disgusting because he didn’t push back on Putin at this press conference.

You talk about world enemies and so forth. I mean, Russia has always been an enemy, whether the Soviet Union, whether Russia, whether it’s the KGB, Vladimir Putin, or what have you. But they remain a Third World country with a second world military, maybe first world with their nukes. They’re nowhere near a superpower. They’re not even in our league. The ChiComs pose every bit the threat, if not more.

But here’s Trump doing everything he can to make America great again, slapping tariffs here and there, doing everything to penalize people around the world who are not treating us fairly, and somehow he’s still going soft on Putin in this press conference.

I know Reagan walked out of Gorbachev at Reykjavik when Gorbachev suggested we get rid of all nukes, but he did it in such a way Reagan couldn’t agree to it. So maybe Trump was supposed to walk out on Putin at some point. I don’t know.

Look, I can imagine these media people, it probably grates on them when Trump says, “Yeah, I asked him about it, and he didn’t do it. And I respect our intelligence people, but he was really adamant when he said he didn’t do it.” I can imagine that ticks ’em off. “He believes Putin over the intelligence community.”

Well, if you’re Donald Trump, who you gonna believe, John Brennan and James Clapper and the rest of that corrupt bunch, or Putin? The thing is Trump knows that he did not collude with anybody to win that election, and he knows that there isn’t any evidence for it, so why should he even allude to the possibility of it? The dossier was fake. Everything about this.

This entire thing is 180 degrees out of phase! And this entire Mueller investigation is a cover-up for what they were all doing during opposition research days the Hillary Clinton campaign designed to stop Trump, defeat Trump, and then bollix up his transition and then eventually his presidency.


RUSH: Can I ask a simple question? We’ve been told here since — I don’t care when you go back to — 2015-2016 that the Russians have been interfering and tampering in the elections. I assume most everybody in this audience… Maybe not “most everybody.” Some of you probably believe it. Okay, fine. You couldn’t be blamed for believing it because that’s all that’s been in the news. But on what evidence do we really know this? I mean, in every one of these stories that have been published about Russian collusion…

Every damned one of them has had a little line in there somewhere, “As yet, no evidence of the allegations has been produced, but our experts and anonymous sources all maintain that it’s just a matter of time” or some such thing. Even Mueller’s indictment announcement that Rosenstein went out there… He said, “Even with our indictments today of these 12 phantom Russian spies” or whatever, “no election votes were tampered with and no election outcome was affected by all of this that went on.

There’s not a single shred of evidence that there was anything in terms of elections — and elections are votes. There’s not a shred-of-evidence anywhere that a single vote was changed because of what supposedly happened. And yet we’re supposed just suck all this up and swallow it. The Russians tampered in our elections — and now if you know what’s good for you, you’ll echo that. You will not refute it. If you refute it, they think that you’re a dingbat, a dummkopf, a partisan, or what have you.

But who is it that’s been telling us this with every story? Don’t forget, every story has the required: “No evidence yet has been proved or found or been forthcoming.” So what are we actually talking about here, and why the hell should Donald Trump acknowledge it to Vladimir Putin and give the media this bone that they’re looking for as a bunch of wild dogs to start chewing on? Who is it that’s been telling us this? Nameless, faceless “intelligence community sources.”

Now, we know that Strzok Smirk and the whole of the FBI was trying to get the Trump campaign to commit crimes. They weren’t trying to find them! They were trying to plant people in these campaigns so that crimes could be committed that could be found later! We know that the FBI and certain elements of the Clinton administration were doing everything they could to make the Trump campaign engage in questionable criminal activity. It’s amazing that that failed.

With all of the efforts that it looks like the entire Obama administration entered into, they didn’t find anything and that they failed in their effort to cause anybody in the Trump campaign to actually commit some sort of collusion crime! It’s astounding that as oppressive, as ongoing and for as long as this effort of sabotage went on, that they weren’t able to pull it off. So we have Russian hackers of the DNC.

This is the latest indictment: Russian hackers at the DNC. They did this and they did that. Okay. From this, we’re supposed to assume because the Russians got into the DNC servers. They came up with negative news about Mrs. Clinton and Podesta that caused bad vibes. The American voter began to distrust Hillary because of the planted news that the Russians found because of their hacks and so forth. What was the hack? I keep asking the question.

What was the hack? Supposedly, we have the answer in Mueller’s indictment. Oh, that reminds me. I gotta get to something. But before I get to that, I want to play for you this Bob Corker sound bite, because he’s also among the crowd… He doesn’t use the word “disgusting,” but he’s very, very disappointed and he’s very, very concerned that Trump didn’t push back more. Here is what he said. This was at a miniature press conference on Capitol Hill today…

CORKER: I just felt like, uh, the president’s comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover, and, ummm, I was disappointed in that. When he had the opportunity to defend our intelligence agencies — uh, who work for him — I was very disappointed and saddened with the equivalency that he gave between them and what Putin was saying. Sometimes the president cares more about how a leader treats him personally than forcefully, uh, getting out there and pushing against things that we know informed our nation, and, uh, I thought that’s what we all experienced today.

