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RUSH: Wolf Blitzer. So we’ve got a media mantra now, and it is, “I can’t believe that the president would undercut his own intelligence community in front of the leader of an enemy nation.” Here’s Wolf Blitzer just moments ago…

BLITZER: A truly, truly extraordinary moment in American history, something I thought I would never see. Uh, up first, the president of the United States delivering a stunning rebuke to his own U.S. intelligence community with the entire world watching.

RUSH: What do you mean you’ve never seen it? Have you ever heard of Barack Obama, Wolf, and have you ever heard of the Drive-By Media? Have you forgotten how Obama savaged the intel community over the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Can you remember how George W. Bush was savaged by you for believing the intelligence community? You don’t remember when you and your buddies in the Democrat Party were trying to destroy the CIA? What do you mean, Wolf, you can’t remember things like this?

You can’t remember an American president rebuking the intelligence agencies? What the hell was the second term of George W. Bush if not that by candidate Barack Obama? And when Obama was president, sidling up to Dmitry Medvedev, “Tell Vlad to be patient. I will have more flexibility after I win reelection in a few months.” That’s 2012. All of these people claiming (impression), “They’ve never seen this before. They’ve never seen a sitting president savage his own intelligence community!”

So, Wolf, what? The intelligence community gets to sabotage and savage and destroy a president, and you sit around and you applaud that and you encourage it and you help facilitate it. But then a president fights back against the it and all of a sudden we have an outrage? You know what? Folks, I occasionally see examples of things that make me speechless, and this is one of them. Does the media really think that targets of them and allies like currently the intelligence community are not gonna get pushed back against?

Is it really the rule of the establishment that, whenever the establishment gets aligned and starts attacking people, that those people are just to sit there and take it, and that to push back against it is what’s unseemly? Does anybody remember Barack Obama claiming the intelligence community and the CIA was waterboarding and torturing the people that participated and planned the 9/11 attacks? How about the ongoing assaults against the CIA by the Drive-By Media, by Wolf Blitzer and by Barack Hussein O?

They made it a point to attack George W. Bush and the CIA over the photos at Abu Ghraib and what was going on down at Club Gitmo. Wolf Blitzer wants to sit here and act like he’s never seen this kind of unseemly thing? You got Lesley Stahl on CBS, 60 Minutes, trying to destroy the character or the reputation of the one of the lead CIA agents, Jose Rodriguez, because we feed prisoners Ensure down at Club Gitmo. Do you people not remember that you do this?

Is it you’re entitled to do whatever you do in a vacuum and that there’s never supposed to be any pushback, that whoever you decide to attack is supposed to just stand there or sit there and take it? And any time they decide to push back against you, that becomes something that is horribly in violation of protocol? Where does this stuff get written? Where in life does it happen this way? Well, I’ll tell you where it happens. It happens in Washington when Republicans are the targets and everybody else is lined up against ’em.

And you’re damn right; you’re supposed to sit there and take it like George W. Bush did, for the sake of unity and for the sake of the country.

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