RUSH: All right. We’re back to this they “harmed our nation.” They didn’t harm our nation! Not one vote was affected or tampered with, and not one election’s outcome was made any different, by Rosenstein’s own words! What damage that’s anything above and beyond what the Russians are always trying? But I want to focus on something else here. “I was disappointed … When he had the opportunity to defend our intelligence agencies — uh, who work for him — I was very disappointed and saddened with the equivalency that he gave between them and what Putin was saying.”

Okay. Well, we’ve been there before. We’ve had a president who spoke up and defended the people out to get him — that was George W. Bush — and how did that work out for all of us? Would somebody explain to me? A year and a half or two years every day and sometimes many times a day, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC — story after story after story. Countless sometimes four anonymous sources per story, sometimes only one, from the intelligence community, present and former government officials. Every one of them accusing Donald Trump of colluding with Putin to steal the election.

And they’re working for him?

Would somebody explain to me how this works when for a year and a half or longer, the very intelligence community that’s been trying to undermine Trump and first keep him from winning, then sabotage his transition, and then undermine his presidency… Could somebody explain how it works that those people are working for him and that he is supposed to defend them? Now, I understand that on the world stage we’re all one and we come together when in the face of our enemy.

I understand that. Well, we’ve had a bunch of presidents that have tried that. We’ve had presidents that have refused to acknowledge their own domestic enemies and have instead built ’em up and sided with ’em. I can’t… Look at what the Democrats tried to do to the U.S. military in Bush’s second term, the war in Iraq and the War on Terror, what they did to David Petraeus. Nobody called ’em out on it! We’re supposed to be unified with those people, right? We’re not supposed to call them out?

I don’t understand the logic that Trump is supposed to… While Putin… We don’t know what he did behind the scenes. We don’t know what he did in the closed-door meeting yet. But for Corker to sit here and say, “When he had the opportunity to defend our intelligence agencies who work for him…” Well, they may now. But all I know — because I consume the news — is that for two years or year and a half, it was all these mind anonymous sources from the intelligence community, and not just here.

We’ve had to deal with intelligence sources in MI6. We’ve had to deal with intelligence sources that work in academe, at Harvard and Yale, at Oxford and Cambridge in the U.K., and we’ve had to deal with all these people doing whatever they could to undermine Trump during the campaign, during the transition, during the presidency. As I say, we have had a president — a series of them — who have gone overboard defending the people trying to destroy them in the name of national unity or whatever.

And what did it get ’em? Twenty percent approval numbers, an effectively very damaged presidency. Somebody tell me on a human basis: In what sense is Trump supposed to think that the intelligence community’s working for him when he wakes up every day and there’s a tweet from John Brennan accusing him of treason, as there is today?

Obama’s CIA director has tweeted that Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors in this press conference today and Republicans need to become patriots and stand up and impeach the guy and throw him out of office because of what he did today. That’s a former CIA director. Why are former members of the intelligence community still working to undermine Donald Trump and why is he supposed to speak up for ’em?

“Well, Rush I can answer that for you. He’s supposed to be bigger than that. On stage with our number one world enemy, we are all unified. We should all come together and stand against Vladimir Putin.” Right? Okay. I understand the sentiment. Believe me, folks, I do. But then I just look at the news headlines the second or two after that.

“Trump praises intelligence community, sings the praises of intelligence community and tells Putin to go to hell,” thereby giving the credibility to the intelligence community trying to destroy him! What the hell here.

Okay, so we’ve got a new kind of president that doesn’t play by these inside-the-Beltway establishment or deep state rules. But I guess the rule is that if you’re a Republican or if you are a shock surprise winner, part of the game is that you’re just supposed to sit there and let the establishment destroy you. That’s the rule.

It’s kind of like — remember the story we had not long ago, maybe a month or two now, that during the campaign a bunch of foreign policy experts at various think tanks, they all signed a letter opposing Trump. Trump’s a disaster, Trump should never be president. Trump’s an SOB, Trump’s a bastard, Trump’s this, Trump’s that. Okay, sign the letter.

Trump wins. Trump doesn’t hire any of them. A year goes by, and they start whining and moaning that they can’t get jobs in the administration ’cause Trump won’t hire them. Well, yeah, you kind of said that he was a sack of manure, why should he hire you?

“Well, you’re supposed to ignore that stuff after the campaign’s over. That’s just for the campaign. You ignore it. When he wins, all bets are off, he should come talk to –” is that how it works? Ignore people trying to destroy you? You beat them back and then you’re supposed to welcome them into your tent because the rule is, “Well, that was just the campaign, what do you expect us to say. We’re following our instincts. We thought Trump would be a disaster, but now he’s won and we want to help and we want to help advise him on foreign policy because we’re experts.”

You’re experts, you’re such experts you couldn’t even figure out who was gonna win. You’re such experts that you see much of your foreign policy being enacted, and you still oppose it because of the guy doing it. He’s supposed to welcome you into the tent? Try this in your personal lives. Deal with the people trying to destroy you this way. “Well, but Rush, when he’s up there on the stage with Putin and Putin’s our world enemy, then that’s when we do have to come together. I could see where people would say it’s disgusting.”

Well, fine. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve seen a lot of disgusting stuff long before this happened today, whatever it was, there’s no pushback — The intelligence community comments, by the way, I do remember. He said, “Well, you know, we got some really good intel people, but Putin says he didn’t do it.” I can imagine that sending them into orbit.

Well, it wasn’t just that they were saying that Putin colluded. They’ve been saying that Trump helped Putin! There was a story last week from Jonathan Chait, one of the New York Magazines, that Trump has actually been a Russian spy since 1987.


RUSH: Okay. Here’s what we think that Trump said today that really ticked off the Drive-Bys and related administrative state dupes. First place, he didn’t defend the intelligence agencies on the allegation of the Russians meddling. He said Putin said he didn’t do it, very forcefully said he didn’t do it. Again, I’ve explained that.

He also talked about the DNC server the FBI has. Nobody’s supposed to mention this stuff anymore. Nobody’s supposed to talk about the fact the DNC server, that everybody says the Russians hacked, that FBI wasn’t even allowed to see! The Awan brothers, the Pakistani spies hired by Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, they had total access to the Democrat National Committee servers and other computers of Democrat members of Congress.

They absconded with much data on those computers, went back to Pakistan. They have been pardoned, essentially, they’ve been not charged. What did they get? What did they steal? What did they know? What did they have? Trump brings that up. Putin brings up George Soros tampering in American and worldwide elections. Putin brings it up! George Soros is not supposed to be trashed!

And then Trump mentioning Hillary’s 33,000 mission emails again. You don’t do this! And then mentioning that Hillary pocketed $400 million in illegal contributions in tax-free Russian money through her foundation, Trump brought up all of the unmentionables. It’s like you’re supposed to sit there and not defend yourself when the swamp is aiming at you.

You’re supposed to take it. That’s the rule, when the swamp comes after you, you take it. Trump doesn’t take it. He pushes back against the swamp. He didn’t push back against Russia and the swamp is beside itself.

Okay. San Diego, Jim. Glad you waited. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Great talking to you Rush. I’ll get straight to the point. The Chinese and other foreign powers are clearly meddling in the midterm elections. The retaliatory tariffs by these foreign powers are specifically targeted at red state GOP and Trump supporters. For example, Bourbon in Kentucky, soybeans in Indiana, Harley-Davidson Wisconsin. All these things are there to influence election and elect Democrats.

RUSH: Explain what you mean here. What are the ChiComs doing? You mean they’re —

CALLER: What I’m saying is, all of the tariffs are targeted at red state areas where people vote for Trump and vote for Republicans.

RUSH: Oh. So you’re saying the ChiComs are trying to meddle in the upcoming elections by separating Trump’s voters from him?

CALLER: That’s correct. It’s easy to see that, a lot easier to see that than bots on Facebook or anything else.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. Some people could say, but wait a minute. The ChiComs didn’t start the tariffs. Trump did.

CALLER: Well, he started the tariffs, it’s true. But in response, they decided to meddle in our elections.

RUSH: Well, no, that’s not the answer. The answer is Trump didn’t start the tariffs. The ChiComs started all this by engaging in unfair trade practices, and Trump is responding trying to fix it. See, Trump is not gonna admit that he started anything. Trump is fixing a bunch of stuff that has been way out of whack and going on way too long. Your point still survives, don’t misunderstand.

So the ChiComs respond, if Trump slaps some tariffs, then the ChiComs, “Okay. Well, then we’re gonna slap tariffs,” and they happen to slap tariffs on goods and services that impact areas of the country where it is thought that Trump voters pick their teeth with toothpicks and spit out the corncobs and, you know, sip the Jack Daniels out of a paper cup.

I get it. And you could say it’s meddling even if the ChiComs are attempting to influence stories in our media that are negative toward Trump and Trump voters. Yeah, of course. Where does the whole idea of meddling in American elections stop?


RUSH: Lindsey Graham that says Trump missed an opportunity to hold Russia accountable for meddling. What the hell does that mean? Okay. What does it accomplish holding Russia accountable? Everybody thinks they did it anyway. What did Obama do? Washington Post, December 2016. They quote Obama on Putin meddling in our election. Quote Obama: “He [Putin] denies it. So the idea that somehow public shaming is gonna be effective, I think doesn’t read the — the thought process in Russia very well.”

Obama admits that publicly shaming isn’t gonna mean anything, so why’s Trump supposed to do it when Obama didn’t have to do it? Obama didn’t have to shame Putin. They demand that Trump do it, and when Trump does it all he does is give ’em ammo to say the intelligence community must be right. Trump is acknowledging the intel community says he cheated and colluded with Russia!

He’s avoiding stepping in the trap and they’re ticked off about it. But these brainless people, what is holding Russia accountable gonna accomplish? Supposed to point his finger at Putin, “You meddled in our elections. Don’t lie to me. You can’t fool me.” What, we’re gonna applaud Trump for saying that? What’s that accomplish? This is asinine, folks. This is literally asinine.

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